Friday, May 25, 2007

From top: Kayi Cheung, Wong Chung Yin, Cheng Wai Ching & Leung Wing Sze; Ho Ngo Yee; Wong Wai Lam; Chiu Ka Dik; Wong Yin Yan

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/05/07]

Overseas Contestants Revealed for Miss HK 2007

The 12 finalists for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant joined the 4 overseas contestants from the US and Canada to meet the stylists and make-up artists at TVB City yesterday. The overseas contestants are Leung Wing Sze, Cheng Wai Ching, Kayi Cheung and Wong Chung Yin. Although in the past, the girls from abroad have always been favourites to win, the four this year have not proved outstanding as yet, with Kayi and Wing Sze looking decidedly frumpy. Kayi is reported to have received the 'Vivacious Beauty Award' at the 2005 Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant.

At yesterday's event, the girls were all dressed smartly and most brandished designer handbags, with hot favourite Ho Ngo Yee being the most eyecatching in her maroon dress. The girls were all happy to answer when asked for their names and one of the girls Chiu Ka Dik wore a flower around her left wrist. Asked if she had just come from being a bridesmaid in a wedding, she smiled that this was just fashion.

Miss Hong Kong Deputy Organisational Manager Rosa Chan indicated that as well as meeting the stylists yesterday to gain their advice, the girls also selected their numbers, tried on their costumes and shoes and completed the basic formal procedures. Talking of 'Gillian Chung Lookalike' being followed around by the press, will they be teaching the girls how to deal with the paparazzi? Ms Chan says that she will tell the girls to be careful and has taught them how to face the press. She says that for the girls to be dating is unavoidable, but they should not act unacceptably in public.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/05/07]

Aimee Chan and Koni Lui Want Non-Smoking Boyfriends

With 31st May being the "World No Smoking Day", the promotions for this event kicked off yesterday with "Sharing a Smoke-free City", attended by Aimee Chan, Koni Lui, Natalie Tong, Angel Sung and Charles Szeto. Also joining them was Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food Mr York Chow.

Aimee and Natalie were dressed in sexy dresses to welcome the summer and soon became the focus of the press. For Natalie who usually seems quite slim, she seemed especially curvy in her outfit. Koni wore a top with an alluring slit near her chest and nearly revealed herself during the event when she moved around.

Talking of anti-smoking, neither Aimee and Koni are smokers and Aimee says that as she has allergies, then whenever her friends smoke, then she will sneeze. Does she mind if her boyfriend smokes? She smiles that of course she would like for her boyfriend not to smoke, because the smell would mask her perfume and his teeth would be whiter if he didn't smoke.

Koni's father was a smoker and she says that when she was young, she was woken up by her father's smoke and she has asked him to give up. He agreed that if she did well at school, then he would give up, so when Koni came top of her class, he successfully gave up smoking. She says that she does not mind other people smoking, but prefers it if they hide away to do it because she does not want to inhale second-hand smoke. Does her boyfriend smoke? Koni pretended not to know and asked the reporters which boyfriend. She says that she has friends who smoke, but she would not like her boyfriend to smoke.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/05/07]

Sheren Tang Has Lost Money on Investments

Sheren Tang and Monica Chan were guests at the opening of the "Asia International Antiques Expo 2007" and took part in a charity event earlier to raise money for the Pok Oi Hospital. The ladies also worked hard to help sell some ornaments that had been made by some grannies to raise money. Edison Chen and his father Mr Chen were also there with some friends.

Sheren says that she is just an ordinary citizen, so she does not have much money to dabble in antiques, so she was only there to admire the works. Although there is investment value and collectibility in antiques, she finds them far too expensive. Asked if she has invested in property or stocks and shares, she says: "No! In the past I bought an apartment, but it ended up in negative equity and now I just rent my home. I also lost money on shares, so I am afraid now. The most I buy now is food and I keep my money in the bank, but I will be investing in a trust fund soon."

Monica is also an admirer of antiques and once wanted to become an archeologist, but after watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark", she gave up on the idea because she is afraid of insects. As well as antiques, Monica is also interested in diving and she once took part in a relic dive, where they found a Southern Song Dynasty wreck, making her very happy at fulfilling her ambition. She says: "I am happy that I could put my hand out to touch it. The funniest thing was when my friends asked if I had collected any antiquities, but I said that I had nowhere to put it because my diving suit was too tight!" She also found that there were a lot of black objects for sale there and she bought it without knowing what it was. Then her friends cleaned it up and found it to be a silver nugget.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/05/07]

Teresa Mo Turned Down 'Best Selling Secrets' But Does Not Rule out Return to TVB

Teresa Mo was interviewed on a radio show yesterday and she revealed that last year, she had been approached by TVB executive Catherine Tsang to take a part in the sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" to play the role now taken by Esther Kwan. At first when she heard about the solid cast and crew, Teresa was keen to take part and wanted to accept, but after some serious consideration, she was worried that the time would be too long and affect her family, so she turned it down. With the series pulling in some good ratings and Esther's role doing so well, Teresa can't help feeling she has lost out on a great opportunity.

Teresa says that she really wanted to accept when she was approached by Catherine, but for sitcoms, the filming schedule is from early in the morning until 10pm at night and after hearing the horror stories from Lawrence Cheng, who had just finished with "Welcome to the House", Teresa was put off by this. After discussing this with her husband, she was worried that this would break up her family, so she sent an SMS to Catherine turning down the offer.

Although she could not take a role in this production, Teresa says that if she meets with a good script, then she does not rule out taking on a 20-episode series.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/05/07]

Stephen Chan Presents Dai Kai with $12,000 Abalone

'Dai Kai' Lee Si Kei was the latest guest on TVB General Manager Stephen Chan's chat show "Be My Guest" yesterday, where he presented her with two pairs of glasses and an abalone worth $12,000. This abalone has been specially treated, so you only need to steam it for 20 minutes before you can eat it. Stephen was very thoughtful and also presented her with a pot and indicated that this is the most expensive gift he has presented on his show.

Stephen feels that 'Dai Kai' has been very popular recently, so he has invited Si Kei to be his guest this time. So has she taken the opportunity to ask for a pay rise? He smiles that this is a commercial secret and that he is bringing 'Dai Kai' back to life for this show. Stephen says he is an avid supporter of "Heart of Greed" and he had expected this show to do well beforehand. He syas that some of his friends from political circles has spoken to him about storylines from the show and even those such as Winnie Yu who do not usually watch the show have asked him for tapes of the previously aired episodes so they could catch up.

When Si Kei found out the price of her South African abalone, she let out a 'wow' and was very happy. Si Kei says that many years ago, she was invited to an abalone meal and she had a very large abalone about the same size as the one that Stephen presented her with. Will she be asking for a pay rise in her meeting with an executive? She says that this is not the right occasion, but she might raise it later.

It turns out that when Si Kei was ill, she was interviewed on the radio by Stephen and this time there is nothing she will not talk about. In the past, many of his guests have been moved to tears, but she laughs that she has never tried this and has never watched the show, but she feels that letting emotions flow is a good thing because we are all only human. In the past she did watch a clip of Gigi Leung crying and she understood that when a girl suffers a lot of stress and pain, then this is often the best way of letting things out.

Si Kei says that her biggest pressure is worrying about her health. Yesterday, she was suffering from a severe headache, maybe caused by a cold. She says that if her health is good, then there are a lot of things she wants to do because when she was young, she had a few jobs and was constantly working, so now she is older, she has more ailments and has to find ways of helping herself. She also adds that thanks to the effect of 'Dai Kai', this year she has had the most interviews ever and she has to take 'well voice tea' before she can do the interviews. So would she like to be a host? She says blankly that she is not interested.


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