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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/05/07]

Sunny Chan's Wife Gives Birth to 7lb 7oz Baby

Having openly yearned to be a father earlier, Sunny Chan's wish has come true yesterday. His wife Ada To was earlier spotted by the press when she was admitted into hospital to prepare for the birth and yesterday morning, she gave birth to a baby boy. Sunny Chan was interviewed on the phone by Nancy Sit and he said that his son is 7lb 7oz and the nurses at the hospital say that the baby looks more like him. He did accompany his wife into the labour ward, but left just before the birth. Asked if he was afraid of the blood, he denies this: "It is Chinese tradition. He did well though, my wife was only in labour for about six or seven hours. (What will you give your wife as a gift?) She doesn't want anything, she has me to look after her and that is enough." Sunny indicates that his wife will be breastfeeding, so he will be preparing papaya and fish soup and he will look after her whilst she is resting in the first month because it is important for women to look after themselves during this time.

Sunny says that at first, he was worried that the baby was too heavy and it would be difficult for his wife to give birth naturally and also that his son might not have any fingers or toes. Sunny says he has named his son 'Ah Hung Jai' as a pet name, but he will leave the Chinese name to the masters to select because he does not have enough knowledge on literature.

In order to prepare for the birth, Sunny has taken a month off and he says that he helped to bring up his younger sister, so he is not worried at all. However, when someone mentioned that bringing children up nowadays is different from the past, he did go to some parenting classes. After attending the class, he has found that nothing has changed. Asked if he will have any more children, he smiles that if they can, he would like to have one or two more, but three or four would be even better. He laughs: "I'd like a few more so when we play Mah Jong as a family it is easier. The happiest thing for me is to give my mother a great gift for Mothers Day."


[Ta Kung Pao 03/05/07]

Myolie Wu Auctions Her Treasures for Charity

In her second year as the ambassador for Oxfam, Myolie Wu went out to Pengliang in Jinsu province earlier to visit a poor rural village. During the trip, she saw first hand the poverty and the environmental damage in the area and the cycle of destruction going on as the poverty was destroying the environment which in turn made the area poorer. After returning to Hong Kong, she is showing great support to the work that Oxfam is doing there, so she has donated many of her treasures to be auctioned and raise money for their China Development Fund.

Among Myolie's treasures on sale are some polaroid pictures that she took on her trip that have been autographed and also the hats and scarves she wore on her trip. Also, there are some autographed t-shirts and rice bags. The auction starts today and goes on until 16th May and the winning bidders will be able to collect their items from Myolie in person at the grand opening of this year's fundraising activities.

Myolie encourages everyone to place their bids and says: "This programme not only improves the lives of the villagers, they will also reduce the damage to the environment. Although the villagers are poor, they are still fiercely independent and their laughter is very touching. I hope that everyone will take part actively and let the poor areas make better use of their resources, improve their livelihoods and protect the environment."


[The Sun 03/05/07]

Angela Tong had Biker Boyfriend at Age 15

Angela Tong and Raymond Wong were filming earlier for "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" and they indicated that they will soon have some very passionate scenes. Angela says she will have a clear agreement with Raymond before they shoot. As for Raymond who has recently signed an artiste contract with TVB, he is not worried about rumours: "I am not afraid! (You plan for rumours?) No, I rarely go out with my co-stars after work and we just communicate about work."

The scene being filmed was one where Raymond rides a motorbike and suggests to Angela that they split up, but Angela will not let go of him. Wearing a short skirt, Angela was smart and kept her handbag over her lap to make sure that she does not reveal herself. She says that when she was 15, she rode on a motorbike: "The man was very handsome, but I was still young then and nothing happened."


[The Sun 03/05/07]

Kevin Cheng Plays Topless Tennis on his Own

Kevin Cheng was spotted on his own at a tennis court earlier, not wearing a t-shirt. However, as soon as he spotted the reporters, he pulled it back on quickly.

As the spokesmodel for a slimming company, Kevin has to maintain his fit and healthy body image and with his hereditary diabetic condition, it is important to keep in shape as well as keep up his medication. On the public holiday earlier, he arrived at Tseung Kwan O's Po Lam Tennis Courts for a practice session, putting in some power into his returns, leaving him quite flushed and sweaty. As the courts are quite secluded, Kevin immediately took off his t-shirt to cool down, showing of his muscles! After about half an hour of his racquet work, he took a break and when he noticed the reporters, he immediately pulled his t-shirt back on to cover up.

Afterwards, he was asked by the reporters why he was playing on his own. He said: "I had booked the court for 7pm, but I had some time, so I just did some practice first." Kevin says that after his current film has finished shooting, he will take a month off to rest before heading back to TVB for his new series. As a result, he has been playing tennis to pass the time. Asked if he will be asking rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow to join him, he smiled and avoided the question.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/05/07]

Joyce Tang and Marco Ngai End Nine Year Relationship

After dating for nine years, TVB artistes Marco Ngai and Joyce Tang have always shown a loving relationship and there were even rumours that they had already married, but after working separately in the mainland, their feelings seemed to have grown apart and reports suggest that several months ago, they secretly ended their relationship. Marco has moved out of their love nest and has found a new girlfriend, whilst Joyce has just been going straight home to heal her wounds after filming.

Currently shooting new series "Harmony, Taste & Passion", Joyce was supposed to be at work for make up at 4pm to start filming at 5pm, but even after Michael Tao had arrived and entered there was still no sign of Joyce. It was later revealed that she had entered through a back door to avoid the press. From the rundown, Joyce and Michael only had two scenes and should have finished at 6:30 pm for dinner, but the press could only seen Michael coming out and then returning with a take out box. It would appear that Joyce was intentionally avoiding the press, who could only continue waiting for her.

When Michael was asked about the break up between Joyce and Marco, he said: "Don't ask me about these things, no comment! As an outsider, then I should not comment about other people's family issues. (Will you comfort her?) Of course I will not ask her. I have not seen Marco for a long time now, but we used to go and play badminton together. (Do you feel it is a pity for them?) I am not in a position to comment. (There are suggestions that Joyce has lost weight because she has been upset?) If she has a slimming contract then of course she will lose weight! I don't think there is anything up with her during filming though and she is in good form. (Do you think this series is unlucky for the star's relationships?) As long as the ratings are okay, that's fine."


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