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Back Row (L-R): Wong Yin Yan, Wong Kwan Hing, Ho Ngo Yee, Lee Kit Ying, Wong Wai Lam, Wu Wai Ling, Wong Chi Man, Wong Wing Ching, Cheng Ying Ying, Cheung Wai Yee, Wong Ka Sin, Leung Ka Yan
Front Row (L-R):Chan Sum Tai, Choi Yuet Chi, Chow Mei Yan, Chiu Ka Dik, Mak Ho Yee, Chow Lai Yan, Chan Yuen Wai, Chan Wai Yee, Ko Ho Ting, Lee Lok Yee, Chiu Yi Lin, Mak Ka Yee

[Apple Daily / Ta Kung Pao 14/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Meet the Press

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant has always promoted a community spirit and the 24 contestants selected for the first round of the contest appeared at a Community Chest event yesterday to meet the press for the first time. They joined many local and mainland chefs to cook and attracted many members of the public.

The 24 girls all prepared their own outfits and did their own hair and make-up, so none of them really stood out and most of them appeared to be rather 'frumpy' in appearance. According to the Pageant's executive Rosa Chan, this is an opportunity for the girls to understand the joy of doing charity work because Miss Hong Kong will need to participate in many of these events. They just asked the girls to look smart and presentable. The most outstanding girls among the crowd was 'Gigi Lai Lookalike' Ho Ngo Yee, who wore an eyecatching white dress, which inadvertantly revealed her bra strap and showed a little sex appeal.

The Miss Hong Kong 2007 Pageant finals will take place on 21st July. The twenty four girls selected so far will be taking part in a "Miss Hong Kong Interview Reality Show" today to select the final 12 contestants for the final show.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/05/07]

Kiki Sheung is Confident with 'The Family Link'

TVB's new series "The Family Link" held a promotional event yesterday in a Lok Fu mall, attended by cast members including Michael Tse, Kiki Cheung, Kenneth Ma, Derek Kok and Al Wai. As it was Mothers Day yesterday, then they used this as a theme and all the men appeared in big clown wigs and dressed as women to dance and they then carried Kiki Sheung as they handed out flowers to the audience. Afterwards when Al took Michael's wig off, he revealed his shaved head and caused much laughter from everyone.

Michael had to dress as a woman yesterday and he says that he also had to dress as a woman whilst filming for the show. Does he mind? He says he doesn't mind because this is just for the storyline and also for the promotion. He says that his wife has complimented him for looking 'hot' as a woman.

"The Family Link" will begin airing this evening, so does Kiki have high expectations? He says that a lot of people have referred to her lately as 'housewife' and declared their support for her show when it is aired. She smiles: "Let me exaggerate a little, but with the talent in this show, I am confident in our ratings."

Recently "Heart of Greed" has been the hot topic in the town, so does this mean that she will be fighting against 'dai kai' and 'sai kai' in the show? Kiki says that there is no need to fight because each show will have its own fans and of course she hopes they will watch "Family" and then continue to watch "Heart" afterwards to give their own ratings on each one.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/05/07]

"Heart of Greed" Mothers Day Event - Lee Si Kei is Touched by Daughter's Gift

The two mothers from "Heart of Greed" 'dai kai' Lee Si Kei and 'sai kai' Susanna Kwan took part in a Mothers Day event at Olympian City yesterday, attracting crowds of around 500 people to watch. Si Kei supported Susanna's character and hopes that everyone will understand that it is just acting and not to hold it against her.

Susanna and Si Kei then joined in a duet of the song 'Selling Dumplings' as a gift to all the mothers present and after this song, Si Kei indicated that the song reminded her about her own mother, who was very clever at making dumplings. Susanna praised Si Kei for her singing and suggested they can do a stage appearance together in the future. They then joined in some games with the audience as they invited people on stage to act out their characters from the show.

The organisers also arranged for a special message from Si Kei's daughter Leslie Yip to be aired and Leslie indicated that for her mother to forgive her is the greatest thing in the world. She said that when she was young, she did not know how to appreciate her mother's love, so she is very happy to have her mother back once again. She added the words: "Happy Mother's Day, Mummy!" When Si Kei heard this, she was moved to tears.

Si Kei says that hearing her daughter's words made her think of her own mother because this is the first year that she has not been able to spend Mothers Day with her. Talking of the seven years that she lost contact with her daughter, she explains that her divorce affected their relationship, but fortunately her daughter understands now. She had planned to live with her daughter after she retired, but her earlier problem with her legs changed her mind because she does not want to put pressure on her daughter. She says that her daughter often gives her crystal ornaments and feels that as a mother, the thing she would most like is to speak with her children on the phone more. She says that each time she hears her daughter's voice, she finds it is beautiful. When her friends say her daughter's voice is very like hers, it makes her very happy. Si Kei also indicates that her daughter sends her SMS messages to tell her "Heart of Greed" is very popular in Canada.

As for the rumours of animoscity between her and Susanna, Si Kei says that they are 'driving her mad', but she will just treat it as promotion for the show. She says that she has known Susanna for 30 years and they will not be affected by these reports. She laughs that they will hold hands in the future, but then they might be labelled as being homosexual! Susanna just treats the reports as a joke because she understands that they only write this because the show is a hit and she will see it as promotion.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/05/07]

Koni Lui to Cook Feast for Mother

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow, Koni Lui and Tracy Ip joined Mr Hong Kong Francois Huynh at a Mothers Day event yesterday, making flower arrangements and handing out gifts to the crowds.

After the event, Koni indicated that she will be rushing home to make a 9-course feast for her mother to show her love. Asked if her cooking is very good to make such a lavish meal. she smiles: "No, it isn't! What I mean is making 9 dishes including the soup, just normal dishes." Aimee says that her mother is in Canada so she cannot celebrate with her, but she made a special necklace for her as a gift and will call her to sing to her later. Tracy says that she has given her mother a cold and she is still not fully recovered so she will not be going out with her mother, so she will just be buying some food to share with her mother instead.


("Lookalike Gillian Chung" Wong Ka Sin)

[Ta Kung Pao 13/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Prepare for Talent Contest

The 24 selected contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant were in attendance at TVB City yesterday to prepare their talent show acts for the forthcoming interviews reality show that will take place on Monday evening. They were all heavily laden with their musical instruments such as electric organs, er-hu and Chinese zithers to show the crew how much talent they have.

Those present at the second interview such as 'commoner Cathy Tsui', 'Michelle Saram look-alike', 'reported cosmetic surgery' Kwok Sze Lam and 'repeat contestant' Chan Sum Yee were all absent from this show and only 'Gillian Chung Lookalike', 'Gigi Lai Lookalike' and 'Grace'made an appearance. Executive Rosa Chan was asked whether Kwok Sze Lam was rejected because of her surgery, she just said that the judges have their own opinions and she does not know the reason. She says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the judges had their favourites. The remaining contestants are all confident that they will get into the final 12.

The reality show on Monday will invite 8 male and 8 female judges to select the final 12 contestands. The male judges will include Joe Ma (artiste), Patrick Kong (film producer), William Tang (fashion designer) and Lee Shing Chak (feng shui master). The female judges will include Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Tracy Ip, Priscilla Chik and Ellen Wong. The four overseas contestants will arrive in Hong Kong next week and join the 12 finalists to meet the press officially at the beginning of June.


[The Sun 14/05/07]

Shirley Yeung Loosens the Purse Strings for Mothers Day

Known for being filial, Shirley Yeung took part in a Mothers Day event yesterday and learned how to make a Korean dish for her mother. Shirley reveals that she has already taken her mother out for dinner and gave her a gift of perfume. She has also been photographed shopping in a designer story with her mother and asked if she is being a little more generous with her mother, she smiles: "If my mother likes it then I don't mind. I just spend what I need to and I do pay more attention now to designer labels, so if my work needs it, I will buy them. I hope that I can make it up by shooting more ads in the future." Shirley also reveals that she has not celebrated with her boyfriend's mother yet and asked if she has given a present, she stopped and said: "I am not talking about this now."


[The Sun 14/05/07]

Kevin Cheng Celebrates with 100 Mothers

Kevin Cheng joined 100 mother fans to make a special 'love heart cake' in a very heartwarming event for Mothers Day. Kevin indicated that after the event, he would go and celebrate with his mother, godmother and godfather before heading out to Bangkok in the evening to attend a TVBI promotion. Asked if he has time to spend with rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow's mother, he says innocently: "I only have one mother! Aunty has Miss Chow to celebrate with her, I will just look after my own mother for now."


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