Saturday, April 21, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 22/04/07]

Bosco Wong Bothered by Eunis Chan in Heels and Wearing Women's Clothing

Bosco Wong and Eunis Chan were guests at the Max & Co Spring/Summer Collection show yesterday and whilst Eunis also looked after styling the two models, Bosco just sat and enjoyed the show before making chocolate with Eunis later. Eunis changed into a little white top, but Bosco just wore his own long sleeved jacket, which didn't really match her look. When everyone asked him to take his jacket off, he obliged and removed it, winning back some applause for being a good sport when he revealed that he had been given a ladies fit t-shirt to wear by the organisers.

Bosco indicated that he regretted wearing flat soled shoes because Eunis is a similar height to him, so when she wore her high heels, it made him look much shorter than her. He says he would be bothered if his future girlfriend was taller than him. After the airing of "Heart of Greed", Bosco has had many opportunities to take part in promotional events and when he arrived at yesterday's show, many people referred to him by his character's name 'Gil Gil'. As he has made a fair amount of money from his work, will he be rewarding himself with a new car like Ron Ng? He says he does not wish to change his car for now. Although he has had his current car for three or four years now, he would most like to buy a vintage car as this wasa childhood dream. He will be spending $100,000 on it. When it was hinted his fee for yesterday was not small, he smiled: "I am happy with my fee today."


[The Sun 22/04/07]

Gigi Lai's Tears Drench Maggie Shiu

Known for her great acting, Gigi Lai was filming a scene for new series "Jewel's Splendor" and as soon as the cameras rolled, she was crying uncontrollably, but it was co-star Maggie Shiu who kept having NG's. Gigi remained unaffected though and cried so much that she got Maggie's top all wet. Afterwards, Gigi said as she kept wiping her nose:"I was scared that if I cried too much my eyes would puff up and I won't look pretty for my next scene." In the scene, it tells of Gigi being devastated after being turned down by Moses Chan when she asked him to elope with her. She says that in real life, she is also prepared to make sacrifices for love.


[The Sun 22/04/07]

Michael Miu Keeps Holding Toby's Hand Despite Rumours

Michael Miu and Toby Leung were linked in rumours earlier after being spotted on set holding hands with each other. Recently they have been filming on location in Beijing, but they continued holding hands with each other, despite the rumours, showing that they are as close as family.

Michael and Toby filmed in Beijing earlier for three weeks for new series "The Drive of Life". Toby's father TVB executive Tommy Leung also visited the set and was reported to be 'supervising' his daughter, but Michael was not affected by this and kept holding onto her hand.

Michael indicates that Tommy is the chief producer of the series, so as he was in Beijing for a meeting, he dropped by on set to see everyone and he was not there to 'oversee' the proceedings. He believes that Tommy knows about Toby being as close as family to him, so he will not worry at all and will not avoid Toby. Michael smiles: "I am very relaxed, he would only worry if his daughter was holding anyone else's hand."

The series will be shot at many of the well known sights, including the Great Wall. Earlier during a shoot at a racing track, Michael took the chance to do a couple of circuits of the track for some fun and he was nearly scolded by the director because if he damaged the racing cars, then this would affect their filming schedules. Fortunately everything went okay and they returned the car safely.

As well as filming, Michael also met his online fans and revealed that the numbers have grown from a few hundred members to over 10,000 now he has returned to the screen. Some of the fans have been supporting him since he played 'Yeung Hong' in 'Legend of the Condor Heroes' in 1983 and this makes him very happy.


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