Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/04/07]

Michael Tao Rescues Louisa So

Michael Tao and Louisa So were filming in a TST East Hotel swimming pool yesterday for new series "Harmony, Taste & Passion" and the supportive producer had forewarned the visiting press not to ask Michael questions regarding his recent divorce, otherwise he will ban them from visiting the set in the future. In order to avoid problems in their future work, the reporters could only agree to the request. However, Michael did not know about the good gesture from the producer and when he saw the press, he seemed a little unhappy. When they told him about the producer's request and not to be worried, he relaxed and said: "I was not afraid."

In this scene, it tells of Louisa, who wears a bright pink wig, dreaming of becoming a star and fighting over an outfit with Josephine Shum and although she wins in the end, Josephine makes her look a fool by pushing her into the water. Michael's character is passing by delivering sushi and he knows that Louisa can't swim, so he jumps in to save her. After jumping into the sea at Lei King Wan earlier, this is Michael's second water scene in the show and although it was cloudy and a little cold, the water was warmed in the pool and he did not have to wear a wet suit to keep out the cold, however, he was shaking a little in the cold and had to keep moving to keep warm. There were three cameramen on hand to film the scene, including one who had to dive underwater to capture the scenes in the pool. At one point, Louisa was so absorbed by her crying scene that she could not stop even after the director had called to cut.

Talking of his good friend Bobby Au Yeung being accused of leaving his wife behind and going partying, Michael says: "Is it a misunderstanding? Maybe it was a relative. I don't know what happened, but going for a drink is nothing special and very normal. (He used to go with his wife, but now he leaves her behind?) Well besides your wife, you have other friends. I don't know the details, but I hope that you don't turn a normal social occasion into something magnified." Michael has been learning a lot of new skills in the show, where he plays a Japanese food chef: "Yesterday, I learned how to make tempura and earlier I had a scene where I had to prepare a tuna fish. At first, the fish was about waist height, but the producer said it was not impressive enough, so he booked a fish that was as tall as me, with a huge piece of fat stuffed into the cheeks. It was priceless and I have tried it. It melted in your mouth and it was the first time I have ever tried anything like this."

In the show is also a scene where Louisa has to film an ad, but her face is edited onto a large-bosomed lady and in the end, her manager tells her to have a boob job to help further her career in showbiz. The plot develops when she is in Japan to have the operation, but she rescues a food critic. Asked if she has seen her edited photo, Louisa says: "I have seen it, it is okay! (Do you feel that you suit having big breasts?) A little! (Do you know if the big breasts are local or foreign?) They are local."


[Ta Kung Pao 11/04/07]

Shirley Yeung Works Hard to Make Money

This year's Miss Hong Kong recruitment has officially started today and as a previous winner, Shirley Yeung took part in the event today. This year is the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China and the prizes are particularly generous. Shirley hopes that girls who meet the criteria will take the chance and give it a go, but all her friends are too old now. As for her cousin, she has to wait a few more years before she can enter.

Shirley won the pageant in 2001 and as six years have flown by, she is fortunate to have had a string of work and it has been very fulfilling for her. In just six years, she has become a fine example of what can be achieved through the pageant and is even called 'Big sis' now. She says timidly: "I am not an fine example really, there are many other people who entered the industry before me. Also you shouldn't call me 'big sis', I would rather be 'little sis'."

Shirley's series "A Change of Destiny will begin airing next Monday and she says that after filming this series, she has not filmed another series for six months now, so she hopes to have a new series soon because she loves acting and not because she is eager to make more money. As for the suggestions that she has made a lot of money in the past few years, she says she has also spent a lot of money and laughs: "When I had a rash on my face I had to go and see a doctor, then I have to buy cosmetics, clothes and then give money to my family. You can never make enough money, so I just have to keep working hard."


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