Friday, April 27, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 28/04/07]

Steven Ma Support Yumiko over Body Double Rumours

Steven Ma, Yumiko Cheng, Elaine Yiu, Evergreen Mak and Wayne Lai took part in the blessing ceremony for "The Gentle Crackdown II" yesterday. Steven says that for this series, he only has four hours sleep every day and he has therefore lost six pounds. In the show, he and Yumiko have a lot of fight scenes and they are hard work because they have to remember their lines as well. After Steven injured his right eye before last year's Anniversary awards ceremony, it was joked that he should ask Yumiko to hit him in his left eye so he can win another award for 'Best Actor'.

There have been rumours lately that Yumiko has been especially careful, with 80% of her fight scenes filmed using a body double. Steven says that there is no such thing and praises Yumiko for being very serious and even injuring herself a few times during filming, leaving her in tears. However, she is fine after a while and continues filming, he feels that this spirit is something that newcomers should learn from.

This is Yumiko's first ancient costume series and she praises Steven for being the most serious and punctual person she has ever worked with and she has no criticisms of him. With a bruise near her mouth, she jokes that she has a bit of a moustache. As for the rumours of her using a double, she denies this, saying that in a scene where she had to use nunchuks, she did it all herself and if she can do the action, she will do it herself. Yumiko says that as she has been busy filming this series recently, her company is worried she will not have enough money to pay her rent because she has not been able to do other work. They did find her a job that was enough to pay a month's rent, but she turned it down because she did not want to be distracted.

Also, there have been rumours that Elaine has found a rich boyfriend. She says she will not talk about this, but she denies this is a silent admission. She just does now know how to respond because she does not want to affect other people. She is busy focussing on her work and will not have a lightning wedding.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/04/07]

Bosco is Shaky at First Public Hip Hop Performance

The Champion 07 Spring Summer Fashion Show was held yesterday at the Hong Kong University, attended by Bosco Wong, Toby Leung and Vangie Tang as guest models. Bosco also performed his self-choreographed hip hop dancing and revealed that although he has been learning for a year, this was his first public performance and he was so nervous he was a little shaky. Asked how he thought his performance was, he says it was a pass. Walking into the grounds of HKU made him think back to his childhood ambition of studying there, but his F.7 examinations were not good enough, so he entered the TVB Society University instead.

It has been a year since Toby last did a fashion show and fortunately she did not have to wear heels. She says that her legs will shake if she wears heels for too long and as her legs are different lengths, she cannot walk in a straight line, so she had to hold onto Vangie as they appeared. She smiles that apart from Michael Miu and her father, she has not held hands with anyone else and even her own sister does not hold her any more because she is afraid of being written about in rumours. Does she feel that Ron or Bosco dances better? She smiles that she has had more rumours with Ron and they have worked together twice, so she will choose him.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/04/07]

Ada Wins over Gigi and Maggie on the Catwalk

TVB's new series "Jewel's Splendor" was filming earlier in a catwalk scene, as Ada Choi, Gigi Lai and Maggie Shiu donned their elegant evening gowns and became models on an elaborate stage and catwalk. They all wore the same brooch, giving a great feeling of the splendour of the jewellery and looked like three adopted sisters on the stage. Ada indicated that they will be filming abroad on location for this series in May and June, before coming back to the studios in August to continue the shoot. The whole series is planned to be completed by the end of the year. The scene actually shows them watching the show in the audience, but they did the catwalk show especially for the media.

Ada's revealing dress was the most eyecatching on the catwalk and immediately stole the limelight away from the others. Talking about this, she seemed a little embarrassed as she explained that this was not her first time on the catwalk, so it has become second nature to her now. Asked if she has prepared any of her own clothes for this show, she says: "The costumes are arranged by the company and I don't have a choice, nor do I need to prepare my own clothing. The sponsors have provided some very beautiful outfits that match well with my character. (You don't need to fight over the pretty clothes?) I am very polite and the most important thing is that the clothes match you. My character is quite a show off and sexy, so she will be more noticeable."

With a title like "Jewel's Splendor", then there will be plenty of sparkling jewellery appearing on the screen and Gigi says that all the jewellery is sponsored by MaBelle, but she is not sure about exactly how much it is all worth. She says: "Usually, my costumes are red or white, but this time we are all wearing the custom made black dresses. My shoes are my own though."


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