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[Ta Kung Pao 26/04/07]

Moses Chan and Bernice Liu Together at Watch Promotion

The Audemars Piguet QE II Cup horse race will be taking place on 29th April at Shatin's racecourse and the watch company Audemars Piguet invited guests Moses Chan and Bernice Liu to model their limited edition QE II Cup watches as well as shoot some promotional stills. The couple posed with a pure white horse for the ad, looking extremely classy. This watch will only be sold in Hong Kong and is a limited edition of just fifty.

The draw for positions for the race will be taking place this afternoon and guests for this event will be Xiong Dailin and Eunis Chan. A special banquet and cocktail party will also be held tomorrow evening, which will be attended by many racehorse owners, jockeys and celebrities as well as Xiong and Eunis. On the day of the race, Francis Ng will be joining a host of guests in a special catwalk show.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/04/07]

Benny Chan will not Waste Money on Courting - Steven Ma receives complaints about Mispronunciation

TVB series "A Change of Destiny" held a promotional event at a bowling alley yesterday, attended by Benny Chan, Steven Ma, Shirley Yeung, Joel Chan, Yuen Wah and Selena Li. The artistes split into three teams, led by Steven, Joel and Benny and it was Joel's team who won in the end. Benny emerged as the person with the worst score.

Benny admitted that his game was poor and says that he will never spend money taking girls on dates and he will not do any sports that involve paying because if he does not succeed in courting, then he will lose out. As a result, he feels that the best place to date a girl is at the beach. Talking of the series reaching ratings of 29 points, will he wear swimming trunks and appear on the beach if it breaks 30 points? Benny immediately pushed it onto Steven as the main lead before laughing that if the producer appeared in trunks, then it would be a good sight.

Also, Steven has been accused by netizens of mispronouncing a word in one of his scenes, where the word normally pronounced 'gei' was said as 'kei', whilst Joel has also received complaints about saying the word 'dee' like the English letter 'D'. Steven explains that he had the same line of poetry in the series "Where the Legend Begins" and during filming, the producer had checked with a Professor of Chinese Literature to make sure that the word was pronounced 'kei' in the poetic sense. As for the criticisms, Steven says: "I welcome them, because this makes the production more interactive. I feel that if we were too pedantic about our words, the audience would be bored to death." Shirley, Joel and producer Tsui Yu On all feel that to have colloquial words in the show is acceptable because their roles are town ruffians who would not be able to use literary sayings.


[Ta Kung Pao 26/04/07]

Aimee Chan's Long Legs Steal Show at Miss HK Promotion

A group of Miss Hong Kong participants from over the years gathered in Tsimshatsui earlier to add a final push to the recruitment campaign. Among those present were Aimee Chan, Janet Chow, Koni Lui, Suki Chui, Sharon Luk, Carrie Lam, Shermon Tang, Kate Tsui, Rabee'a Yeung and Fanny Ip.

As the ladies walked down the catwalk, Aimee stole the show with her hot pants revealing her long legs as a crowd gathered to watch her. They they shared their experiences of taking part in the pageant. Although Suki co-hosted a show focusing on correct pronunciations of common words, she mispronounced one of her words during her speech and it was down to MC Miguel Choi to correct her, leaving her a little embarrassed.

Suki explained that she was the first to speak, so she made a mistake. She hopes that the producer will let her continue hosting teh show. Has she nominated any of her model friends to take part in the contest this year? She feels that as a model, then the standards will not be too bad, so they will not be too shy to enter. She feels that after she lost out last year, she was very lucky to have been signed by TVB and this year has helped her develop her stamina and emotional quotient.

Aimee was presented with some flowers from fans and this made her very happy. She indicates that she does usually email her fans. Talking of her stealing teh show, she says that everyone there is beautiful and some of the other ladies were wearing close-fitting outfits to show off their great figures. Sharon on the other hand seems to have put on some weight recently and she says that she will work hard to lose about ten pounds as she does realise that if you are plump in this business, then it puts you at a disadvantage. Carrie is working mainly with advertisers and will appear in front of the camera when she has time. She feels that her current work arrangements are more free.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/04/07]

Bernice & Bosco on 'Minutes to Fame'

Bernice Liu and Bosco Wong were guests on the latest episode of "Minutes to Fame" and as one of the contestants had to pick up their dance partner during their routine, Bosco, Bernice and hosts Sammy Leung and Miriam Yeung joined them on the stage and Sammy and Miriam ended up quite 'attached' to each other.

One of the contestants was a man dressed in drag and he looked horrific and then he made it worse by trying to act cutesy to the judges, fluttering his eyelashes. He was quickly sent away after 40 seconds, the lowest scoring act of the evening. Sammy joked that he resembled Miriam's ex-boyfriend Ronald Cheng. However, she was very gracious and was not embarrassed by this, laughing that she was worried if viewers were disgusted by him, they might smash their televisions.

After one of the dancing acts, Sammy pulled the judges onto the stage and when he picked up Miriam, she was screaming a lot and in the end, she ended up falling on him. Asked if she was worried about losing out to Sammy, she says she did not because they just did three spins and then she was back on the ground. Asked if she will add this act to her next concert, she smiles that the sponsors may think that they are watching a folk dance instead. As for Sammy saying that the contestant looked like Ronald, she says she will not mind because she knows he was just stirring up the atmosphere.

Bosco indicates that in the past, he entered a similar competition when he was at school in Form 6. He played 'Cinderella in Drag' for a play and had to cut out some false eyelashes from some black paper and wear an orange wig. He smiles that his memory of himself dressed as a woman will be forever in his mind.

When Bernice made her appearance, she demonstrated some of her dance skills, including one manoeuvre where she hugged her own legs standing upright. When he saw this, Sammy laughed that she was 'folding herself over'.


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