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[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Ron Ng May Take Legal Action

Ron Ng has been surrounded by rumours recently, alleging that he borrowed $500,000 from Louis Koo and has not repaid it, leading to the two falling out. Ron attended the recording for the latest episode of "Minutes to Fame" earlier and the cheeky host Sammy Leung did not joke about the recent rumours, but did pull out the 'my fay-fut' joke about Ron's English ability. Ron became quite embarrassed, but laughed it off.

Ron and Tavia Yeung held hands as they entered the stage together and sung his song "Don't Blame Her". Sammy took his opportunity and asked him if he had been 'selling buddhas'." [Cantonese - 'maai fut'] Ron tried to avoid it by saying: "Don't bring that up again!"

In this episode, seven year old 'Little Dance Queen' Wong Hung Lei beat last week's 'Diana Pang Double' Chan Shing Nui to the "Minutes to Fame' throne, achieving 89 seconds to her performance, which consisted of singing, hip swinging and the splits. When Sammy praised her dancing, he pulled a joke on Ron again, telling him to go on stage and dance with her. With Ron's rather wooden dance moves, of course the little girl won, leaving Ron even more embarrassed.

However, Tavia did not get away from Sammy's pranks as he suggested that she challenged Chan to a bowing competition. Even before she started, Sammy had put her down to lose badly. Tavia fought back saying that of course that was the case because he just looks at people's busts, so he won't look at her.

Afterwards, Ron was asked if he was embarrassed at being joked with and he says he was not because this is a game show. As for the reports about him and Louis, he says he has not been in contact with Louis yet, because he is not in Hong Kong. The most important thing is that they both know what happened and he will not disturb Louis over something that was not true.

Asked if their friendship was affected, Ron says it is not affected, but the 'fraudulent' words used by the magazine have made him rather upset and has damaged his image and reputation, so this may affect his opportunities for future work. Has he considered legal action? He says he is discussing this with his family as they are also unhappy about the reports. He reinforces that he has no financial difficulties and he does not need to borrow money to live, nor does he understand why he has these reports against him.

Ron had indicated earlier that he plans to head to America to study dance and English and he hopes to do this in May, taking two months off from the company. As for his expenses, he does not need to worry because he has some dancing friends who live there and will find him somewhere to stay.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Michael Tao Avoids Being Photographed with the Girls

Michael Tao, Louisa So, Bernice Liu and Joyce Tang were among the cast members at the blessing ceremony for TVB's new series "Harmony, Taste & Passion". The series is themed around Japanese food, so as well as cutting the traditional roast pig, they also followed the Japanese tradition of breaking open the wine cellar and shared a lot of Japanese snacks. Maybe he was afraid after his recent rumours, but michael seemed rather reluctant when he was asked to pose with Louisa. Finally it was down to the producer to pull them together. Talking of the reports that he has been to visit Sonija Kwok at home at night, Michael indicated that he would not comment on these rumours and people can write what they like. Now when he just goes to get his car, he will say that he has been to someone's house.

Having successfully increased her bust size from a 32A to 34C, Joyce hopes to be able to get to 36C. So is boyfriend Marco Ngai happy about this? She smiles that it is her bank that is the happiest about this, because she has received a six-figure fee from her sponsors. Asked if her boyfriend will be benefitting from this, she smiles: "I am not saying, but I have not asked him. He has not been staring at me much either."

Michael has been in the focus of the press lately and Joyce smiles that she will let him have the limelight as they are good friends and it is probably her destiny to have the limelight stolen from her every time. Has she asked about Michael? She says that they just share glances and that is enough. Also, Louisa will be heading out to Japan next month to film for a fortnight and it is quite a packed schedule, so she will not have time to go shopping. She is still happy though because she can work opposite some veteran actors from Japan.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Bernice Liu & Leo Ku Receive Advertisement Awards

Bernice Liu and Leo Ku attended the ceremony for the Fourth Sina.com.hk Advertisement Awards, where they both received awards. Bernice won the award for 'My Favourite Network Advertising Goddess' award for her Nike ads and Leo continued his reign as 'My Favourite Network Advertising Stylish Male Award'.

Leo has shot many ads in his time and he says his favourite ads are for 'machines' [Cantonese: 'gei', sounds similar to Leo's Chinese Name], so no matter if it is air conditioning or washing machines, then he is happy to accept. However, there is one type of 'gei' advert that he will not accept and that is for 'muscle' because he is not a muscleman and his 'eyes' (ie his nipples) are not very attractive. As a result, then no matter how attractive the fee is, he will not be moved. Leo indicates he has just turned down a 'muscle' ad that was offered to him by the gym sponsors to his concert in September because he felt he was not 'qualified' to appear semi-naked. He admits that the fee was quite good, but he will not consider it because he would rather keep his body private.

When the reporters said that he would reveal his body when he went swimming or sunbathing, Leo pointed out that when he does these thing, then he will always wear a t-shirt because he is not confident enought. Asked further if he has some kind of disfigurement he is hiding, he laughs that his 'eyes' are very big and they have eyelashes, so he would rather uses his other eyes to see the world. Asked how much money he has lost by turning these ads down, he did not reply directly, just saying: "Because I have problems with my 'eyes', then I daren't accept these ads and the chances of taking them in the future are slim." So he does not have a six-pack either? Leo laughs that in his lifetime, there will never have a six-pack because he is not muscly at all, just a pair of very dusky eyes.

Bernice was very pleased at winning her award and she says that this is the first time she has received such a prestigious advertising contract that really showcased her dance talent. She feels that the ad really reflected her personality in that it was very natural and so she is thankful to her sponsors for their appreciation of her. As well as her interest in dance and sport, Bernice is also interested in Chinese Martial Arts and she would like to take lessons. Asked if she is worried this will make her look more built, she smiles: "Of course not, I feel the most important thing is to be happy." Asked if she will ask Moses Chan to join her, she says that she thinks Moses already knows Kung Fu. She says that he has been losing weight for his series recently and she feels as an artiste, then they often have to learn a new skill for a series. Asked if she will really take Kung Fu classes, she says she does not know yet but if she does take on a martial arts series, then she will need to learn it.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Charmaine Sheh Meets Warm Fans in Taiwan

It has been three years since Charmaine Sheh last visited Taiwan and recently, she returned to promote her series "Maiden's Vow" which is currently airing there, meeting the press and her fans at a press conference. The organisers had arranged 80 seats for her fans, but there were complaints when 100 fans turned up. As the venue could not accommodate so many people, some were left outside and refused admission.

As well as being interviewed and photographed, Charmaine was also asked to ice a cake for the fans to try. Charmaine plays a very able cook in the series, but the fans' line of sight never left Charmaine as they scrambled to take photos with her, totally ignoring her cake.

Finally, Charmaine agreed to have a group photo with them to avoid disappointment. In the two day promotional trip, she was invited to be interviewed and photographed for most of Taiwan's media and television. When the fans asked her to come back and share her birthday with her, she agreed to return again in May to thank them all for their support.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Tavia Yeung Shows Support for Ron Ng

Tavia Yeung took part in a press event for a beauty company yesterday, where it was announced she would be signing a one year contract with them worth a six-figure sum. Wearing a low cut revealing dress, Tavia looked very sexy and she says that after becoming the spokesmodel for this company, she has saved a lot of money, so she will be buying herself a car as a reward. She says that she has increased her confidence after slimming down and now she dresses more sexily. She smiles: "I feel that many people are looking at me when I go out and lots of friends and colleagues have complemented me on my figure and looks."

Tavia has been promoting her new series recently alongside Fala Chen and as a result, they have been compared as to who is dressed more sexily. She says that as she used to dress more simply, then she will become more eyecatching than Fala who normally dresses that way. So will she be challenging 'sexy goddess' Ella Koon? Tavia laughs: "I will give everyone a feeling of pleasant surprise! (Has your boyfriend complimented you?) A lot of 'boy' friends have complimented me."

With the recent rumours surrounding Ron Ng, as his good friend Tavia says that she does not believe he will borrow money and not repay it. She also says angrily that the magazines are very libellous because they are damaging people with their words. She says that she knows Ron is a little unhappy about this. Has Ron ever asked her to lend him money? Tavia says he has not and it is her who has to borrow taxi money off him sometimes and she forgets to pay him back sometimes.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Shirley Yeung Gives Boyfriend Neck and Shoulder Rub

Shirley Yeung took part in a promotional event for Tiger Neck and Shoulder Relaxing Rub yesterday and she demonstrated how the product can help to relax the neck and shoulder muscles. Shirley indicates that when she was performing for the Miss Chinese International show in the past, she injured her neck and so when the weather changes, then her injury will be painful. Shirley will be promoting the product and shooting some stills ads for her sponsors and she will also be recommending the product to her family. As her boyfriend's family are all keen horseriders, then the reporters suggest that it will be more useful for them, to this, Shirley just laughed and did not respond.

Earlier, Shirley was a guest at the New Zealand Chinese New Talent contest and in her five day trip, as well as work, she was able to take in some of the sights and visit her friends there. Later, Shirley will be heading into the mainland for some stage performances, so she will be making some extra money this year, making her very happy. As for the reports of fans in the mainland being very crazy, Shirley says that she will have lots of colleagues with her, so she is not worried.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

Winnie Young Wants to Write a Book on Childcare

Winnie Young and Poon Fong Fong appeared at the opening of a children's product chain store and also to launch a charity sale in aid of children's charities. The two pretty mommies also shared their experiences of looking after their children. As Fong Fong has a young son and Winnie has just had her son, in addition to her daughter, then they had a lot to share with each other.

Winnie says that her son is very good and easy to look after. Asked if they spent a lot of money on baby products, Winnie says: "The cost is quite high, because I cannot resist it. My daughter has ten bottles already, but when I see a pretty picture on it, then I will buy it for her. She also has fifteen cups, but I will keep buying them."

Asked if she is interested in writing a book on childcare, Winnie says she is already writing it and will complete it by the end of the year. She hopes tha she can share some of her advice and experiences with other people. Fong Fong says she plans to write children's songs because her son loves music and he will dance as soon as he hears it.

As Winnie has her own company selling maternity wear and children's clothing, will she be setting up a concession in the store? She smiles that she has just discussed it with the owner and she hopes that she can do it because she is just selling her label through the internet and her offices.


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