Sunday, April 22, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 23/04/07]

Bosco Wong Prepared to Cook for the Women in his Life

Bosco Wong appeared at a Ma On Shan supermarket yesterday to promote Nissin instant noodles and wearing an apron, he demonstrating cooking noodles, looking just like a househusband and attracting quite a crowd. Among his fans was a very young girl who was just a few years old. Some lucky fans were invited onto the stage to cook instant noodles and feed them to Bosco.

Asked how good his cooking is, Bosco says he is not bad, especially when it comes to making noodles. asked if he has made noodles for Myolie Wu, he laughs that he hasn't and the last thing he cooked her was Italian rice. He has also cooked for many of his other friends, such as Moses Chan, who have all tasted his cooking. He says that as he knows how to cook, then he does not need his future girlfriend to be good at cooking. However, he feels that one kitchen cannot hold two chefs, so he has never cooked with his mother, otherwise they will argue. Asked if Myolie could be this second chef, he laughs that it is his mother. Is this because Myolie never goes into the kitchen? Bosco laughs: "Well, I wouldn't know that."

With the recent reports that Ron Ng owes Louis Koo $500,000 Bosco says he does not feel that Ron is that kind of person because Ron makes even more money than him. Has Ron ever asked to borrow money from him? Bosco says that he has never, but he has taken him out for dinner. As for Ron heading out to New York to learn English, Bosco says that he has been learning Japanese, Mandarin and dance and he feels that upgrading yourself is something you should do.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/04/07]

Michael Tse Quits Smoking in Just Five Weeks

In order to promote the message about quitting smoking, the relevant departments have organised a special 'Speed-Quitting Competition' and Michael Tse was the first to take part in this, successfully stopping smoking in just five weeks. After smoking for over twenty years, Michael admits that at first he was extremely tempted, but now he has successfully quit and he feels a lot healthier.

Michael says that the first period of giving up was very hard and sometimes when his wife was not around, he would sneak the odd cigarette, but after meeting with the event's pharmacist, he managed to lose the cravings. Is Michael so eager to give up because he plans to have children? He did not reply directly and just said that whatever the reason, giving up smoking is good for the person and for his work and it is only for the good.

Next month, Michael will be filming a Qing period drama with Jordan Chan, when he will have to shave his head. Asked if he is worried that after shaving his hair off, then it will not grow back as thickly, he syas that he has already asked advice from Ekin Cheng about how to care for his head and seeing how his hair has grown back thick and healthy, then Michael is not worried at all. Jordan is a very heavy smoker, is he worried he will be tempted by Jordan? He says that he is confident he will not be affected and he will also encourage Jordan to give up by tempting him to eat fruit instead.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/04/07]

Stars Tongue-tied at English Festival 2007

Ivana Wong and Matthew Ko are the ambassadors for this year's "English Festival 2007" and attended a special Carnival event yesterday, also attended by other English speaking stars including Tracy Ip, Winnie Shum, Stephen and Francois Huynh, Joe Yau and Priscilla Chik. The organisers hope that this event will encourage people to listen and speak more to English and the guests had some fun with the audience.

One of the games involved the guests having to recite tongue-twister rhymes and of course Ivana and Matthew did the best. Ivana has studied abroad before and she likes to play tongue-twister games in both English and Chinese. She would like to join up with Hins Cheung, Louis Cheung, Khalil Fong and FAMA to do a tongue-twister song at a concert. Earlier, she went to Taiwan to record her new album and she just has one song left to complete. As the producer will be visiting her in Hong Kong soon, then she will be playing the host and taking him to try out the local delicacies.

Tracy studied in England for six or seven years and her English is quite good, but she admits that after returning to Hong Kong, she has not used it as much and it is deteriorating. The only chance she has to practice is when she takes her dog to the vets or when she is gossiping with colleagues who have returned from overseas. Winnie grew up in Canada, so English is no problem for her. Talking of her series 'The First Beat' being planned to air in the summer, but may be pulled because of the recent rumours surrounding Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao, does she feel it is a shame? Winnie says that she has not asked the executives about this, but she is not too worried because it will air sooner or later and if the show is released overseas first, then she can watch it when she returns to Canada.


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