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[Ta Kung Pao 18/04/07]

Ada and Gallen Deny Any Moves to ATV

Former TVB Director and Enterprise General Manager Ho Ding Kwan has been rumoured to be pulling over staff from TVB after his recent move to the ATV board and rumours have indicated that names include Ada Choi, Gallen Lo and executive Ho Lai Chuen. The three were interviewed yesterday by a radio show and they all indicated that they are yet to be approached or contacted by ATV.

Ada says that no-one has spoken to her and even when Mr Ho was at TVB, she indicates that she was just a lowly worker and was so busy filming all the time that she rarely saw the executives. Moreover her contract relationship is good, so she most likely will not be joining ATV. If they do approach her, then she willl leave it to her manager to deal with. As for the rumours that good friend Bobby Au Yeung is in ATV's sights, she says she does not know and she will just read the reports and worry about it when it comes along.

Ho Lai Chuen has known Mr Ho for many years, but they just talk on a personal level and not about business. He also has not been contacted by ATV, so will he join them if they do? He says it is hard to say, as this year is TVB's 40th Anniversary and also the 10th Anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China, then he will be responsible for the largest productions and he will definitely finish his current work first. He feels that friendly competition is a good thing and at least this will drive up the salaries for some people. Will he be pushing to be the top man in TVB? He was a little reserved about this because there are a lot of policies in the country and he has been through many attacks and battles in his time, so he has to look at the strategy first.

Gallen Lo has also not been in contact with ATV and he says that it will depend on the terms of the contract and whether there are any good scripts. He is quite good friends with Mr Ho, even inviting him to sit at the top table at his wedding. Does he still have a contract with TVB? Gallen feels that it doesn't matter whether or not he still has a contract, the most important thing is that they have a good working relationship and TVB has approached him to film series in the last few years, but he has not been able to spare the time.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/04/07]

Nick Cheung & Esther Kwan Make Money Together on Camera Ad

Loving couple Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan have recently been signed to do a join ad for a camera company and they took part in the press conference yesterday. This time they will be filming an ad together in exchange for a six-figure sum. The photographer Eydie Tai and spokesperson Charmaine Fong were also present. Nick revealed his '3 strikes' secret photography trick, taking photographs of a little girl. However, she was looking for her mother and as a new father himself, Nick was a little lost. Fortunately Esther had some sweets handy and comforted the girl.

Asked why they did not bring their daughter with them, Esther says she cannot look after her here. This is their first time working together on an ad as they would turn the offers down in the past because they do not want to capitalise on their marriage too much. Now they have been together for many years, then they do not mind any more. Nick says that he takes a lot of photos of his daughter, but he does not trust the machines, so he will not save them to his computer, but have them all developed instead. He says that his daughter is growing up now, so to avoid her being recognised, then he will not take her out into public too much. Asked if he will put all the pictures of his daughter on the walls of his home, he says that this is a very irrational action. Esther then reveals that she did think about doing this at first though.

As for the reports that this year's Hong Kong Film Awards was very boring, as an MC on the night, Nick admits that he is lacking in experience and daren't stir up the atmosphere too much and so just followed the script. He says: "Every show has people who like it and those who don't, but this was a valuable experience for me." Nick has no plans to develop his career as an MC. Esther laughs that at first, she threatened to hide his script, but Nick refused to do it this way, otherwise he would fail tragically. Nick reveals that he has just ended his four year working relationship with Media Asia and has signed a new two-year contract with Emperor Motion Pictures, where he will be filming series on the mainland.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/04/07]

Steven Ma and Joyce Koi Dance to 'Princess Flower'

Steven Ma and Joyce Koi headed out for North America on 5th April, putting on two shows at the Foxwood Casino in America before performing in a charity concert at Toronto's Hummingbird Center. As well as singing contemporary music, they also danced a waltz to a special arrangement of 'Butterfly Lovers' and 'Princess Flower'. As this was fresh arrangement for their performance, it went down extremely well with the audience and the atmosphere was electric. Having moved to Toronto now, Joyce's mentor Lam Ka Sing was there to support her and Steven and praised their artistry in creating such an elegant and romantic performance. Putting 'Princess Flower' to ballroom dancing certainly brought him a pleasant surprise.

To prepare for their shows, they had already started rehearsing a month before and to receive such a good response from the audience makes Steven extremely happy. He says: "I am very happy that the audience enjoyed it and it has also given me great encouragement. When the third performance finished, I felt very disappointed because I didn't want it to end." Steven says that despite the rehearsals being very hard, he felt it was still worth it. To perform a dance for his friends was a great pressure on him, because even though he rehearsed and practised day and night, when you are faced with an audience, it is completely different.

Steven says that at the last show in Toronto, when the song "Ming Yat Tin Ngai" began to play, he felt a great emotion and wanted to cry and in the final note, you could hear him crying. He says that after singing this song for so long, he has finally found a connection and this was the first time he reacted so strongly. At first he was worried that this would be a problem, but the audience were extremely supportive as they applauded him, leaving him quite surprised. He praised Joyce again, saying she worked very hard on the performance and left him with great admiration for her. He looks forward to their next collaboration. He is also thankful to their senior Lam for his support.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/04/07]

No Romance Between Fala and Bosco

Fala Chen has been linked earlier in rumours with Bosco Wong and a recent magazine article suggests that Bosco has moved his affections onto her, making his other rumoured girlfriend Myolie lose her inhibitions and pose in a daring photograph with just some feathers to keep her within decency limits.

Talking of the sexy Myolie, Fala says: "Myolie has always been very pretty! (Has Bosco been courting you?) No! Apart from when we are doing promotions, I rarely see him. I don't know why we are always being linked by gossip. Maybe because I am a newcomer, someone wants to know what I have beside me." As for whether Bosco meets her criteria for a partner, Fala says: "Not really! However he has a lot of good qualities, even though we do not click romantically. I like men that are more fun. (Bosco is quite funny?) Maybe I have never seen his funny side, but as well as fun, I have to like him and have common interests with him. The best thing would be to like playing games as much as I do!"

Fala says that she does love playing games and for a girl, she is quite good, but she is busy working now, so she does not have time to play many of the newest games. Appearing at an online game promotion yesterday in a Lara Croft outfit, she says she appeared as an ancient game character Zhen Ji in an earlier promotion and asked what she thinks of these two Cosplay images, she says: "I like this outfit more because it is more stylish and fun. I was very tomboyish when I was young and very mischievous, always fighting my friends with sticks."


[The Sun 18/04/07]

Miriam's Splits Upstages Grasshopper

TVB's "Minutes to Fame" invited Grasshopper onto the show as guest judges earlier and the big sis from reigning champions 'Seven Little Fortunes' frightened Edmond So when she demonstrated some pole-work on the stage and nearly hit him. Afterwards, the group proceeded to demonstrate a human tower and to do the splits and Remus Choi put his foot in it when he suggested that 'big sis' couldn't do the splits. After she passed him a piercing stare, she showed him her worth and Grasshopper were left eating their words, when despite their dance backgrounds, they failed to copy her. However, even though she was wearing heels and jeans, the show's host Miriam Yeung gave an easy demonstration of splits between two chairs, earning rousing applause from the audience. Watching her in awe, co-host Sammy Leung applauded and joked: "Congratulations, it was a smooth birth!" causing even more laughs.

The Grasshopper guys won back some respect when they took part in the skipping demonstration with the act who became the new champions.


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