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[Ta Kung Pao 16/04/07]

Benny Chan will be Taking Legal Action

Having returned from Beijing to help promote his new series "A Change of Destiny", Benny Chan joined Steven Ma, Shirley Yeung and Selena Li at a promotional event yesterday, where they were joined by special guest Geomancy Master Mak Ling Ling. The artistes took part in some games and all emerged as winners.

Benny took the opportunity to ask Master Mak about this year's luck on the property market because he is interested in investing in some real estate. He did not ask about romance though, saying that these things should be left up to fate and as he feels his credentials are not very good, then finding a partner is not so easy. However, he is often linked into rumours occurring in the mainland and in Taiwan and most recently, he was reported to have been cavorting with a prostitute in a mainland club, with the magazine interviewing the girl in question and then alleging that former girlfriend Charmaine Sheh was also mocking him. He says that at the time, he was enjoying a family trip with Bobby Au Yeung and the girl in the photos was a friend of a friend. The girl who was interviewed was a prostitute who looks like his friend and this is taking things too far. He says that these things are hard to avoid, but he has not done anything wrong and as these reports hav ehurt him and his image, then he will be taking legal action. He does not believe that Charmaine would mock him and says that they still keep in touch.

Shirley reveals that when she was out for a meal, she slipped on a wet floor and injured her back, aggrevating an old injury. She says she has seen a doctor, but during a job in the mainland recently, she was in a lot of pain after a long journey and wearing heels, that it was very hard work. Asked if she had any friends with her when she fell, she replies: "No-one was there, but someone looked after me later. I was in so much pain that I was expressionless, but I know they were very worried." Asked if this person was her boyfriend Gregory Lee, she just hinted that it was in a very strange way. Asked if she was afraid of making TVB executive Virginia Lok unhappy, she denied this and says that she has already talked about this for a number of years and has already said what she has to so she would rather talk about work.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/04/07]

Winnie Young's Daughter Already Attracting the Boys

Winnie Young took part in a children's health event with some other celebrity mothers yesterday and took her two-year-old daughter with her. Winnie's daughter looks very much like her mother and has the same large eyes and an extremely cute look, standing out among all the guests.

Winnie's daughter was also attracting the attentions of some boys around her age, who came over to play with her. Winnie laughs: "My daughter is very popular with the boys, who will all hand over their toys to her, but she will fight with other girls! I am worried that she will be dated by boys very soon and I will give her an 8pm curfew when she grows up. (Young children cannot be controlled so much now?) I can't worry about it too much, I will drag it out for as long as I can!"


[Ta Kung Pao 15/04/07]

Audience Fight to Share Stage with Miss HK

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in a recruitment event at Olympian City yesterday, where they were arranged to play some games with the audience members. However, when the members of the public were invited onto the stage, there was a fight about who was going up and there was some chaos. In the end, the security staff and host Miguel Choi had to step in and sort things out so that the event could proceed.

Asked about the audience members rushing onto the stage, Aimee says that she was not frightened because there were security staff on hand. She feels that having such a good response from the audience is a good thing and proves that they have their appeal. The new pageant will be taking place soon, so asked how she feels about being succeeded, Aimee says that this will be in July and at the moment, she is not feeling anything. As for whether she will stay in Hong Kong afterwards, she says she is interested in entering showbiz and would like to try filming series. As for concerns that her Cantonese is not very good, Aimee says that there are many Miss Hong Kong contestants whose Cantonese is not very good and the most important thing is that she is willing to learn, so she believes that she will make improvements.

Koni hopes that she can sign for TVB after the end of her Miss HK responsibilities and after being a model for six years, she is looking for a new challenge to learn new things. She says frankly that many of her model friends will be entering the contest this year and have asked her if the prizes are better this year because it is the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China. Janet entered last year as an overseas contestant from Toronto and she says that some of her friends who were unsuccessful last year will be entering again this year and she hopes that they will get through this year.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/04/07]

Bernice and Moses at Jockey Club Promotion

Rumoured couple Bernice Liu and Moses Chan appeared as a couple at the press conference for the Audemars Piguet QE II Cup, announcing that the race will be marked by a party on the 29th that will also be attended by Francis Ng and Xiong Dailin. During the event, Moses introduced the details of the race and the names of the horses, but got mixed up with two of the horses' names, but realising his mistake he said: "I have just taken the two best horses and amalgamated their names!"

Bernice also slipped up after being asked if she bets on horses [Cantonese: "buying horses (maai ma)"], saying innocently: "No, horses are very expensive!" This caused some laughter from the audience and she realised that she had misunderstood the question. Moses says he has never bet on a horse, but when he received a free bet token as a gift, he won over $200 on it. Moses also reveals that the organisers have already arranged an outfit for him for the party and have drawn him some designs. He says: "It is a very deep V and tight fitting, (Will you be showing us your chest then?) Yes! I am not eating any fat now, so I have lost 3 inches from my waist, before when I was 200 lbs, I had a 36 inch waist!" Asked if she felt that Moses looks better now he is slimmer, Bernice said: "He is different when he is fat and thin, it depends on the role though. He looks better now he is slimmer."


[Ta Kung Pao 15/04/07]

Yoyo Mung Describes Children as 'Little Monsters'

Yoyo Mung appeared as a guest at a children's fancy dress event yesterday, where over a hundred children appeared dressed as animals and Yoyo posed with a young child dressed as a frog. Asked if she likes children, she smiles: "Before they are two, they are okay, after they are two, they become little monsters and I end up wanting to make them cry. Earlier when I was filming for 'Trouble Daddy', I found the six and seven year old child actors very tiresome, so I made them cry and their mothers complained. (How can you have children in the future if you are like this?) Why do I have to have them? Although I have never thought about not having childre, but I feel I am not ready yet and I don't want to be a mother just yet."

Yoyo says that her personality makes her worry easily, for example, when she goes to a karaoke bar, she will check where the fire exits are and after watching the reports about Asia suffering from droughts in the next thirty years due to global warming, she is very concerned about the environment being unsuitable for children to grow up in. Asked if she has reached an agreement with her boyfriend about having children, she smiles: "I will not have them with my boyfriend, so I will not look into this yet. I will wait until I have a husband first."

As for the news that former TVB General Manager Ho Ding Kwan has joined ATV and the prospect of him taking some staff with him, Yoyo says that she will not jump ship because her contract is not yet up and after joining TVB, her career has improved and she has more scope in which to develop. She is working well with the company and will not think too far ahead. She smiles: "This is nothing to do with me. (If he does take people, then this will raise the industry, so is this not a good thing for artistes?) Of course, then with competition there will be progress and if they offer a good salary, then the company will offer a better salary to keep people and it will be a good thing all round."


[Ta Kung Pao 15/04/07]

'Best Selling Secrets' Taichi Promotion

"Best Selling Secrets" held a promotional event yesterday, attended by Esther Kwan, Alvina Kong, Elaine Jin, Angela Tong and Shek Sau, who all performed some Taichi exercises on stage with Master Li Hui. As she was wearing high heels, Alvina had to take them off to join in and as she was wearing a low cut top, she refused to do some of the bending exercises for fear of revealing herself. Afterwards, she explained that she had dressed up for the event and only when she arrived did she realise that they would be doing exercises. She did have something under her dress though, so she was not worried about revealing herself.

Earlier rumours suggested that Esther and Alvina were not getting along during filming, fighting over costumes and scenes. Alvina laughs that they are just competing over who finishes work first and do not have any interests in competing over designer costumes. Alvina feels that having some news is a good thing though because it helps to promote the show. Esther agrees and syas that they just fight over who finishes work first, saying that Alvina is a good person and is easy to get along with, so they have always got on very well.

As for the reports about TVB executives joining ATV and pulling many artistes with them, Esther's husband Nick Cheung is among those named as likely candidates, when she was asked about this, she asked jokingly in return whether they would be offering a large sum for him to move. She says she has been busy filming and not paid much attention to this, but as Nick no longer has a contract, then if it is true, she will let him decide for himself what he wants to do. Asked what she thinks about this, Esther says frankly that this is a good thing because competition leads to progression. Angela was asked if she would consider it if she was selected as a target for the ATV recruitment, she says that working at TVB was her first job and it will be her job forever.


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[The Sun 16/04/07]

Kenix and Frankie Could be Joining the Opposition

With two of TVB's former high ranking executives Mr Ho Ding Kwan and Mr Louis Page joining the ATV board of late and reports that i-Cable will also be making their own drama productions, Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam were spotted earlier in discussions at a hotel Coffee Shop with executives from i-Cable.

Suggestions indicate that after their success as an on-screen couple in "Ten Brothers", i-Cable are interested in inviting Frankie and Kenix to film a series together again for them. As ATV and i-Cable do not offer long restrictive contracts like TVB, they have become a very attractive proposition for many artistes. Asked about the invitation to film for i-Cable, Kenix and Frankie indicate that they are very sincere, but they have not decided yet, so they were able to discuss their position.

TVB Board Director Mrs Li attended a separate event and asked about Mr Ho joining ATV, she says: "It is a very normal thing. He resigned last year." As for whether she is worried about him taking staff away, she did not respond, but she added later that he had retired and not resigned.


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