Friday, April 13, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 14/04/07]

Fala and Linda Don't Mind Wearing Bikinis for High Ratings

Stars of new series "Heart of Greed", Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Michelle Yim and Ha Yu were guests on a radio show yesterday, where they said that they were encouraged that the ratings for their series have risen from 28 points to 31 points in the first four days of airing.

Linda and Fala also said that if the ratings continue to improve, then they don't mind wearing bikinis at the celebratory party. Fala said without a care: "I wear a swimsuit in the show anyway." Also, during filming, Fala was let into the secrets of Michelle's soup-making skills, but she is not well practised yet and still needs to work at it. She says: "I have tried making soup, but it was quite tasteless and I daren't share it with my colleagues just yet." Linda's character in the show is very thrifty, but in real life, she will spend what she needs to as long as she has what she needs, then she will not be too thrifty with money. She also plans to go on an outing with the other cast members of this show, but will have to wait until they all have time off together.

Veteran Ha Yu is full of praises for his junions and says that the two girls' acting has improved a lot. "In 2006, Linda saw a great improvement and 2007 will be Fala's turn to show progress. The two have learned from not knowing how to read Chinese to now being able to and this is the result of their hard work." In response to the good words from their senior, Linda says that she is thankful for them bringing her into the scenes. Also Michelle reveals that the producer has indicated if the ratings reach 40 points, then he will be taking them all out for an abalone banquet.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/04/07]

Leila Tong Has No Interest in Rapper

Leila Tong was a guest at the opening of the Contemporary Ceramics Society of Hong Kong Members Exhibition yesterday and in response to recent reports that she was spotted giving a ride to rapper Luk Wing Kuen from rap group 'FAMA' in her $310,000 Audi and suggestions that she was paying to keep this rapper, she just laughed.

Leila says: "I have read the reports and I find it very funny. On that day, he was invited to the company to discuss something and as he did not have a car, I just gave him a lift. We are just friends and we have never been out together privately." Will these reports affect your friendship? She says directly: "No matter if I am spotted with a man or with another woman, they will still write things about us. Other people understand and will make a judgement about what is true and false, so rumours have no effect on me. We are both adults and know what is going on." As for finding a boyfriend, she has always left it up to fate and for now, her work is her first priority.

At the event. Leila joined some of the potters to make some ceramics and she says that when she was at school, she has tried pottery before in art class, where her creations wer admired and won her awards.


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