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[Ta Kung Pao 13/04/07]

Kenneth Ma Compliments Kathy Chow

Kathy Chow, Ankie Beilke and Kenneth Ma took part in a promotional event for their skincare sponsors yesterday, during this the two ladies wore short low cut dresses to show off their sexiness, but when she leaned over to pick up a little girl, Kathy revealed herself a little and stole the limelight. Asked if Kathy has has raised her fee after three years as spokesperson, she smiles: "I am happy with it, but as long as I like it, it is okay and I will not care too much about the fee."

Kenneth was full of compliments for Kathy at the event and made her very happy indeed. Afterwards when he was asked whether Kathy is an ideal partner, he says: "I am not good enough for her, her attributes are too hood and I am afraid of her being stolen away!" Talking of the earlier rumours about TVB planning a modern version of "War of In-laws", where Kenneth was selected to replace Bosco Wong due to a clash of scheduled but was met with opposition from Liza Wang who hopes for the original cast to be reunited, Kenneth says: "No-one has ever contacted me about this series and it is just a rumour. I believe that Liza's comment is not because she does not like me, it is just that the original cast have a better chemistry. Hopefully there will be role for me in part 3!"


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[Ta Kung Pao 13/04/07]

Toby Leung: Ron is a Friend, Michael is my Favourite

After Toby Leung's recent rumours linking her with Michael Miu, new reports suggest that whilst filming in Beijing for "The Drive of Life", she has been cavorting with Ron Ng. In a telephone interview yesterday, Toby clarified the rumours and said that she has become numb to these things now.

Toby say that the hugging photographs printed by the magazine were scenes from the series. As for the suggestions that Ron has requested for hugging scenes to be added, Toby supports him and says that this was just the needs of the script and laughs that maybe the reporters have taken a sneak look at the scripts. As for her father Tommy Leung being quite concerned by the reports and heading out to Beijing to keep an eye on her, she says that her father did go to Beijing, but she was filming all along and has not seen him. However with so many rumours, she is worried that her image will be affected. Asked if she will have a chance to develop a romance with Ron, she says there is no chance as they are just very loving friends. Toby refers to Michael as her 'father', so how will she refer to Ron? Toby says that on set, they will call each other 'husband' and 'wife', but usually she will just refer to him as 'Cheuk Hai'. As for the rumours that Ron is dating Charmaine Sheh, she bears witness that this is not the case. About Ron's rumours of being a player, Toby protects him, saying that Ron is not an unfaithful person.

Who would she choose out of Ron and Michael if she had to? Toby asks if there is a middleman in terms of age that she can choose. She feels that one is more meaty, whilst the other is slimmer, but the kind of man she likes is a little plump with a bit of a belly, so Ron does not meet this criteria. So who is better to hold hands with? Toby says directly it is Michael as she prefers him for being more manly.


[Ta Kung Pao 13/04/07]

Selena Li Keeps her Distance from Benny Chan

"A Change of Destiny", starring Steven Ma, Benny Chan and Shirley Yeung, will begin airing on Monday and a promotional event was held at Tsuen Wan's Yuen Yuen Temple yesterday. However, the two male leads were absent from the event and it was left to Shirley, Selena Li and Joel Chan to hold the fort. During the event, they wished for good ratings, played games and tasted the vegetarian dishes.

With his string of negative press, Benny has been spotted partying earlier in a Shanghai nightclub and maybe because of this, he pulled out of this event at the last minute. However, producer Tsui Yu On says that he is still busy filming in Beijing and will be returning to Hong Kong a little later, attending the promotional event on Sunday instead. As for Steven, he is currently touring in the US and Canada and has already excused himself. Asked if he is worried about missing his male leads, Producer Tsui says that the heavens will look after them. Shirley does not feel that she was left on her own as she had many colleagues to support her. Talking of TVB's series gaining mediocre ratings recently, is she worried about ratings for the show? She says that the most important thing is reviews and the audience liking the show as ratings are not everything.

As Selena has had many scenes opposite Benny in the show, does she feel he is a player? She asks in reply: "Do you mean in real life or in the show? He did not chat me up, but maybe because he has so much gossip, I kept my distance. (Because of his reputation?) I don't know, I don't know anything at all." Also, there have been reports that Suki Chui has been 'sticking to' Joel, also describing him as a 'rich guy', but Joel denies this, saying: "The Hong Kong apartment belongs to my family, the Macau apartment belongs to my brother, so they are nothing to do with me and the money is not in my account. (Do you like girls like Suki?) I like girls who are a little more mature."


[The Sun 13/04/07]

Dayo Wong Slips Over and Over Again

Dayo Wong, Benz Hui and Vivien Yeo were filming the final scene for TVB series "Evil Kin" and this was a touching moment for Dayo, who has endured a lot for this series. First he was faced with being bitten by a dog, then he was stabbed by nails and hit by thunder. Most recently, he was filming a rainy escape scene where he had to slip and fall over again and again.

Dayo says that it was not the water from the sprayer that had caused the ground to be wet: "That night we were filming a chase scene on Mo Sing Leng and it was actually raining very hard which was quite atmospheric, so we filmed it quickly. However, after a few attempts at the slipping, my backside was hurting so much, but it was worth it because I have great expectations for this series. Although Dayo's bottom was injured, his football scene yesterday was still easy: "I do not know how to kick a ball at all, but I have a natural talent for sport and I can strike the right pose."


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