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[Ta Kung Pao 10/04/07]

Sammul Chan Considers Legal Action Over Allegations of Fighting with Ella over Ron

Sammul Chan was linked earlier the the rumours surrounding Walter Hau and recently he has been rumoured once again to be gay in a magazine report that alleges he is fighting over Ron Ng with Ella Koon. Asked about these suggestions at an event yesterday, Sammul was furious and indicated he will reserve the right to take legal action against these reports. Ella also feels that these reports are pointless and will just cause a laugh. She also comforts Sammul, saying not to get too angry and just treat it as promotion for their series.

At a 'Car Fanatics Party' event yesterday, Sammul joined a hundred young racing fans to build a giant model racing track, entering the record books for a track with the largest number of loops. Talking of the reports suggesting he was fighting over Ron, Sammul was very emotional as he said: "It is totally ridiculous. When the reporter interviewed me, I found him to be acting strangely when he asked me whether Ron was my good friend. I said that we became friends after working together in a series, but that does not mean anything and I feel that their questions were very despicable. (Do you feel there is a need to clarify your sexual orientations?) I have already spoken about this in the Walter Hau incident, so you can't expect me to talk about this again. Maybe I have to commit suicide to clear my name? This is just the funniest of funny jokes." Sammul also says that no matter if he goes out with men or women, then people will still write about him and he feels that he has to become a recluse before they will let him go. Asked if he will be taking further action, he says he does not rule out legal action.

As for Ella, she was working at TVB City yesterday and asked about the incident, she seemed surprised and helpless. As for the suggestions that she was arguing with Sammul over the affections of Ron, she laughs: "This is quite an unexpected report, nothing like this is true and it is not related to me. (The reports say that Sammul said you are late and wearing seethrough clothes?) I don't believe he will belittle me, usually we get on very well and we chat together, there is no animoscity between us." As for Sammul getting upset about this, Ella smiles: "Tell him not to be so angry or agitated, you should just laugh off things that are not true and I am like that. Maybe this news will be good promotion for the series."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/04/07]

Angela Tong and Mrs Tachibana Win the Children Over

TVB Childrens Ambassador Angela Tong took part in an event at a shopping mall in Yuen Long yesterday, where she sung the theme song to hit anime series "Atashin'chi" joined by one of the show's stars Mrs Tachibana.

Angela says that she had spoken to the company before and expressed her love for cartoons, but she never imagined she would have the chance to sing the theme song for this series. This is her first recording experience for the company and yesterday was her debut live performance of the song. After singing this, many children refer to her as 'Fa Si Lai' (Mrs Tachibana's Cantonese name) and she says she believes she has a good chance of winning an award at the children's song awards because she has a lot of young fans. However, she points out that the show will finish airing soon, so she hopes to prolong the popularity of the song by airing another series. On the last day of the Easter break, Angela says that many of her friends have returned to Hong Kong from Canada for the holiday, so she has arranged to meet some of them and has been busy. As a result, she has been eating a lot and put on some weight, so now she is trying to lose it again by doing yoga and using the slimming machines.


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[Ta Kung Pao 10/04/07]

Bobby Au Yeung Denies Having An Affair

Bobby Au Yeung has always given the impression of being a good man who has a very pure and loving relationship with his wife. However, recent magazine reports have suggested that he has been taking women out partying late behind his wife's back and that she has been left to take her dogs out on her own. Yesterday, Bobby spoke on a telephone interview on a radio show and he says that when he was 'out partying', his wife was actually there and the paparazzi did not photograph them together and only snapped another woman there. He says that this woman had just returned to Hong Kong from abroad and she was his friend's wife, who was showing some of her friends around.

Asked if he likes partying late, Bobby says that on that occasion, he went there three times and his wife was there on two of those occasions. He knew that there were reporters there and he was aware that they had been following him around for several days, each day saying them as soon as he left the house. On one day, he approached them and asked what was going on and that reporter said he was following instructions from his superior, so he co-operated and willingly posed for photographs.

The next day, the reporters did not follow him any more, but did follow his wife out when she took the dogs for a walk. He laughs that he has warned his wife to put on some make-up before she goes out! As for the rumours surrounding his friend Michael Tao, he feels that they are all adults and know what they are doing and the most important thing is to maintain pleasantness. He feels that divorce is not a good thing and now is the time to settle down and work hard.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 10/04/07]

Matthew Ko Sacrifices Sleep for his Dog

An 'Easter Animal Carnival' was held at Sheung Shui's Landmark North Mall yesterday held by some not-for-profit veterinary clinics. Artistes present included Matthew Ko, Charles Szeto, Elaine Yiu and Natalie Wong.

Elaine is a dog-lover and she has a Shih Tzu at home that her sister bought as a pet. She says that this dog was bought from an disreputable pet shop and it was sickly when she bought it, with the vet indicating that it could die at any time. Fortunately, they spent several tens of thousands of dollars to rescue it and it recovered. It is two years old now, but Elaine is scared of the day when she will have to say goodbye to it.

Matthew has recently spent ten thousand dollars to buy a four month old husky and as this dog is not yet house trained, he has to get up every morning at 5am to clean up his beloved pet. He says that this dog has Tracy Ip as its godmother and the best thing would be for her to find a vet sponsorship to save him some money. When Matthew saw the other dogs giving displays yesterday, he wanted to train his dog to do some simple tricks too, but the first thing he needs to train him to do is to go to the toilet!


[The Sun 10/04/07]

Bosco Compliments Fala for Being Very Confident

Having been linked with Fala Chen in various rumours recently, Moses Chan and Bosco Wong were asked to play a game in a recent interview with Cha Siu Yan, where they had to think of something related to 'la'. Bosco admitted that he thought of Fala and smiled: "She is very westernised and is very direct, very confident and very pretty." Bosco also reveals that as Fala's Chinese is not very good, she was often asking Lai Lok Yi for help with her script. He also says that he has the pictures to prove this, but then corrects himself saying: "Actually, she did ask everyone for help."

Moses says he just sees Fala as a little sister, seemingly keeping his distance from her to avoid rumours. As for the same game played with 'yi', he avoided talking about his rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu, saying: "I would think of 'yi' which means 'eloquence' - elegance and polite." Bosco also avoided talking about Myolie, saying: "The word 'yi' can also mean having sons, I would like to have two."


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