Friday, April 06, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 07/04/07]

Shirley Yeung in MV with Half Naked Eric Suen

Shirley Yeung took part in a Keroro Gunso Easter event yesterday in Causeway Bay, joined by a giant Keroro as she played games with the children and celebrated the holidays.

There were earlier rumours that Shirley had split up with her boyfriend Gregory Lee, but they have been photographed out on a date again by the press, dispelling the earlier rumours. Asked if she will be taking advantage of the Easter break to go away with her boyfriend, Shirley syas that they are both very busy at the moment, so they don't have time to go away.

Shirley reveals that she has just filmed a music video for Eric Suen, which tells of how Eric fancies her, but she likes someone else and ends up marrying them, but the other man is unfaithful and she does not have a happy ending. Shirley says that in the video, Eric has to appear topless, just wearing some shorts for a shower scene. Asked if she was embarrassed at seeing a half naked Eric, she smiles that she just felt sorry for him being so cold and she had to appear in just a strappy dress and a wedding dress. Shirley says she does admire Eric's singing and praises him for keeping his looks so well over the years, saying he is like her and has a baby face.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/04/07]

Sammul Chan Innocently Branded as Pervert After Working with Ella

Sammul Chan took part in an Easter event in Shatin yesterday, where he sung some songs and played games with the audience. Also invited was one of China's top ten amazing people Choi Wing Chiu, who showed off his skills in a 'standing egg' trick and Sammul exclaims that this is the first time he has seen anything so amazing.

Sammul has been busy filming for "Survivors Law II" recently and talking about filming, he immediately pointed out that he has not fallen out with Ella Koon and hopes that people will not believe what was written in the magazines. Asked if Ella has been late, Sammul said extremely carefully that he dare not talk about it again. As for reports that during the blessing ceremony, Sammul had commented that Ella has a different design of underwear every day, making her label him as a pervert, Sammul feels very helpless about this and says that what he actually said was that her skirt is different every day and not her knickers. He says that after the incident was published, he received over 40 calls from friends who were asking why he has become labelled as a pervert, so he dare not say anything any more and just treat last time as a misunderstanding.

Sammul also says that his image has always been a very studious one and he does not know why this has taken a 180 degree turn. Will there be any awkwardness when he meets with Ella in future? He syas that they both know what hapened and she has always been a very happy person and will not mind. Are Ella's skirts still so varied? He says that they have been filming court scenes recently, so all her costumes have been black.

Does he have any kissing scenes with Ella in the show? Sammul says that their characters are always quarrelling and they argue every day. Talking of there being rumours of animoscity every time he films lately, is this because the girls are always causing gossip? He says that he is not someone who attracts gossip and this time he finds it very amusing. Also he says that he has been very busy at work and would like to take a long vacation to visit Europe or Australia.


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