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[Ta Kung Pao 06/04/07]

Myolie Denies Manic Eating - Rumours are Ridiculous

Recently there have been rumours that Myolie Wu has developed 'manic eating syndrome', saying that she has been eating uncontrollably whilst filming in Beijing. Interviewed yesterday by Cha Siu Yan, she says that she has just returned from filming in Beijing and clarifies that she did not eat fatty pork and the dish she was eating was steamed pork, which was not ordered by herself.

As for the reports suggesting that she has been eating lots of mutton skewers, Myolie says that she does not eat lamb or mutton and she just had one or two skewers of chicken. She says she knew that the paparazzi were there on that night and she knew that they would write something horrible about her. She says she has not yet seen the reports and she is most worried about the photos making her look ugly. Myolie admits that she does like to eat, but the rumours have probably arisen because she did put on weight before. She insists that her figure has returned to normal now and as the for the reports suggestions that she is making herself vomit afterwards, she responds angrily: "That's ridiculous. It is totally fabricated and just undermines the hard work I have put into losing weight."

Asked if her rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong has been in touch with her to comfort her, Myolie says that if they are from the industry, then they would not call her because they would know what the situation is and this time it was just her being unlucky. Talking of her series "War and Destiny" maintaining average ratings over thirty points, Myolie says that she had not dared to ask results beforehand. Did Bosco call her to tell her the good news? Myolie says: "No! (He cares a lot for you.) Friends will care for each other. (Has Bosco made you a risotto?) Risottos every time would be boring, ask him to learn another dish first!"

The host also interviewed Myolie's co-star in "War and Destiny" Sunny Chan and he indicated that his child is due to be born on May 2nd, so he plans to ask a Chinese scholar to select a name for the baby. However, he is referring to the baby as 'Hung Jai' at the moment because the doctor has told them there is a high chance of it being a boy. He has also been planning a slimming menu for his wife. He also indicates that his restaurant business venture has ended now because the landlord wanted to increase their rent, so they took the opportunity to sell the business on and liquidate their profits.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/04/07]

Bosco Wong Doesn''t Mind Cooking Seafood for Myolie

Moses Chan and Bosco Wong took part in a CRHK interview yesterday promoting their new series "Heart of Greed". In the show they play two brothers and the reporters asked about them both being linked in rumours with Fala Chen. Moses says: "I think that is because Fala's popularity is rising and we worked together whilst filming." After this, he laughs that he had a good time filming this series because they took turns to pay for dinner, which was either abalone or sharks fin. He explains that this is because the show's sponsor offered them discounted abalone, so they would buy some and cook it for everyone to try at home, which was very convenient.

Bosco also invited everyone over for a seafood meal. As for rumours that Myolie is getting bored of him making risotto all the time, Bosco says graciously that if Myolie wants to have seafood, then he does not mind cooking it for her. As for rumours that Myolie has been suffering from manic eating syndrome, Bosco says that they have not had a chance to meet since, but he knows that Myolie is a happy person and there is no reason for her to have this condition. Asked about the suggestion that she has not been able to fully regain her figure after gaining weight, Bosco could not help but offer an explanation for her, stuttering as he said: "No... no, I have eaten with her before and after she lost weight and she is very normal. She is even slimmer now than she was before filming 'To Grow With Love'."

As for suggestions that Fala is always eating Bosco's food and this is unfair to Myolie, Moses indicated that the whole cast and crew have tried Bosco's cooking and they each took turns to cook, so they all got a treat whilst filming this series and he gained weight to almost 200 lbs, making the producer tell him to lose his belly. Fortunately, with a little hard work, he had reduced his 34 inch waist to just 28 inches in three weeks, returning to his fit figure.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/04/07]

Carol Cheng has filmed 'only' 31 Series

TVB Pay Vision's Classic Channel will be airing some of Carol Cheng's old productions and Carol appeared at a promotional event yesterday. She says she has many series, including "Paper Marriage", "The Fate", "The Feud of Two Brothers" and "Once Upon a time in Shanghai". At the event, Carol reveals that many years ago, she had a romance with Kam Kwok Leung which stemmed from when they were filming for "Paper" and the funny thing was even the script suggested that they would get married in the end. As for her most memorable scene, it was in "Feud" with Alex Man and also "Shanghai", where she worked with current boyfriend Lui Fong.

In her many years in the business, Carol has taken part in the production of 31 series and 60 films, but she says she has only made a small number of series. "I never thought it would be only 31 series, but if you ask me to film them now, I don't think I could, because filming nowadays is very hard work and I now have my lifestyle, so I am afraid I would not be able to adapt." Asked if Kam looked after her especially when they filmed "Paper", she smiled: "No, at the time when Commercial Television closed down, I joined TVB and spent more time with him so we started dating. It was different then, we had our scripts very early on. (Did they change the script to let you marry him in the end?) No, the storyline flowed very well and they did not change it."

Asked if there would be another chance to work with Lui Fong now, she says frankly that it would depend on the script as they would both have to like it before they would consider and the chances of this would be very slim. Talking of how Lui Fong's fans are very caring towards her, Carol says: "We have become part of their collective memory now. (When will you get married?) We have no plans for now, we will not have children and our parents are not rushing us." As for suggestions that Lui Fong has successfully lost 20 lbs, she smiles sweetly and says: "Of course!"

Even up to now, Alex Man's classic 'So What' scene in "Feud" is still under debate as some people think he is actually calling a name 'So Wan'. Hearing this, Carol laughs: "At the time I actually heard 'So Wut'. The scene was thought up by Alex and I have seen the script, which confirmed what he said was 'So What'. The scene took a few hours to film and Alex was so serious that even I daren't laugh at all. (Did Alex drip tears, snot and saliva over you when you were filming?) I don't know because I did not dare to move." Carol reveals that Alex was always goofing and singing, making her laugh.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/04/07]

Sir Run Run Shaw to be Honoured in his Centennial Year

The 26th Hong Kong Film Awards will be taking place on 15th April with many guests such as Korean stars Kwon Sang Woo and Song Hye Kyo who will be presenting the awards for the Best Asian Film. Reports also suggest that a special award for 'Achievement in Film of the Century' will be presented to Sir Run Run Shaw.

The HKFA president Manfred Wong indicated that in addition to the 19 regular awards, there will be two special awards this year. The award for 'Professional Spirit' will be presented to long-serving and well known make-up artist 'Sis Chun', who has given countless artistes a special confidence in front of the camera with her work. The second special award is for Achievement in Film over the century and this will be presented to Sir Run Run, who turns 100 years old this year. Sir Run Run's life has been like a living history of the Chinese film industry and HKFA is honoured to present him with this award, which will be collected by Sir Run Run's son on the night.

Wong also indicates that Quentin Tarantino has announced a re-make of Shaw Brothers classic "One Armed Swordsman" and this has raised focus. People from the industry indicate that since the activities held to mark the first anniversary of the Shaw Bros Fan Club at the beginning of the year, the media has started a series of activities to mark their respect for Sir Run Run.

Guest performers have been confirmed for the awards show that include Jay Chow, Eason Chan and Daniel Wu. The show will be hosted by Nick Cheung, Lam Tze-Chung and Bowie Tsang. Mainland stars Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei are also planned to present an award, but Liu is yet to confirm.


[The Sun 06/04/07]

Suki Chui Keeps Hold of Joel Chan off-screen

Suki Chui has been reported that during filming for her series "Love Stems from Chance", where her character has to try and capture the affections of the rich guy played by Joel Chan, she was still holding onto his arm even after the cameras had stopped rolling. In a telephone interview yesterday, she says that there is no chance of anything happening between her and Joel. "Holding hands was just to keep the right frame of mind for filming. (Has the company asked you to reduce your gossip?) We have talked about it and when I am working, I will try to chat less and keep a low profile, but the rumours keep coming and I will have to think of another idea."


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