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[Ta Kung Pao 02/04/07]

Sonija Kwok Feeling Unwell Denies Sending Intimate Text Messages

Under fire again after her recent rumours of breaking up Michael Tao's marriage, Sonija took part in an event yesterday in preparation for the 10th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to China and faced a barrage of questions from a frenzied press. During this, she became extremely stressed, found it hard to breathe and broke out in a nervous sweat as she denied sending intimate text messages to Michael and saying that there was no chance that they would have had an affair. She then turned down an interview from the reporters before hiding in a rest area for half an hour and then leaving with her mother.

In the short response that she gave, she said in response to the allegations of Ah Bo regarding text messages: "I have heard the reports, but I can tell everyone that I have never sent these messages." Ah Bo alleges that these messages said 'I love you so much' and 'Come to my place', so has Michael ever been to her home? Sonija says he has not. As for Ah Bo's continued allegations that she is a marriage wrecker, has she tried to clarify things with Ah Bo? She says that there is no need and she has just been innocently dragged into all this. She says that divorce is an unhappy matter, so she does not wish to talk about this. Asked if there was a chance she could start with Michael, she says there is no way. Does she feel victimised by Ah Bo? She says she does not know and in truth she does not even know Ah Bo and has never met her before. Does she think Ah Bo has psychological problems? Sonija says: "You can't say that. (Do you feel very innocent in all this?) I am prepared for it in this industry. (Is it affecting your image?) I can't worry too much about that, in this industry it is to be expected."

Sonija also did not want to talk about being labelled as a 'mistress' in this and she says she will not care too much. As for the rumours she has been dropped from a series because of this, Sonija says she has never seen the script and she leaves it up to the company to select her roles for her because she believes they will make the best decision. Asked if she will further clear things up with Ah Bo, she says there is no need because she has already clarified what she needs to, otherwise things will just get worse, she knows she is innocent. What else would she like to say to Ah Bo? She says there is nothing.

As for Michael's 'housewife killer' image being broken in one day, Sonija says: "I don't think that is the case, please don't give him too much pressure. With such an unhappy incident, you should give him time to calm down." With more questions, Sonija announced: "That's enough, it is very hot and I am sweating." With other reports suggesting that Sonija's bad luck is down to her name bringing her a 'mistress fortune', is she planning to change her name? Sonija denies this saying that it was just the reports saying that. Sonija then turned down an interview from a digital media company before heading into the rest area for half an hour and then leaving in her casual wear with her mother. Accompanied by over ten security guards on her way out, a number of fans could be seen calling out words of support and holding signs up. Seeing this, Sonija waved goodbye to them.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/04/07]

Ron Ng Doesn't Believe Ah Bo Would Say Such Things

Ron Ng celebrated an early Easter yesterday at a shopping mall event in Ma on Shan where he lauched a 'Russian Easter Carnival' event with two Russian artists demonstrating egg-decoration. Ron sung two songs and played games with the audience.

Ron has just returned from Ningbo where he has been filming for "The Drive of Life" and says he was ill for a week after eating something that gave him an infection in the mouth. He will soon be heading out to Beijing to continue filming. As for the rumours about Sonija Kwok breaking up Michael Tao's marriage, Ron, who worked with them in "The First Beat" says that he did not notice anything unusual with them at the time and it was not unusual for everyone to eat together during filming. He also knows Michael's ex-wife Ah Bo and he does not believe that she would have said such things to the magazines, so as her friend, he just treats it as a joke. As Sonija's dog died during filming, did Ron comfort her at the time? Ron says that he did because she was very upset and took half a day off. As his home is being decorated at the moment, Ron says he will be spending the Easter break buying some light fittings, so he will not be going out.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/04/07]

Steven Compliments Yumiko For First Ancient Drama

Steven Ma and Yumiko Cheng were filming yesterday at TVB City for "The Gentle Crackdown II" and as this is Yumiko's first ancient costume drama and it was her first day of filming yesterday, she was not used to the more traditional scripts. However, Steven was very accommodating and offered her encouragement saying: "For newcomers, they need time to adapt and although she is not yet accustomed to the scripts, she is not too nervous. Compared to other newcomers, they are so nervous that they cannot even say one line, so she is already doing very well."

Steven will be heading out to North America this Thursday with Joyce Koi for ten days to do a tour, when he will have to sing live. However, two days before he heads out, he has to film a water scene with Yumiko and with the recent cold weather, he will be taking medication in advance to avoid catching a chill. Steven says: "As I have to do three shows, I cannot be ill. However the filming has been planned well in advance, so if I am ill, then I will just put it down to being unlucky."

Yumiko's scenes were very relaxed, just walking up and down with her stick and the shoot only lasted from 12 noon to 5pm. She smiles: "TVB are looking after me and they know that I had been to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou in the last 10 days to promote my album and it was hard work, so they have given me some easy scenes to film first. (Your voice seems a little hoarse?) I also took part in a charity event and calling out for people to donate made me hoarse."

As for her first series, she says that the other cast members have treated her well, such as Yu Chi Ming teaching her how to position herself. She hopes she can adapt to this quickly and keep up with the other cast. As for the good reviews for the first series, is she worried about being compared to Niki Chow? She says: "I will not think about it like that, because it will give me more pressure. I am just learning and will work hard at my performance." During the two month filming schedule, she will not be able to take on any other work during this time, so she will concentrate on her performance.


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