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[The Sun 23/04/07]

Stars Open their Hearts for 'On the Road' Series 2 Finale

The second series of travel programme "On the Road" draws to a close this Wednesday and the guests for this series will be sharing their innermost feelings and thoughts as they read out letters to their beloved on the programme. Among them, Ada Choi will tell her previously estranged mother 'You are my Dearest'.

TVB's "On the Road" has revealed many artistes' sensitive sides and in the final show of the series this week, entitled 'Calling You from the Centre of the Earth', the guests from Series 2 including Nicholas Tse, Gigi Leung, Liu Wai Hung, Eric Tsang, Liza Wang and Ada will be opening their hearts as they read out their 'letters' to their beloved. The most touching piece will be from Ada, who experienced following the footsteps of Christ in Israel.

Ada once denounced her mother after she found out about her huge gambling debts. In the frank outpouring of feelings for the show, she will be revealing her true emotions to her mother and telling her that she is still the most beloved in Ada's heart. She is happy to have been her mother's daughter and she urges her to cut down on sweet things and look after her health as she sincerely sends her best wishes as a daughter to her mother.

The rebellious Nic has had a deeply spiritual journey in Cambodia and his letter will be addressed towards his parents and his wife Cecilia Cheung. He will say that he has not had very much time to spend with his parents and this trip to Cambodia made him remember the times when they used to have supper together. He also says of wife Cecilia: "I always say I will take her everywhere, but she says I am always working and making open promises." Nic says frankly he will put his words into action and prove he is not just making false promises.

For Liza who rarely talks about her feelings, she also opens her heart to her partner Lo Ka Ying and admits that for them to meet up is something to cherish and she sweetly invites him to travel with her: "Last time we went to Japan to watch the cherry blossoms, next time we will go and watch the maple leaves." Attending a charity event yesterday, Liza indicates that her friends were moved to tears when they watched her on the show: "My fans say that they will love their mothers more now." For Gigi who experienced a wedding ceremony at the 'Land of Females' in China, she speaks to her 'future husband' hoping that they can also share the same loving and romance of the people there.

As the first two series of "On the Road" has been so successful and well received, reports suggest that TVB are currently working hard to prepare for the third season and there have been many volunteers from interested celebrities. These include Eason Chan, Miriam Yeung, Sammi Cheng, Stephen Fung and Cheung Tat Ming. TVB are also interested in bringing Cherie Chung back to the screen as the programme's producer Tang Yuen Mei says: "There are many artistes who are interested in taking part in the third series, but we are just preparing at the moment. I am very happy to have such a great response from the stars."


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