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Vanessa Yeung Interviews Louisa So on Acting, Life Balance and Marriage

Vanessa Yeung and Louisa So met through the Beautiful Cooking kitchen as they became 'Beautiful Cooking Goddesses'. Despite their great culinary skills, when the ladies meet, they do not talk about food, but the things that mean a lot to every woman, her own romantic love story and destiny.

V - Vanessa Yeung
L - Louisa So

Question 1 - Acting with True Emotions?

V: Although I have never filmed anything, I often hear from friends that it is very easy for actors to become too absorbed in their roles and fall in love with thier co-stars, has this happened to you?

L: Of course it has! Humans are very emotional animals, but I keep it very clear. Acting and real life are two very separate worlds, but the world on the screen lets you try a lot of things, but you have to learn to detach yourself.

V: How do you deal with it?

L: I will not take the feelings home with me, when I get home, then I cannot love him any more. I am quite a calm person and I will ask myself exactly what these feelings are. Finally I will clearly understand what it is all about. If not, it would be very dangerous because when you film one show you will fall for A, but in another show, you will fall for B!

V: What if the other person has feelings for you?

L: Fortunately I have not tried this! I have seen other people fall in love and there are pros and cons to it. This is down to fate, but the most important thing is to ask yourself whether you truly like the person or if it is an illusion created by the acting.

V: It sounds like acting is a lot of fun! This year, I have started hosting and have found it to be good fun.

L: Yes, I really enjoy the process of acting and testing my skills with the 'veterans' and co-stars. It gives me great satisfaction.

Question 2 - Life Balance?

V: I relly admire you Louisa for being very true to yourself. Seeing you makes me happy, it seems like you don't have many worries.

L: I am just enjoying my life. I am not someone who has a lot of plans, but I will head in the direction of doing things in my own way, as long as I live happily.

V: What is happiness?

L: Working in society, you often hear people talk about being under great stress and being unhappy. In truth, you have to know how to gain a balance in life and how to relax. I will always do what I like doing, regardless of what other people think, because you should not have too many restrictions in life. I will not interfere with other people's lives and I hope people will not interfere in mine.

V: How do you normally enjoy your life?

L: I have always lived a very peaceful life, but I really enjoy it. I like to go travelling with just a rucksack on my back and experience the real life of the places I visit. I remember when I studied at the Academy of Performing Arts, I went to Europe with a group of schoolmates to wander for a month, sleeping in train stations and parks and once even having tens of us sharing one big bed. At the time, I had no money and was lucky if I had a coke to drink. Although it was hard work, it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

V: It sounds like it was a lot of fun, I often go to Japan and it is an experience.

L: Yes, even in Hong Kong, I like to travel around. I go to Mongkok where there are lots of people and visit my friend's street restaurant, taking the bus and minibus. I have the right to do this, as long as it is comfortable, it is fine.

Question 3 - When will you marry?

V: I am very envious of your thirteen year loving relationship with your boyfriend (Poon Chan Leung). What brought you both together?

L: It's cliched, but it was fate! Of course this figure is not easy and it has involved a lot of laughter and tears, maybe we both emerged from the theatre, so we affected each other and shared a common conversation topic and interests, so it has kept us both so happy over so many years.

V: Have you had any big arguments before?

L: Of course! Which set of lovers has never had arguments! We both have moods, but fortunately we are quite calm and after we calm down, then we will apologise to each other and forgive one another.

V: I feel that the most important thing is to give each other some personal space as well as mutual trust. Have you thought about when you will get married?

L: I had not thought about this matter before, but this year I will start to think about it. Marriage is the start of another era in your life, so we will discuss this and plan it first, but it may not be so soon.

V: Whatever happens, congratulations in advance!

Epilogue - Experiencing Many Countries

As well as talking about relationships, Vanessa and Louisa have both learned the knowledge of life through their experiences. They also both reveal that they love visiting other countries to see the experiences there. These experiences cannot be gained from just watching travel shows, because you have to have been there to truly leave a deep impression.


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