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Alex Fong Interviews Linda Chung on Three Love Dilemmas

Alex Fong has invited rising female star Linda Chung to be his guest this time, after they met during the filming of their recent movie. Although Linda grew up abroad and is quite westernised, she is very conservative when it comes to relationships and has even been known to fall in love with her partners and not be able to pull herself out of her role!

A: Alex Fong
L: Linda Chung

Dilemma 1 - Falling in Love with Co-stars

A: Do you cry easily?

L: After coming to Hong Kong, I cry easily and now when I film crying scenes, then I really do cry, but it is all down to training, such as thinking of unhappy things. It also depends a lot on your co-star.

A: When you film love scenes, will you really fall in love with your co-star?

L: When I first started filming series, I did fall in love with my co-star. It was Steven Ma, Hawick Lau and Ekin Cheng.

A: You have had gossip with each of them, so have you filmed kissing scenes?

L: Yes, in every single one.

A: Who have you kissed?

L: Lots of people! Ekin, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng - I have kissed them all.

A: More than me, I feel so inferior! You have really kissed all the way?

L: No, usually we just do what we need to.

A: Was it hard to break away from it?

L: It was hard at times. I remember after a kissing scene, I would think back to it when I got home, but I am getting much better now.

Dilemma 2 - If he has a Mistress

A: If your husband has a mistress and your good friend found out, what would you do? Would you rather know or not?

L: I would like to know, because then I would know what to do.

A: Maybe it was the girl who stuck to him?

L: Well men need to have some stability! He can feel that the girl is wrong.

A: You really want to know? So would marriage be wrong then and you would have to repair the relationship?

L: I would like to know!

A: If I liked the girl, then I would not like to know. I have dated a girl who was interested in another man once and went out with him behind my back, when I realised I could not be without her, then it was very hard to bear and I would rather not know.

L: The girl had another man?

A: Yes, I had to split up with her, but when you know you really like her then it will be a very hard time and even if the other person calls you after a while, you will still feel it in your heart. At the time, the girl asked me to give her some time. What for? For you to choose who you want? If you know that you cannot be without the other person, then don't suggest a split.

Dilemma 3 - Choosing Between Marriage and Career

A: At what age do you plan to get married?

L: Before I entered the industry, I thought it would be 21.

A: When you meet it, would you give up your career?

L: No, when you are with someone, you have to understand each other. If I have the chance, I would not give it up and my family would support me.

A: In this industry, it is easy to find a boyfriend, but difficult to find a husband.

L: I will not choose someone who is not serious! When I choose someone, they need to be good-natured and filial. I do not need someone who is too smart, they don't need to be sweet talking or have to make me happy all the time, because I don't need someone so famous. Around the same age as me, no more than ten years older than me and handsome men do not attract me. The men I have liked in the past only have mediocre looks.

A: You think they are only mediocre looking?

L: They are easy on the eyes, making me feel comfortable with them.

A: Girls nowadays are very scary, good girls rarely find good guys. They girls are usually very distracted and will ride the ox until they find a horse.

L: Guys and girls nowadays are just as bad!

A: A lot of girls will seek out married men because they know they can be more irresponsible as the man has the ring.

L: What are your criteria for a partner?

A: A girl with a good nature and non-smoker.

L: Does she need looks?

A: She needs to be pretty, looks are more important than figure, but more importantly, she needs to have inner beauty. If your husband had a mistress, would you divorce him?

L: It depends on how old the children are. Single parent families affect the way that children grow up, maybe we would divorce gradually.

Epilogue: Girl Next Door's Most Beloved

Returning to Hong Kong on her own for her career, Linda is quite lonely, but her beloved family: her parents and her bother will take it in turn to visit her. During the shoot, Mama Chung accompanied her throughout and looked after her. Maybe Linda is a top television female star in the making, but deep down, she is just like the girl next door and is a sweetie who is a constant worry for her family. Very kawaii (sweet) indeed!


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