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[The Sun 08/04/07]

Leila Tong Does Not Yearn for an Easter Date

Leila Tong has given a good performance in her recent series "War and Destiny" and this has brought many opportunities to make some money, being invited to a number of events over the Easter holidays. As a result, she plans to take advantage of the time between now and her new series next month to have some fun with her family. She smiles: "As I was filming in the mainland for two months, I wanted to spend more time with my family after returning to Hong Kong, so I plan to go cycling and barbecue with them." Asked if she will be seeking a boyfriend to keep her company, she says if she has one it would be good, but she does not mind either way and will leave romance to destiny.

Leila also plans to apply to join a course about how to communicate with your animals. She reveals that she has four dogs at home and she would like to find out about their signals and to talk to her dogs. She hopes that after attending this course, it will help her as a dog owner to communicate with her pets.


[The Sun 08/04/07]

Suki Chui is Cute, but not as Elegant has Fala Chen

Suki Chui and Fala Chen dressed up as Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn as they took part in a fancy dress competition in a shopping Mall. Taking four hours to prepare her costume, Fala overshadowed Suki in her rather simple costume.

Fala was dressed as Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", whilst Suki imitated Julia Roberts's "Pretty Woman" look. Fala radiated with elegance in her black evening gown and she laughed that she made a good choice: "I really like Audrey Hepburn's elegance and class. She also led the way in fashion. When I was taking part in pageants in America, I have been likened to Hepburn and I think we share the same face shape, so I chose this part today. However, it took me four hours to get the look today and just my fringe took a long time to get right."

The youthful Suki only realised after putting together her costume that the character was a working girl and when this was pointed out by the reporters, she smiled: "The most lasting impression is the poster, where Julia Roberts is holding onto Richard Gere's tie. I know she went from a normal girl to being very beautiful, but I had forgotten what her occupation was."

Asked about the recent reports of her holding onto Joel Chan's hand, she explained that this was in the script, but she is still being labelled as a flirt. She says: "Yes, I don't know why, but I will be more careful in the future. (You and Fala are often being described as a flirt?) Yes, we are very similar."


[The Sun 08/04/07]

Kate Tsui Learns to Make Soup and Win her Man

TVB's "Beautiful Cooking" was a great way of getting pretty female artistes to show their cooking skills and although Kate Tsui did not have the chance to go on the show, she was still able to show her skills by taking part in Pay Visions "Star Class Kitchen" earlier.

Having studied abroad in the past, Kate likes cooking Western food, but recently she has become a vegetarian, so in the show, she cooked a vegetarian dish. Although the show's host Chef Chow Chung joked about her being 'foreign' and 'thick', she did not take offence and continued to smile as she cooked. She says that in order to find a good husband in the future, she will be learning a few dishes from her mother, especially making soup because that way she can keep herself looking beautiful.


[The Sun 08/04/07]

Kenix Shops, Frankie Pays

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok were spotted out shopping together in Admiralty's Pacific Place yesterday. Following reports that the couple fell out over their food being too cheap when they were holidaying in Japan, when Kenix spotted a pair of designer shoes worth $3000, Frankie was quick to get his credit card out to pay for it.

At around 4pm yesterday, Kenix tried on some shoes in Miu Miu, accompanied by husband Frankie throughout, offering her his comments. When Kenix spotted the reporters outside, she gave her husband the signal and they both looked up and smiled at the camera.

There have been reports that when they were on holiday in Japan, Kenix was unhappy that Frankie was just eating cheap fast food all the time and they openly fell with each other in front of travelling companions Raymond Cho and his girlfriend Elaine. However, it seems that Frankie has pacified his wife now and when she spotted a pair of shoes that she liked, he quickly pulled out his wallet to pay for it. It would seem he is prepared to do anything to make sure his wife is happy. When Kenix left the shop, the reporters noticed that she was holding a Hermes Shoulder Birkin handbag, worth $70,000 looking very high class. Asked when they got back from Japan, she smiled: "Yesterday. Today we are shopping for shoes." Then she walked away holding hands with her husband.


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[The Sun 08/04/07]

Sonija Fans Offer their Full Support

Recently, Sonija Kwok has become embroiled in the gossip surrounding Michael Tao's divorce and there have been many comments on the internet and in the media that have been affecting her image. However, Sonija's international fan club has been reacting to this and have stated to the media that the reports could seriously affect Sonija's career, whilst individual fans have inundated internet chatrooms and forums showing their support for her.

In response to the pledges of support and encouragement from her fans, Sonija is very happy and she said on a telephone interview yesterday: "I am very happy to have the support of so many friends and I have to thank my fans. I will continue to work hard."


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