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[The Sun 07/04/07]

Kenneth Ma Not Disappointed by Rumours about "War of In-Laws" Sequel

There have been rumours recently that TVB has been planning to film a sequel to the highly popular "War of In-Laws", with Kenneth Ma in the leading male role, but reports suggest that Liza Wang has stepped in and insisted that the original cast are regrouped for any sequel. Kenneth indicated that he was not disappointed about Bosco Wong being favoured over him and smiles that he will not be asking Liza for her reasons. Currently busy filming for "Survivor's Law II", he denies that there is any animoscity between co-stars Sammul Chan and Ella Koon, then he reveals that Sammul and Ella are often deep in conversation about cosmetics products. Kenneth is not too interested in this topic, so he has not been joining in their conversation.


[The Sun 07/04/07]

TVB Takes Legal Action Against 'Miss Hong Kong Training Course'

The Angel Face International School of Beauty were publicising a 72-hour training course to prepare girls to enter the Miss Hong Kong Pageant earlier, often using the "Miss Hong Kong" brand to promote the course. TVB are concerned that if this marketing continues, then it may become confused with the official Miss Hong Kong recruitment that kicks off this month, so they have instructed their lawyers to issue a warning letter to the company.

This course includes seminars with many former members of the Miss Hong Kong production team, including make-up artistes and hair and image stylists as well as guest lectures from former Miss Hong Kong MC Lawrence Cheng and also past runner-up Fiona Yuen. This has apparently led to some confusion among potential contestants who misunderstood that they must attend this course in order to raise their chances of winning and contacting TVB to query this.

Yesterday, TVB External Affairs Assistant Chief Mr Tsang Sing Ming confirmed that the legal team has writtedn to the company, indicating that the 'Miss Hong Kong' brand is a registered trademark of TVB. He points out that there is no fee to enter the pageant and TVB has never endorsed this course by the beauty school. Although the letter has been sent, the other party has not yet responded, but Mr Tsang says that if they continue to promote using the official Miss Hong Kong brand, then TVB will press for further action to protect its rights.

When Lawrence was asked aout this matter, he says: "I don't know what is going on. Every year I do a lot of motivational and confidence building talks and for this me this is just a simple job." Fiona Yuen indicates that she did not know about the action TVB is taking against the company. When Angel Face International were contacted regarding the matter, their Group Senior Marketing Supervisor Miss Yeung indicated that they have not yet received TVB's letter and says that they had consulted with their own lawyers before the course was launched, who has said that there should be no problem with the shortened form of the 'Miss HK' brand and not the complete 'Miss Hong Kong' title.


[The Sun 07/04/07]

Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng Making Money Together

Since the news broke about their romance, Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng have kept quite a low profile, but they have been noted to share similar interests, first there was badminton and now it appears that they are both manga fans too. Ekin took part in a promotional event earlier with the son of manga artist Tezuka Osamu and in the promotional posters, it was noted that Yoyo was also at the event, but just in a different month. Although the couple were not together at the same event, this raises suggestions that Ekin is helping Yoyo to get some jobs to make some more money.

In response to this, Ekin made a comment through his record company: "I know that our friends in the press will be a little sensitive and will put the focus on us, but this is just normal work." Yoyo responded in a similar way: "It is not related, I don't know the details but the job was arranged through TVB. I did not know that Ekin was at the opening event and that I was at the finale. I only found out when you pointed it out." Asked if the sponsors were using them as a promotional gimmick, Yoyo says: "I don't mind, it is just work and I do like reading manga and I am quite interested in Tezuka Osamu's work."

The couple have been sighted together recently shopping in a large mall in Tsimshatsui, holding hands with each other. Although they were both wearing shades, they seemed very sweet together and were the envy of many people.


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