Wednesday, April 04, 2007

[The Sun 05/04/07]

No Feelings Passed Between Ron and Rain

Ron Ng, Rain Li, Stephen Fung and Rosemary took part as models in a fashion show held for Columbia Outdoor Technology Show. Ron and Rain modelled the new matching outfits on the stage and held hands with each other, but when they were asked to hold hands for photos off stage, they bluntly refused.

Afterwards, they denied that they were worried about rumours breaking. Rain said: "Before it was because the job needed it to create a feeling of lovers on the stage. I have known Ron from when I started in the industry. (Did you meet through Raymond Lam?) You could say that. (Are you worried about rumours so you aren't holding hands?) No, there will not be any. My mother says he is very charming and I find him quite handsome too, but he is just a handsome friends, there are no romantic feelings. (Only with Raymond then?) What? I have been filming all night and you have just woken me up with shock!"

Ron explains: "She is a girl, of course she wil be embarrassed. I don't mind. (Afraid of rumours?) No, rumours are not up to me, I have known her from when she filmed 'Lofty Waters Verdant Bow' and at the time she was a leading part and I was a soldier standing to one side. (Now you are level?) Don't put it like that, it is thanks to the opportunities the company has given me. I was still learning at the time."

As for his series "War and Destiny" being criticised for beautifying the Japanese invasion of China, Ron says that he does not agree and supports the script for being realistic. He also adds that his character will turn against the Japanese in the end. When Rain was on the catwalk, the zip on her jacket got caught and she had some problems taking it off, leaving her a little embarrassed. Afterwards she says she was a little flustered, but fortunately she managed to compose herself and appear calm.


[The Sun 05/04/07]

Suki Chui Looking To Have Beauty Spot Removal

Suki Chui has been busy filming recently for new series "Love Stems from Chance" and yesterday she indicated that after finishing filming for this series, she plans to take some time out to have a beauty spot removed. She says: "The one on the left side is very obvious and people think it is a spot. I have had it removed before when I was younger, but it wasn't successful and one turned into six."

Suki will soon be finishing her second series, but she says that this time it was quite challenging. "This time, my role is someone who is very greedy and looking for a rich husband. There are many emotional scenes and I have to cry a lot, but on many occasions I could not cry and had to rely on eye drops."

Also, Michael Tao was also filming yesterday for another series "Harmony, Taste & Passion" and asked to comment the latest reports about his ex-wife's financial situation, he seemed reluctant to discuss this at first, but later clarified that she there is no problem with her finances before rushing back into the studio.


[The Sun 05/04/07]

Netizens Praise Leila Tong's Acting Talent

Leila Tong has received compliments for her beautiful costumes and image in "War and Destiny" from netizens recently as well as rave reviews about her acting talents.

Many netizens say that her acting is on a par with the leading lady Myolie Wu and has improved greatly. Some people have also pointed out that after putting on a little weight, she has become more feminine and beautiful. They continue to comment that TVB should review the criteria that they use to select people for promotion and not just keep pushing the same few people all the time.


[Ming Pao 05/04/07]

Sammul Chan and Ella Koon Give Conflicting Responses

Not long after filming together for "Survivors Law II", there have been rumours of animoscity between leading stars Sammul Chan and Ella Koon already. Some reports also suggest that Sammul has been tipping off the press about Ella being late for filming. They both appeared on Cha Siu Yan's radio show yesterday, but their responses seemed to be very conflicting. Sammul indicated that Ella's short skirts are different every day and as for her revealing her knickers, he says that maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere. Ella says that she has not been angry with Sammul and feels that he is just being funny and joking. As this show will be airing in the family slot, then TVB will not allow her to be too revealing.

Talking of Ella being late for filming, Sammul says this has definitely not come from him as he has filmed a couple of courtroom scenes with Ella so far and she is rarely late, but he has never given her a lift home after work. However, Ella says that Sammul has taken her home. When Cha Siu Yan pointed out this conflict in their responses, Sammul immediately changed his tune, saying that maybe he had given her a lift, but he does not know where her home is.


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