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[The Sun 03/04/07]

Linda Chung Has to Swear at Gigi Lai

Linda Chung and Cindy Lee were filming for TVB's grand production "Jewel's Splendor" yesterday, where the usually refined Linda has to play a cheeky and bossy girl: "Even when I walk, I have to move from side to side and the storyline tells of how much I hate Gigi Lai, even having to swear at her and call her nasty names." During the shoot, Linda accidentally uses some very strong expletives, but she did not realise the severity and Cindy had to point out to her: "That's a swear word, it can't be broadcasted." Having grown up abroad, Linda was oblivious and asked in reply: "Really? My Cantonese is not that good, I just thought it was the same meaning as 'busybody'." As for the rumours that the producer is not happy with her image, telling her to change her costumes, Linda explains: "I have spoken to the producer and the clothes we had before were not quite right. That is even better for me because now the season has changed, I have more to choose from. I have also used some of my own clothes and I am now happy with my character's image."


[The Sun 03/04/07]

Michael Tao Continues to Support Sonija

Despite the bad weather yesterday, Michael Tao continuedto film for new series "Harmony Taste & Passion" in the sea at Lei King Wan in a scene where Louisa loses in a cooking competition and in her rage, she pushes him ino the sea. Michael's mood was not affected by the recent rumours surrounding his marriage breakup and insisted on doing the scene himself, showing his professionalism. During the shoot, a crowd of onlookers gathered and they seemed quite friendly towards him, asking for a photograph. No wonder that Michael has no worries about affecting his image.

As for the reports of Sonija continuing to be branded as the third person and being chased for comment about the alleged text messages, Michael says: "It is my own family's affair after all and it has brought her so much stress and anguish. I am very sorry to her and I have to apologise. (Will you call her?) I will not do this intentionally, if the time is right and I have the chance, I will call her."

Michael's close friend Bobby Au Yeung was out for a meal earlier in Happy Valley and when asked to comment, Bobby revealed that he has been busy working and has not been in touch with Ah Bo. His wife has though and he does not believe that Michael has not been able to contact her.


[Ming Pao 03/04/07]

Angela Tong Objects to being Labelled 'Second Choice'

Angela Tong took part in the costume fitting for new series "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" amid rumours that she only won the role after Sonija Kwok was rejected following her recent gossip surrounding Michael Tao's divorce. Angela objected to being labelled as 'second choice' for the role and said: "It is not very nice. Why don't you say I was the 'best choice' instead. When the producers are casting, they usually have a number of people to select from and I am very excited to have this chance to perform."

As for the rumours of her good friend Margaret Chung being spotted with a new boyfriend and kissing in public, Angela believes that this was probably just camera angles and that they were not kissing, but she is not in a position to comment on other people's business.


[Ming Pao 03/04/07]

2 Million Viewers Tune in to Miriam and Sammy on 'Minutes to Fame

TVB's "Minutes to Fame" began airing its new series on Saturday, with new hosts Miriam Yeung and Sammy Leung at the bell with guest judge Leo Ku. The first episode pulled the Saturday ratings right up, averaging at 27 points (1.75 million viewers), up a whole 7 points on the previous week and peaking at 31 points (2 million viewers). Ada Choi's episodes of "On the Road" showed a small drop on the average for the series, dropping 2 points to an average of 24 points.


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