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[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Ming Pao 01/04/07]

Angela Tong Says that Toby Holding Hands with Michael is No Big Deal - Stephen Huynh Denies Being Gay

TVB Pearl celebrated the success of "Prison Break" highest rated English language show of the decade with a party at TVB City yesterday, promoting the show and other forthcoming import programmes to over 500 sponsors. To tie in with the theme of 'prison', the artistes present dressed up in prison costumes and had to be 'registered' before being photographed in a mock jail cell. However, Miss Hong Kong winners had to protect their images, so Aimee Chan, Koni Lui, Tracy Ip and Shermon Tang did not need to dress as prisoners. When the meal was served, the 'prisoners' had to queue up for their food when they were called and this gave the illusion of really being in a prison.

The party also promoted another hit series being aired on the English-language channel "Ugly Betty" and the promotional ambassador for the show Angela Tong appeared in her 'Betty-look' costume to judge a Betty lookalike contest. Angela says that when she was at school, she did not know how to dress up and wore very old-fashioned clothes, which led her Caucasian schoolfriends to mock her. However, she has taken part in school uniform and pyjama fancy dress parties, but she is looking forward to a vampire party because she likes vampires. Angela will soon be filming a new series "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind" with Toby Leung and asked about Toby's recent rumours of holding hands with Michael, she says: "Michael treats Toby like a daughter and Toby is very westernised, so holding hands is very normal." As for western ladies liking to have a tattoo in hidden parts of their body, Angela says she will not try this because hidden areas tend to be very sensitive.

Stephen Huynh was spotted earlier kissing a French friends, raising rumours that he is gay. He defended himself at the event, saying: "Just because it was photographed does not mean I am [gay], we have known each other for a long time and we have always been very close. It is just that people in Hong Kong are more reserved. The company has no objections to me dating though." He also says that he has many gay friends and he is happy to be seen out with them. He says: "We just need to be aware of each other's orientations. (So are you orientated towards homosexuality?) I don't think so, but they will write if I am with a man and they will still write if I am with a woman."


[Ming Pao & The Sun 01/04/07]

Dayo Wong Feels Sorry for Sonija

Dayo Wong and Cecilia Yip were filming a fire scene for new series "Evil Kin" yesterday in a scene that tells of the room catching fire after a fight. As they were filming in an enclosed space, but the cast and crew found it difficult to breathe during the shoot and after the scene finished, they quickly put the fans on the clear the smoke. Dayo says that he was worried a little about the danger because as the saying goes 'Punches and Kicks have no feelings and Water and Fire have no eyes'. He adds: "I have done everything possible for this series, so I should finally have a representative piece. (Have you taken insurance?) Yes, but I don't know how much it is and I don't want to have to use it."

Recent reports have linked Sonija Kwok with the breakdown of Michael Tao's marriage and having worked with Sonija in his film "Fighting to Survive" and they had rumours together then. Does he believe that Sonija is the third person? He says that he will not comment on things that do not concern him. Was he captivated by Sonija in those days? He says that he was playing a rather strange character at the time and there were no emotional ties between their characters, so there was no chance of any chemistry. He does feel sorry for Sonija being accused in this way though.

Yesterday was Cecilia's last day of filming and she can head out to Shanghai on time before Easter to film a mainland series. Although she was suffering from a fever earlier, she is fine now.


[The Sun 01/04/07]

Michael Tao: No Comment on ex-Wife's Text Allegations

With the divorce between Michael Tao and his wife Ah Bo and the alleged intrusion from Sonija Kwok into the marriage still hot gossip, there were further suggestions yesterday that Ah Bo discovered some suggestive love texts from Sonija on Michael's phone and this is the reason why she insists that he was having an affair. The reporters asked Michael to confirm this yesterday and he says that he has no comment, a change from his accommodating attitude from a few days ago. Filming in Prince Edward for new series "Harmony Taste & Passion", co-star Bernice Liu seemed to be keeping her distance from him and the shoot was forced to finish early because the security guard denied them access to the site because he had not been notified of the permission. Finishing work early, Michael and his manager headed to Central for a drink before going home at around 11pm.

Also, despite previous rumours linking him with Sonija and subsequent reports of them falling out, Steven Ma broke his silence and spoke out to support Sonija. He believes she is not a third party because no woman wants to destroy other people's marriages. He also says that Sonija has plenty of credentials of her own.


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