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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 23/03/07]

Gigi Lai Films Ad in Three Languages

Gigi Lai filmed a television ad for a skincare company earlier, wearing a short dress and looking just like a model. In the studio, she had to use Cantonese, Mandarin and English to talk about how she manages to keep such a slim face.

The ad is for youthful skin tightening cream and Gigi wore a cream coloured v-neck dress for the shoot and tied back her hair to show off her 'melon seed' face and fine facial features. this ad will be aired in many countries across Asia, so Gigi had to repeat it in three languages . Fortunately for Gigi who often works overseas and has to memorise difficult lines for her acting, this was not a problem.

The shoot started early in the morning and went on until 2 am, but Gigi did not seem tired at all and often discussed the results with the crew. An executive from the Singaporean head office was also on hand to watch over proceedings, showing the importance of this ad. Gigi indicates that to keep her features, she has to do regular exercise and avoid eating too much salty food. Of course you also have to have the right face cream to get rid of puffy cheeks.


[The Sun & Ming Pao 23/03/07]

Ada Choi Visits Holy Cities and Carries the Cross

Devoted Christian Ada Choi headed out to Israel earlier to film for TVB's travelogue show "On the Road" and she had never imagined that she would be able to do this trip, so when she was on the plane, she was already crying tears of joy. On her trip, Ada visited the Wailing Wall, where she let her emotions flow as she cried along with the other believers. Other cities that she visited included Christ's birthplace Bethlehem, his home town of Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, where he performed the miracle of feeding the five thousand. Ada also followed the path of Christ, bearing an 80 lb cross in what was an extremely memorable event: "The feeling is a very tangible one, very real. I feel how strong the love of God is and how miniscule my own difficulties and experiences have been." Since her deepest moments of depression and ridicule in 1995, Ada was rescued from the thoughts of suicide by the guiding light of Christianity and this has reformed her entirely.

Ada's parents split up when she was a child and she lived in a single parent environment with her mother and her brother who was a year older than her. However, the family was unstable and were always moving around that meant Ada had to keep changing schools. She also had battles with her brother as they did not get along and on one occasion, she scratched him until he bled fighting for $5. At school, she had to buy breakfast for her schoolmates for them to be friends with her. She says of her childhood: "All the love had to be in exchange for something."

In 1991 at the age of 17, Ada was the second runner up in the Miss Hong Kong pageant and afraid of her background being revealed, she often faked a smile and this made people mistake her for being a girl of leisure, but in fact, she had to support her family. In the programme, Ada also talks about her million dollar 18th birthday party: "At the time, I really wanted to have a birthday party like this that was so grand, but the feedback was very bad. People felt that Ada Choi was very materialistic, someone who liked to wear jewellery and someone who yearned money and lifestyle." Even after so many years, she cannot let go of this: "When people mentioned the party, I felt like people were mocking me, criticising me and stamping on me... I was very angry when people mentioned this event." Ada did not speak of the terrible events that followed the party about her gambling mother who asked a rich man to pay off her debts and then the resulting disassociation with her mother.

"There were a lot of unhappy things in that [party]. It was not a happy occasion and nor was it a proud occasion. I didn't like people mentioning it... but then there was a voice that said to me 'this is your past, people cannot just bury it and it cannot be buried away in your history, you can only accept it...' I knelt down and found myself again. I have to accept that I have this past and I have learned to cherish the future."

"Today, I can be myself and talk about it. I can even share it with other people, because I am no longer harbouring the pain in my heart."

Before 1995, Ada felt that life was worthless and rubbish and she wanted to end her own life. She says: "Jesus Christ's Love made me hear the words 'if you do not want it, give it to me' and I was very touched. I decided to give myself to Jesus Christ instead." The Church has made me warm and feel the value of life. I have learned how to love others and be loved and although each step has been difficult and hard work, life is actually very beautiful."


[The Sun 23/03/07]

Yoyo Mung says she is too Poor for Ekin

Yoyo Mung took part in a promotional event for a new Land Rover model worth $500,000 and she hopes that they will give her a discount. She reveals that her recent skincare ad has gone very well and even though her contract is still not yet finished, they have already offered her an extension with a 30% rise in her fee. As a result she is looking to buy herself a car as a reward.

Talking of her boyfriend also driving a Range Rover, will they have matching cars? Yoyo says: "His car is the top model and cost nearly $2 million. I can't afford that because I am just a normal citizen!" She also reveals that whenever she buys a new car, she will crash it within 7 days because she is so unlucky.


[The Sun 23/03/07]

Esther Kwan is Contented with Daughter and Does not Yearn Awards

Esther Kwan has returned to TVB recently, filming for the new sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" (previously referred to as 'Hot Sweet and Sour') and although it has been a while since she has filmed in Hong Kong, she is still pulling in the viewers and is on a par with any of the current leading ladies. However, Esther has no intentions of fighting for awards with the others because she has her daughter and this is all she needs.

Since leaving TVB, Esther has been making some real money on the mainland and after making enough, she set her sights on becoming a mother. She says frankly that she has not really been paying much attention to TVB's news, but she does know that there are plenty of newcomers, so when she returned to TVB, she often mistakes people's names.

As for the rumours and gossip about the ladies who fight and negotiate awards, for Esther who was the first 'Best Actress' anniversary award winner, she has her own point of view: "For the awards to go to managed artistes is inevitable because if you want to keep people, then you have to make them happy. When money is no longer attractive enough, then you have to show something else as a negotiating tool. It's all about agreement."

Asked if she is interested in fighting with the other leading ladies for awards after her return, Esther immediately laughs: "I am over all that now! My husband and my daughter are my awards! What I seek now is a role, but I know that a lot of things are beyond my control." After her return, Esther is showing a happier side of her than before and she indicates that all her happiness has been gained from her daughter. Having a child is truly all that she needs!


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