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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/03/07]

Kenix Celebrates Success of Warehouse Series

TVB series "Ten Brothers" will be airing its finale on Friday and although the ratings for the show were met with the new year lull at first, it has gradually risen back up, with the ratings for last week reaching 37 points, that is nearly 2.4 million viewers. The show continued to shine as it peacked at 39 points on Monday and averaging 37 points. The show's cast joined together for a champagne celebration yesterday to celebrate in advance for the show to reach 40 points on finale night. In attendance were the show's stars Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok as well as producer Poon Ka Tak, who rushed back especially from Toronto and Beijing respectively for this event.

Frankie and Kenix had been at a stage performance in Toronto and as there has been severe sleet there over the last few days, many flights were unable to land and had to be diverted, so it was very difficult for them to get seats to return to Hong Kong. Kenix said happily: "For this show to have already aired on Pay Vision and still do so well is a big surprise and as an artiste, it makes me happy to know that the audience like your performance. Although it was hard work filming it in the high heat of summer, where everyone's faces were dripping with sweat, it was all worth it." Kenix has invited her ten 'sons' back to her home on Friday to watch the finale, but as some of them have other work commitments, they are unable to confirm as yet.

Coincidentally at another end of the restaurant, Kenneth Ma and Margie Tsang were seen dining together. It turned out that they had just finished filming for their series "Curious Detective" and had joined the crew for lunch. When Kenneth saw the reporters, he immediately explained: "Roger Kwok is on his way!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/03/07]

Ada, Gigi and Maggie Play on Rumours of Disagreement

TVB's new series "Jewels Splendor" has had its fair share of gossip since it started filming, with the constant stream of suggestions that Gigi Lai, Ada Choi and Maggie Shiu are at odds with each other. Examples of reports are that Gigi is fussy and constantly reapplying her make up, holding up her co-stars, Ada being unhappy about her hairstyle and giving hassle to the crew and Maggie being unhappy about having to wait around for people being late. The three ladies and male leads Bowie Lam and Moses Chan attended the studio blessing ceremony for the series yesterday and made fun of their rumours, pushing each other about and Ada pretending to knee Maggie, whilst Gigi pinched her cheeks.

With the label of being vain, Ada said directly: "Our characters are very extravagant, so to be beautiful in our performance is a necessity. My character likes to be in the limelight, so she will always bully Gigi and answer back to Maggie - it is very unlike my own modest nature, but when we work together we are very happy and let the sparks fly." So is Gigi very fussy? Ada says protectively: "I don't think so, but because this is the first series that will be filmed using HD technology, then each of the female cast members have to make up their necks as well, this is because we take our work seriously. (Did Gigi make everyone wait?) We were waiting for each other, because we have to wear very expensive jewellery and we often have to check to make sure it has not moved out of place." She also says that she understands that there will never be any positive news nowadays, because everything reported seems to be negative, such as her being moody. Have the crew complained about her being moody? When she hears this, she just laughs: "To promote the series, then it is okay as long as they don't overstep the mark." Ada insists that the reports will not interfere with their working relationship and she has discussed this with Gigi and decided to act out their disagreements in front of the press and make it big!

Gigi wore her own accessories to the event yesterday and in response to the gossip, she smiles: "Yes, we are pretending to be good friends, but we will be fighting later. You can then photograph us in the hospital." As for being fussy, Gigi admits this, explaining that the HD filming means that the producer is looking for the cast to look flawless, so she is just carrying out her responsibility to look her best for the camera. As for the continuous stream of gossip, Gigi is used to this and says: "It happens in every series. If they wrote that Ada is beautiful and I have a great figure, the readers would get bored." When Maggie heard the suggestions that she was at odds with Gigi, she opened up her eyes wide and said: "What? That is not true! (Has Gigi been bullying you?) No. (But you don't seem to chat to each other?) The script dictates this because it is not up to the part of the story where we are very close. (Does Gigi make everyone wait for her to do her make up?) No, not at all."

Moses and Bosco Wong have been reported to have fallen for the flirtatious Fala Chen recently and when asked about this, Moses smiles: "Don't say that! I worked with Fala in the series 'Heart of Greed' and there were a lot of other cast members in that series, so we were like a family. I see her as a little sister and she sees me as a big brother, so it is not what you think." Asked if he can hold out against a little flirting, he immediately put his hands together and started reciting mantras. Asked if his attentions were only on Bernice Liu, he immediately struck a stance and claimed to be inpenetrable by rumours.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/03/07]

Virginia Lok Shows Support for Charmaine at Film Premiere

The film "Lady Iron Chef" held its premiere on Monday and producer Wong Jing led the cast members including Hacken Lee, Charmaine Sheh, Yumiko Cheng, Yuen Chau, Alice Chen and newcomer Liu Yang. As one of TVB executive Virginia Lok's favourites, Charmaine received support from her boss as she led a group of TVB artistes to attend the show, including Gigi Lai and Angela Tong. However, rumoured boyfriend Ron Ng was not present.

Afterwards, Charmaine was very happy because of the attention that Ms Lok paid to her and she indicated that she wishes to share her great results with Ms Lok. Did she invite Ron to the event? Chamraine says she does not know, but they were mainly female artistes there, so she has not called him. She admits that she does not want the hassle and was avoiding more rumours, because she did not want the focus to be turned away from the film. Gigi and Charmaine are good friends and although Gigi had to celebrate her mother's birthday too, she still made time to support her friend. When the reporters pointed out how united everyone was with Ms Lok, Gigi explains that they are all part of the same family.

Liu Yang wore a low cut outfit as she stood next to Hacken, but he did not dare look over at her. Afterwards, he laughed: "I was busy!" As Hacken was in America earlier, he was not able to receive his IFPI award and he says that as this award was purely down to sales and not votes, then he really wanted to receive the award in person.

Talking of making movies, Hacken says he is still a newcomer and will usually do one per year. He prefers to do comedies because he can never stand doing an ancient drama, that is he cannot stand the way he looks. He says that this film has done ell in Singapore and if it does as well in Hong Kong, then it will not be a loss-maker. As for Ms Lok attending to support Charmaine, has he asked his wife Emily to come and support him too? Hacken laughs that maybe Ms Lok is here to support him! He says that he has too much work and if his family attend everything, then they will be very busy.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/03/07]

Francois Huynh Prepares for Mr World

The Mr World Contest will be taking place on 31st March in Hainan Island and Mr Hong Kong winner Francois Huynh will be attending. He will be setting out tomorrow to take part in a three week training camp and his elder brother Stephen joined previous Mr Hong Kong Matthew Ko and the three Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui in presenting him with a set of red boxing gloves and wishing him a knock-out over the other contestants in winning the top award.

This year's event will include participants from around 80 countries around the world. Asked if he is confident of winning, Francois says that he is confident and is constantly working out and having facials in the hope of firming up his muscles. He is also less timid than he was when he took part in Mr Hong Kong last year. He has also asked for tips from Aimee, Janet and Koni who have all taken part in international pageants and has found out that he will make lots of new friends. Moreover, Hainan is known to be as beautiful as Hawaii, so he is looking forward to this trip.

Although Francois was born in France, this will not affect his right to represent Hong Kong. He can also use French to introduce Hong Kong to the other contestants, so this may even help. Also he has bought a pair of bright red swimming trunks for the show and he will also be holding up the national flag, so it will look good. TVB have also provided him with a pile of costumes, so he will have plenty of luggage to take with him.


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