Saturday, March 31, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 31/03/07]

Tavia Yeung Truly Believes Sonija is Not A Marriage Wrecker

Sonija Kwok has become entangled with the news of Michael Tao's marriage breakup and has been the talk of the town. Tavia Yeung worked with them both in the series "The First Beat" and although she did not share any scenes with Sonija, she has worked with her before and she does not believe that she would become involved in other people's marriages because she is not a person who is likely to be a marriage wrecker. As for Michael's divorce, she refuses to pass comment.

When Tavia worked with Sonija, she found her to be very reserved, but friendly and sometimes they would go shopping together. Tavia finds that Sonija does not just stick to the men and seems to spend more time with other women. Maybe because she has had some bad experiences in her previous relationships, so people are misled about her. As for Tavia, she often has to perform romantic scenes with male artistes, so how does she manage to detach herself from the role afterwards? She says: "I split my work and my own feelings very clearly, so although I will really fall for my co-stars to give the best performance, I will immediately pull away after the scene and there is no problem as long as my heart is fine."

As for Sonija being under a lot of pressure at the moment, has Tavia called her to comfort her? She says she saw Sonija a few days ago, but did not ask her directly because she is already under a lot of stress from the press and she does not want to make her feel as if she has to explain it to her friends and colleagues.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 31/03/07]

Sharon Luk Says Stephen Huynh is very Gentle - Law Mong Wins Hollywood Contract

TVB Pearl has been airing the American series "Prison Break" and this has pulled in some excellent ratings. A special celebration was held pt mark this as the sponsors joined artistes at TVB City to mark the happy occasion. Before the event, MC Sharon Luk joined guests Master Lo Meng and EO2 in a blessing ceremony. Sharon revealed that she will become a prison officer at the celebration, with Master Lo as the governer to announce some new TVB series in the hope of attracting some new sponsorship.

Sharon will soon be making a guest appearance in a new series, working opposite Stephen Huynh. As there have been reports suggesting that Stephen is gay, Sharon says that she filmed a music video with him before and found him to be very gentle towards ladies and does not seem to be 'brokeback' in anyway. She also compliments him on his captivating eyes that should attract the affections of many ladies.

After many years in the movie and television industry, Master Lo has been spotted by an American producer after choreographing an action scene in a music video for an American band. He has since been offered a part in a movie at the end of the year. He will ne heading out to New York in September to take part in the official signing for the movie and to be presented with an award for his achievements. While he is there, he will also meet with his fans and says: "In the days of Shaw Brothers, I filmed a lot of movies and among them they really liked 'Five Deadly Venoms', so I have a group of fans. Now I am working hard at learning English and practising martial arts for when I meet them."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 31/03/07]

Malaysian Contestant Survives 122 seconds on 'Minutes to Fame'

Hosted by Miriam Yeung and Sammy Leung, the third episode of the new series of "Minutes to Fame" continued filming earlier, with guest judge Roger Kwok. The Malaysian contestant 'Overseas Dragon' who won the second show defended his title with his acrobatics and kung fu captivating the judges so much that they forgot to strike the bell. Finally. he managed to last a massive 122 seconds before being stopped, breaking all records for a non-final show.

When they introduced Roger, Miriam announced: "This is 'My Favourite'!", but the music came on and she asked: "Was my pronunication not right?". Sammy immediately laughed: "No, 'mai fay fut' is Ron Ng!" making Miriam repeat it again in perfect English.

In the three shows hosted by Miriam so far, many of the contestants have managed to last over 60 seconds, so the prize money has been greater than vefore. However, with the greatest winner so far, she says frankly: "I know that I am too busy laughing and forget to ring the bell. Next time I will be more careful." Miriam has been laughing so hard after doing this show, she has pulled a muscle in her neck, which has swollen up, but she is yet to see a doctor. The reason is because she does not know how to explain to the doctor how the injury came about.

This show also yielded a contestant from Guangzhou called 'Japan Geisha', wearing a short kimono with super short hot pants and dancing to fast music. When Sammy saw this, he covered up Roger's eyes, but found himself staring intensely. In order to continue watching the pretty girl dancing, he even stopped Miriam and Roger from ringing the bell. Finally, Miriam managed to force the bell at 73 seconds and send the girl away, mocking Sammy saying: "Wipe the saliva off your mouth! Sammy, you are embarrassing us!"


[The Sun 31/03/07]

Lily Hong Reveals her Son is a Natural Performer

Lily Hong and her three and a half year old son Lam Bo appeared at a Lindt Easter event yesterday and asked if her son has been asked to shoot any ads, she says: "There have been many offers, but I have not accepted any because I do not wish to make money out of my children. He does have a lot of talent to perform though. I bought a Madonna DVD earlier and after he watched it, he said he wanted to be Madonna. That is not bad, at least he is not doing anything bad. If he does enter showbiz in the future, I will not oppose this. Even if he does not do well at school and becomes a dustman, I still don't mind." She also indicates that she wishes for her son to have a happy childhood, so she does not make him learn all the time.


[Ming Pao 31/03/07]

Tavia Loses out on Height to Linda at Kookai Show

Fashion label Kookai held a show to reveal its Spring/Summer Collection for 2007 earlier and invited guest models including Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung to join Lisa S and Xiong Dailin at the show. The collection consisted of many colourful floral prints and hot pants.

Wearing flat shoes, Tavia seemed very short when she was stood amid the taller models and she says: "This outfit was not suited to wearing heels and I feel my figure is fine, but I still need to improve on my lower body to increase the parts that should be fuller. I would give myself 80% because I lack the 20% in height." She was a little afraid because of the rather narrow catwalk: "I suffer a little from claustrophobia and I have an imbalance in my ears, so I can become nauseous and faint. Once when I went on a helicopter, I suffered from cramp."

Linda has had plenty of catwalk experience and even done swimwear shows before. Asked if she would do a lingerie show, she says: "If it is not too sexy, then it would be okay. Underwear is very important to women and you should save it to show the one you love." Asked how she thought her performance was, she said: "80 out of 100 - I accidentally lost my shoe before, but fortunately no-one noticed."


[Ming Pao & The Sun 31/03/07]

Jessica Hsuan Begins Skincare Regime in her Thirties

As the spokesperson for a skincare product, Jessica Hsuan took part in a promotional event yesterday, where she confirmed that the product was 100% natural and revealed that when she was in her twenties, she was offered free skincare products, but she did not use them. Now she is in her thirties, she is starting to realise the importance of skincare to avoid dryness and ageing. She says that before taking this product, she often had to put a lot of moisturiser on her face, but after starting to take the product, she has found her skin has regained its moisture. Asked if she would consider having botox treatment when she is in her forties, she says that she would not consider it because she favours the natural approach to skincare. However, she does not guarantee that she will not change her mind then.


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