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[Ta Kung Pao 30/03/07]

Plenty going on at the Next TV Awards Ceremony

The Next TV Awards 2007 were presented yesterday, including the Top 10 TV Artistes and many other awards. The Top Ten included Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Louisa So, Bosco Wong, Roger Kwok, Bernice Liu, Moses Chan and Shirley Yeung. The atmosphere at the event was very lively with many rumoured couples making an appearance, such as Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow; Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Fala Chen; Moses Chan and Bernice Liu. The ladies all dressed up in sexy dresses, with Bernice in her deep-V evening dress and $700,000 jewels being the most eyecatching. Tavia Yeung and Jessica wore low cut dresses and Charmaine wore jewellery worth nearly $1 million.

Rumoured Couples Brought Together

With Bosco appearing with his two rumoured girlfriends Myolie and Fala, the press asked them to pose for photographs after the group photo. Fala seemed to want to run away quickly, whilst Bosco was momentarily unhappy about it. Myolie was the most gracious about it and called out to Fala to join them in the photo. When Niki and Kevin received their award, they were teased by the reporters who asked them to stand closer together. Afterwards, Niki was asked about the earlier accidental admission by Kevin that she was his girlfriend and she said: "I will not respond to anything related to that. (You seem to be smiling very happily!) I am always very smiley. (Will you only reveal it when you get married?) Well if we got married it would be hard to hide, I will not talk about dating, everyone in the world is the same."

Anita Yuen Considers Comeback to TVB

The organisers invited Xiong Dailin and Anita Yuen as presentation guests and after the event, Anita seemed to be chatting away merrily with TVB executive Virginia Lok, even claiming that she was 'TVB's Goddaughter' during the photograph. Asked if she will be filming series for TVB again, she smiles: "If I can earn some money, then why not?" She says she has been in negotiations all along and in the past, then of course she has wanted to head abroad, but now she is very envious of Esther Kwan who can go back into filming after having a baby. She admits that after not working for a while, she begins to get the itch to work again. However, for childcare reasons, she will have to select her script carefully and give herself a good reason to sacrifice her time with her son. Anita is also thinking of having another child in a couple of years, but she will have to see how she gets on with her slimming.

Ms Lok Supports Sonija

Virginia Lok was very supportive of Sonija Kwok and does not believe that she will be the mistress in an affair, saying that she knows how to tell when her artistes are telling the truth or lying. Ms Lok also indicates that she does not feel Sonija is dating, but she is worried that the recent reports will affect her image. As this was just unlucky for Sonija, there are no plans to freeze her work and the company will continue to promote her healthy image. As Michael is not a company managed artiste, then she has not yet spoken to him about the matter. Sonija has been very calm emotionally and despite some strong reactions in the past against gossip, she has responded very calmly on this occasion. As her manager, Ms Lok will not intrude into her private life, unless it affects her work. She will support everyone as long as things go well and everyone gets along.

Asked about the reason why Sonija is always being noted as a third party, Ms Lok says that there are many different types of pretty girls and Sonija is one who easily causes gossip, because her beauty is one that can really do some damage and maybe married women will be more afraid of her.


[Ta Kung Pao 30/03/07]

Sonija Kwok Would Not Date Michael Tao - Friends Standing By Her

With the news that Michael Tao and his wife Wong Wai Bo (Ah Bo) going through a divorce, Sonija Kwok has been accused of being the third party in their relationship. Sonija took part in two events yesterday and she was prepared for the questions, clarifying that the breakdown in Michael's marriage is in no way related to her and she is not the third party. She also received a phone call from him yesterday to say sorry to her, but he did not ask for any explanations on the matter. TVB executives Virginia Lok and Stephen Chan support her innocence and will be helping her to rebuild her tarnished reputation.

Sonija was dressed just as sexily for her two functions and she says she is feeling fine as well as responding to her rumours: "One, I deny being the third party. Two, the incident has nothing to do with me. Yesterday, I received a call from Michael and he apologised, I only found out about this at the time. Michael says he has caused trouble for me through his divorce. After all, this is not related to me at all and so I cannot comment on it. Divorce is an unhappy thing and I have no comment. (You have been swept into the whirlwind innocently?) I did not react very strongly, so I will not be very angry. This is showbiz gossip and I just need to clarify things. (Ah Bo insists you are the third party?) I don't know if it is true or not, their marriage is nothing to do with me."

Sonija says she has not been in touch with Michael after finishing filming for "The First Beat". She also adds she has never met Michael's former wife. Asked if she feels like she is the victim, she says: "You could say that. I don't know how they can get me involved." Did she feel that Michael was interested in courting her, she says with conviction: "Definitely not. After finishing filming, we did not keep in touch and although we exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch during the filming, all we spoke about was work-related things. (You are quite unlucky then?) You can't say it is unlucky, this is a price you pay for working in showbiz, you don't think about what is true or false. My work is as an actress and I am paid to be written about. I earn so much, so I have learned to accept it." As for the reports about Michael reliving their kissing scene, she says that the report was wrong: "Michael was reliving his kiss scene from ten, twenty years ago with Rosamund Kwan and not with me." As for whether there was a chance of romance between her and Michael, she said firmly: "Don't ask about these things at this time, they are having a divorce! (Michael says he can be more open now he is free and single again.) It does not concern me if he is single." With a suggestion that if she finds a boyfriend, then she may have less gossip, she asks in reply: "Will that really get me cleared? Even though I am single, then they are always pairing me up with someone."

Asked if she will be more careful whilst filming in the future, Sonija says: "I will a little, but if you have to kiss, it is down to the needs of the script and we did have some hugging scenes, but they were cut in the end." She says that Ms Lok has been very caring towards her and wants to discuss with her methods of avoiding being pulled into scandals. However, the stories have not affected her work and she has still received invitations for work over the Easter break. Her image has been affected though and she has become the topic of many conversations as she said pitifully: "I am always at home and not going out, not dating, but they still write about me in this way. (Get a boyfriend?) It's not easy."

With the gossip being spread through the town of Sonija being embroiled in the breakdown of Michael's seventeen year relationship, many of her friends at the Next TV awards were not prepared to comment on other people's business, but they were very supportive and good friend Myolie Wu stepped forward to be photographed with her. Myolie says she does not believe the stories and there is no way it could have happened. She understands that Sonija is always being singled out and she hopes that the incident will blow over soon. She says that Sonija rarely goes out and is very homely, so she does not understand how she can get involved. Asked if she will be avoiding married men, she says she will. When the reporters suggest that it is better to have a stable rumour, Myolie says it is not so good because it means that there are very few people courting her as a result.

Charmaine Sheh has also seen the reports and does not believe them. Of course all three people involved are her good friends and when she heard the news she was very unhappy, but she believes they will know how to deal with it. She adds that she will ask Sonija how she is when she sees her, but because it is not true, there is no point in mentioning it again, especially as she is an outsider. As for the ending of the relationship between Michael and his wife, does she feel it is a shame? Charmaine says that this is up to them to measure. As for suggestions that this has damaged Sonija's image, Charmaine says that this will not happen but you do have to be careful, yet still not lose sight of yourself. Partnerships are a very personal thing and you have to deal with them carefully, bringing them in line with everyone's principles.

Jessica Hsuan has worked with Michael over the years and has also been linked with him in rumours, but she daren't say too much about this because this is other people's business and she should not comment as she does not know what happened. She indicates that she has not been in touch with Michael for a long time now. Jessica says that she has been through something similar before and this is just life in the entertainment industry and as long as you know true from false, then it is okay. Asked if she understands Sonija's position? She says that these times will be hard, because being written about in this way will make you unhappy. Will she support Sonija? Jessica says: "It's not about support. I don't know what happened, so I can't comment."

Roger Kwok has been working with Sonija recently on "Curious Detective", but he did not know about this. During filming, they were both very absorbed in their parts and he is a good husband when he goes home. This is his principle. When the press point out that he is shielded from much gossip, Roger says that he finds it strange that he does not really promote it, but people seem to think he is a good person. Asked if any female actors have presented themselves to him, he laughs that he will put this emotion into the scene, but it will only last for two or three months until the filming ends, then he comes back to reality and nothing happens. As for whether anything happened, he says he will not tell the press.


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[The Sun 30/03/07]

TVB Move Quickly To Replace Sonija in New Series

Despite openly receiving support from TVB executives for her recent involvement in rumours with Michael Tao, it would appear that swift action from TVB to avoid further gossip has meant that Sonija Kwok has been dropped from the forthcoming series, replaced by Angela Tong, who will be taking her first leading role.

TVB has expressed mixed feelings about the negative press, but has enjoyed the added exposure for Sonija and originally they had created a role especially for her in a comedic version of 'Mr and Mrs Smith' alongside Bobby Au-Yeung in the form of a series entitled "Cold Encounters of the Third Kind". As the leading roles each have their own extra-marital affairs, this sensitive storyline has been deemed unsuitable in light of recent events, so Sonija has been dropped from the role, replaced by Angela Tong. However, despite her recent gossip linking her with Michael Miu, Toby Leung's name is still on the cast list.

The producer of "Cold" Wong Wai Sing denies that changing actresses is related to Sonija's gossip. "It is unrelated, we have not done the costume fitting yet and Sonija was only one of many choices. Casting Angela is because her Lee Siu Ho character was very popular and she has a great talent for comedy. You should not be so sensitive."

As for Angela who has stumbled on a great opportunity, she does not mind being second choice: "I only just found out about it and of course I am happy to be the first female lead and not having to be the ugly girl. I am very excited. However, it is harsh to say I am the second choice because I will do my best to perform in this role." TVB executive Virgina Lok says: "As 'Cold' is quite plot-led, then we had wanted to change the lead a couple of weeks ago, but as Angela was already filming for 'Best Selling Secrets', then it would have been quite costly to change the script." Sonija will be returning to work at the end of June, when she will be starring alongside Alex Fong Chung Shun in another new series.


[The Sun 30/03/07]

Selena Li's Brush with Death in the Caribbean

Selena Li has just had the longest vacation since she entered the industry, visiting many places in the Caribbean and Florida, but she nearly lost her life whilst diving in the Caribbean Sea!

Selena took a holiday earlier and when she was in the Caribbean, she took a dive with an underwater motorbike, but when the bike lost control, she mistook the instruction from the guides and rose to the surface. Fortunately she did not rise up too quickly, otherwise she could have suffered from the bends, which could have killed her if it was serious. "When I got to the surface, I felt dizzy and i had a headache, but after a rest, I felt better. They said that because of the water pressure, I should not have surfaced so quickly, otherwise I could have suffered from the bends." Having survived such a dangerous situation, will she be brave enough to go diving again? She says: "Yes, I will. Having this experience was quite interesting and I know what it feels like to have had a brush with death."

Selena also visited some theme parks in Florida, including her beloved Disneyland. "You really can spend a few days inside and still not have tried everything. I also bought lots of souvenirs. Although I suffered from a cold, but I still went on the roller coasters." After her long rest, Selena has put on weight, but has a happy heart. "I have been eating non-stop and have put some weight on and have a belly now!"


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