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[Ta Kung Pao 29/03/07]

Michael Tao: There is no Third Party in my Divorce

A magazine has recently headlined about the breakdown of Michael Tao's marriage and suggesting that Mrs Tao blames Sonija Kwok as the third party in the relationship. On Cha Siu Yan's radio show yesterday, Michael admitted that he and his wife are going through a divorce, but clarifies that the reason for this is nothing to do with Sonija or anyone else. He is sorry for Sonija to be dragged into this and will be calling her to apologise.

Michael and Sonija worked together on the series "The First Beat", so why is Mrs Tao pointing at Sonija as the third party in the relationship? Michael says: "My divorce is a reality, it is nothing to do with Sonija or anyone else. It is a family matter and of course divorce is not a happy affair, but it is not anyone's fault. I am sorry that Sonija has been implicated. (Why would Mrs Tao say this?) I don't know, maybe it is just rumours being passed around and there have been things added."

When did Michael and his wife start divorce proceedings? He says that it was about two or three weeks ago. With reports that Michael courted his wife for a long time before they married, does he feel that this is a shame? He says frankly: "To reach this decision, then you know there is no turning back and you can't think back to what has happened. It is not happy, there was no third party, it is just a family affair and our own problem. (Did you have a peaceful split?) Yes it was peaceful, we are adults and meeting and parting are normal occurrences. (Is it fortunate you do not have children?) Yes, but many of my friends have worried about me and I have been unhappy. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone, I am fine and my ex-wife is fine. Having reached this decision, give us your blessings and let us continue to live happily." Talking of the rumours that he is a compulsive gambler, is this related? Michael says it is not related and in the current sensitive times, the many irrelevant things will be brought up, so it is unavoidable.

There have been suggestions of a misunderstanding from Mrs Tao about Michael and Sonija - has he tried to explain this to her? He says:"I will explain, but whether she listens or not is beyond my control. If this carries on, I will have to call Sonija and say sorry because this is my personal affair and I don't want it to affect her. (It was last year when you were filming with Sonija, why has this just emerged now?) That's it, in my eyes, Sonija was a good co-star and colleague, we worked well together. (Were you too close to her leading to misunderstandings?) I am close to everyone, I have always been very friendly as this is my personality and the way I deal with things. Now I just want to calm down and focus on my work." Talking of Sonija often being mistaken as the third party, Michael feels sorry for her.

Will you be more careful around female co-stars now? Michael laughs: "I don't need to avoid them any more now I am single again! I will be more open! (Will you give people lifts to work?) No, but even before my divorce, I still filmed a lot of things." Asked if he will be dating again soon, Michael indicates: "I have only been divorced for a few weeks, let's not talk about dating just yet." When it was suggested he was being very calm about the whole affair, he smiles that as he gets older, then he is a lot calmer about many things. Asked if he has called Sonija yet, he says he has not been able to contact her yet. When Cha Siu Yan offered to help, Michael says things are still very early and he will deal with his own problems and does not need other people to assist. He says that he has grown up now and people don't need to worry about him.


[Ta Kung Pao 29/03/07]

Lydia Sum Lookalike Appears on 'Minutes to Fame'

Miriam Yeung and Sammy Leung are hosting the new series of "Minutes to Fame" and the first episode was recorded earlier, with Leo Ku as the guest judge. The standard of contestants on the show was not bad, but the judges were very lenient and many of the contestants went away with high scores, even though there were some boring acts.

Among the contestants was Cheng Ying Ying who hailed from Malaysia, who appeared as a Lydia Sum lookalike, performing with a hula hoop and becoming the first episode winner with 95 seconds. Hong Kong's representative Lee Wing Fu impersonated Sam Hui and was sent away after 69 seconds. Cheng not only looked like Lydia, but also her actions and her laughter were very similar. As she sung, she did the splits, a backwards arch and other difficult moves and when she was finally stopped by the bell, she pouted in disappointment. When he saw this, Sammy commented: "I do love you, but I don't want to you work too hard." He then went on stage to try some of her actions with her and Leo joked that he was bringing his home life onto the stage.

Lee did well in his Sam Hui impersonation and Leo commented that Sam kisses his guests in his concerts and suggested that he should do the same. On hearing this, Lee approached Leo as if to kiss him and Sammy held Leo down allowing Lee to plant a kiss on his forehead. Miriam just laughed all the way through this. Afterwards, Leo described himself as the 'god of fortune', whilst Miriam said that she was helping TVB give away more money and had to be reminded by the producer that she had to send people off with the bell. She laughs that she is afraid she will get sacked soon.


[Ta Kung Pao 29/03/07]

Myolie and Fala's First Appearance Together

Myolie Wu and Fala Chen appeared in some sexy dresses at an opening ceremony for a 3D-Gold branch in Sheung Shui together with company chairman Ms Ng Yee Mei. The ladies wore some precious diamond jewellery for the event each showing off their own beauty, Although there have been earlier rumours of Fala's blatant flirting with Myolie's rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong, there was no animoscity between them at the event and they chatted away happily, shattering any rumours.

Myolie and Fala modelled different designs of jewellery, with Myolie's theme entitled 'A Dedication to Love' and Fala's set called 'Beautiful Dew in the Flowers'. Both sets were worth about $500,000. Myolie attended another opening for the company in January and as she had a day off yesterday, she was happy to attend again.

Asked if she felt awkward about the rumours surrounding her, Bosco and Fala, Myolie says that this is the first time that she has worked with Fala, but there is no awkwardness and it is probably thanks to the rumours that they have been asked to do this job together. Myolie praises Fala's beauty and says that when they met, they talked about clothes and diamonds. When the reporters commented that she outshone Fala in both her outfit and her jewels, Myolie asked not to be compared as they both look beautiful. She reveals that she will be working with Fala again in the future and when the reporters asked if it would be even better if Bosco was there too, she smiled that this was not a problem and if the sponsors wanted it, then she would not mind the three of them working together because then they can put the fee up.

Fala was also full of compliments for Myolie saying that she was very helpful and that they do say hello when they meet in general. She hopes to work with Myolie in a series and asked if she would like to fight with her over the male lead, she smiles she wouldnot mind because this is just the character and is not reflective of real life. However, she would prefer to play friends or sisters with Myolie.


[Ta Kung Pao 29/03/07]

Yoyo Mung: The Busier She is the more Beautiful she Becomes

Yoyo Mung has been the spokesperson for a cosmetics company and earlier she filmed a set of TV ads for them, reaping a very attractive fee. In the ad, she appears in a simple backless dress, radiating a summer freshness feel.

Yoyo has also played a part in creating the concept behind the ads and she says that the process has been challenging and fun: "As an artiste, then you usually just follow the script and the instructions from the director. To be able to design the plot together with the director this time has really brought out my creative potential." Yoyo also revealed how she gets more beautiful the busier she is: "In order to keep your skin in top condition, then apart from having suitable skincare products, I also focus on a balanced diet and nutrition. Take for example when my filming schedule is quite tight, I will prepare some of my own healthy foods such as fish maw and mushroom soup, flower tea and a lot of fruit."


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