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[Ta Kung Pao 28/03/07]

Miriam Yeung Will be Handing out Money on "Minutes to Fame"

Miriam Yeung and Sammy Leung took part in the studio blessing yesterday for the new series of "Minutes to Fame" before the first episode will be shot in the evening. Miriam will be demonstrating her cloth spinning act and she gave a sneak preview for the press, but couldn't help laughing: "You can see how rubbish I am!" She also invited Master Wang from the series "Huo Yuan Jia" starring Ekin Cheng to demonstrate bending a metal pipe and breaking a metal ring with his body.

Miriam laughs that she was afraid of the metal hitting her face: "I need my face to make a living!" When Master Wang used his neck to bend a steel rod, Miriam and Sammy became his assistants, helping him to hold the rod. They were both rather scared though and ended up screaming. Sammy also trapped his fingers.

Miriam says that she has provisionally agreed to do 10 episodes of the show because she has to tie it in with her forthcoming filming and promotion schedules. When the reporters indicated that she often laughs uncontrollably, she says that she is also afraid that during filming she will be too wrapped up in laughing and forget to eliminate people. So is she helping TVB hand out their money? She syas that she is afraid of not stopping the act until after 90 seconds and then having to hand out $9000. Talking of the good ratings from the last series, does she feel the pressure? She says she does not because she and Sammy will be hosting the show and TVB want to give the audience something fresh. As long as they are both absorbed, then it will be a good show.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/03/07]

Bernice Liu Often Cries at the Airport

Bernice Liu took part in an awards ceremony for Good Service at the airport yesterday as a presentation guest. She says that she usually flies out on average once a month, so she is a regular visitor at the airport. She praises the Hong Kong Airport staff for their high quality service. She also describes how her family are separated over two countires, so they have very little time together and as a result whenever they see each other off at the airport, they will spend some quality time together which she cherishes a lot. She smiles that she often ends up crying at the airport.

Bernice has only been in Hong Kong for five years, so she does not yet have the three stars [permanent status] on her ID card. She says that the service at the airport is already very good, but it is a hindrance that she cannot get a Smart ID to pass through immigration quickly. She does not have a China Entry permit either, but she believes that if she continues to live in Hong Kong, then she will soon have her permanent status and become a true Hong Kong Citizen.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/03/07]

Toby Leung Holding Hands with 'father' Michael Miu

A magazine has photographed Toby Leung and Michael Miu holding hands with each other and in a radio interview yesterday, Toby insists that Michael is like a godfather to her and they refer to each other as father and daughter, so sometimes they will hold hands when they cross the road together. She has also rang Michael's wife Jamie Chik to explain the situation and Jamie comforted her saying that she should just ignore it.

So has Toby adopted him as a godfather yet? Toby says she has not but whenever they see each other, they will refer to each other as 'Daddy' or 'daughter'. Does she usually hold her own father [TVB executive Tommy Leung]'s hand when they are crossing the road? Toby says that she will often hold onto her parents or her sister but no-one photographs them when she does this. Before the story was published, the magazine had called her father, who then mentioned it to Michael and neither of them could hold their laughter. Tommy also laughed that Michael was her second father.

Asked if she will be more aware in the future, she says that she has quite a westernised personality, but she will be more reserved to avoid misunderstanding by the press or reports that she is splitting up other people's families.


[Ta Kung Pao 27/03/07]

Steven Ma and Elaine Yiu Reunited in New Series

TVB's new series "The Gentle Crackdown II" held its costume fitting yesterday attended by cast members including Steven Ma, Elaine Yiu, Johnson Lee, Ha Yu and Law Koon Lan. Female lead Yumiko Cheng was busy working on another job, so was absent from this event. The show is very different from the original "Gentle Crackdown" series, with lots of new characters. Steven says that it is similar to when he filmed "Healing Hands" and only did one series, but the style and spirit of the show is still there because this is also a comedy.

The happiest thing for Steven is for Ha Yu and Law Koon Lan to play his parents in the show because he had previously worked with Ha Yu in "The Brink of Law" as father and son. Asked if he will be checking out how Moses played his character in the original show, Steven says that they will be continuing the comedic style in this show. He is looking forward to working opposite Yumiko to create some fresh sparks. Steven will be heading out shortly to do a charity show tour of America and Canada, so he has been busy rehearsing his dance and he is even dreaming about his dance steps. He laughs that his daily rehearsals are like going to the gym because he has to lift the girls like weights all the time.

Elaine will be playing a singing girl in the show and she has to play the Pipa. Although they don't need her to play it for real, she is planning to take a few lessons because this will make it look more realistic. This is her first ancient costume series, so she is happy to receive compliments for her looks in her costume.


[The Sun 27/03/07]

Kevin Cheng Inadvertantly Admits Romance with Niki Chow

Rumoured couple Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow have always denied their relationship to the press, but in an impulsive mistake yesterday, Kevin revealed his true feelings as he indicated that Niki is his girlfriend!

Sammy Leung, Steven Cheung and Kevin took part in a promotional event for their film "Super Fans" yesterday where they played some games with the audience. In one of the games, the MC asked the question to Kevin: "Is Niki Chow your girlfriend?" and quite instinctively, he raised the card for 'yes', causing a huge reaction from the crowd. When he realised from the screams what he had done, he immediately tried to change things by saying: "What! What kind of question is this? I am not replying." When the press continued to push him about this later, he became very embarassed and explained: "I answered yes to every question first. (Why did you change your mind?) Because I did not reply to this question before and I did not want to contradict my previous answers. (So is Niki your girlfriend?) Not saying."


[Ta Kung Pao 27/03/07 & 26/03/07]

Niki Chow at 'TMNT' Premiere

Animated movie "TMNT" held its premiere at a drive in cinema earlier and was attended by the Cantonese voice cast members including Niki Chow, Jan Lamb, Chapman To and Sammy Leung, who were joined by the four ninja turtles.

Niki commented that there was plenty of privacy in a drive-in theatre, but she would not come with her rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng. If they were dating though, then it would a good place to come. Asked about a recent article referring to her as 'Princess Chang Ping' ['always flat'] when it comes to her figure, she laughs that at least she is a princess and she will not consider implants. Talking of TVB leaving her out of the sequel to "The Gentle Crackdown", replacing her role with Yumiko Cheng, she says that the stories are very different and just the crew are the same. She says: "TVB have not dumped me. (Are you too expensive?) I do not get paid much!"

Niki also attended a promotional event for the film earlier with Vincent Kok and she spoke about her second venture into movie dubbing. She says that this job only took her a few hours to do. The film will be screened in original English and Cantonese versions and Niki will be voicing the Cantonese version of Kaira, who is played in the original by Zhang Ziyi. Niki is full of admiration for Zhang, saying that when she first saw the original, she thought it was a native English speaker and in comparison, she feels that she is very amateurish. Asked how her fee was, she smiles: "I am happy with it." Niki says she hopes to develop her career in the field of movie dubbing and voiceovers for advertisements, like Sammy and Eric Kot.


[The Sun 27/03/07]

Bernice Smiles when Moses is Mentioned

Bernice Liu has been invited to represent Revlon in the Hong Kong area recently and a signing ceremony was held in Central yesterday. Dressed in a signature red dress, Bernice showed off her great figure. This is the first time that this brand has appointed a Hong Kong spokesmodel and Bernice indicates that her fee is a six-figure sum which she is very pleased with and takes her well on her way towards buying her apartment.

At the event, Bernice introduced a new lip powder product and asked if she has tested this on her boyfriend, she replies playfully: "I will test it on Mac Mac [her dog]. How about Mo Mo?) Who? I will test it on my mother. (Moses Chan!) I am not responding to questions about rumours." Although Bernice refused to talk about her gossip, talking about Moses always brings a smile to her face.

At another event promoting the Olympic Games, Moses indicates that he likes watching weight-lifting events, especially the ladies' events. Asked if he likes their figures, he says: "Don't look at their figures, you have to look at their strength."

Moses reveals that he has been working out recently and reduced his waist down to 28 inches from 34 inches in just three weeks. As well as a six-pack, he has also developed a 42 inch chest. Since working out, he has become admired by other men and he laughs that fortunately he has not been propositioned yet. However, he has been subjected to a lot of suggestive glances from 'interested people', who have followed him and given him roses. Asked if Bernice likes his muscles, he says: "I don't know about that."


[The Sun 27/03/07]

Linda Seeks Sporty Men through her Interests

Shirley Yeung, Linda Chung and Vivien Yeo took part in TVB's Olympic Flag-raising event yesterday and Linda claimed that she was a dab hand at ball sports. Asked if she has played badminton with Ekin Cheng, she smiles: "I have not played with Ekin before because I have to work, but it doesn't matter because I can find a boyfriend from playing basketball. I like the sporty type."

Shirley reveals that her favourite Olympic events are the equestrian sports and says that she has overcome her fear of riding now and has started riding again. "Normally it is not my boyfriend (Gregory Lee) teaching me, it is his father Lee Ka Ding. He is very professional. Aside from the equestrian events, I also like watching the diving."


[The Sun 25/03/07]

Bosco Wong Avoids Gossip Questions from Nat Chan

Sharon Chan, Shirley Yeung and Bosco Wong were guests on Nat Chan's Olympic Quiz and Bosco's recent gossip became the brunt of Nat's jokes. When asked if he would give his watch prize to Fala Chen or Myolie Wu, Bosco replied quickly that he would give it to his mother, nicely avoiding the question and receiving praise from Nat for his quick wit. Then when he took a shot at the basket, Nat commented that he should treat the target as Fala or Myolie and be quick and accurate about the whole affair. Nat then indicated that he knows Sharon through Timmy Hung, but she pointed out that she and Timmy are like brother and sister and she introduced him to Cathy Tsui.


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