Wednesday, March 21, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 22/03/07]

Joyce Tang and Louisa So Fight Over Michael Tao in New Series

Louisa So, Joyce Tang and Michael Tao took part in the costume fitting for new series "Harmony Taste Passion" where the three will become entangled in a triangular affair.

Louisa plays a character who hates cooking and dreams of becoming a star and even goes to Japan for breast implants and cosmetic surgery. Louisa laughs: "The character is the complete opposite of me because I would never have plastic surgery and so this is a very challenging role for me. The series will be filming in Kyushu in Japan in May for two weeks and I will take the opportunity to learn some Japanese cooking and combine work with leisure. That is great!" Michael also says that a lot of friends are very envious taht he can go and film in Japan and this is a very good job because he usually films in China. He also compliments his two female co-stars: "I have worked with Louisa before in 'Detective Investigation Files' but this is the first time I have worked with Joyce. However, I often meet up with her and boyfriend Marco Ngai to go and play badminton."

Joyce has been filming in the mainland for the past year or two and asked jokingly if she has earned a lot, she smiles: "It has been hard work! When I was filming in Bejing and Chongqing for 'Chongqing Bombing', the weather was very cold and I had to wear a chipao but was not allowed to wear tights, so I have to drink to keep warm. (Has your boyfriend asked you not to work?) I would like him to support me financially too!"


[Ta Kung Pao 22/03/07]

Frankie Lam Enjoys Japan Holiday - Tavia is Envious

TVB series "Face to Fate" will begin airing on the Pay Vision channel on 27th March and a group of cast members including Frankie Lam, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Anne Heung, Nancy Wu and Chun Wong attended a promotional event yesterday. Aside from Frankie who had other work to do, the cast appeared in their costumes from the show.

Frankie and his wife Kenix Kwok have arranged to join Raymond Cho and his girlfriend to go on a trip to Japan soon. He says happily: "The cherry blossoms have come late this year, so when we arrive, they will all be in full bloom. We feel so lucky and may follow the Japanese tradition of drinking wine under the trees. We will also go to the hot springs and shopping. Going as a group of four is a great idea because we can take photos for each other and will not just be taking photos individually. (You have support if you have arguments too?) If you argue when you are on holiday then you are just bringing trouble on yourself. (Are you going to be making babies on your trip?) Making Japanes babies? We go on holiday at least once a year to recharge our batteries, so we will just be having fun."

When Tavia was asked whether the series will have fewer supporters if it is aired on Pay Vision, she smiles she is not worried because she has the Pay Vision installed and she believes that there will be more and more subscribers.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/03/07]

Bernice Liu is the New Love of Advertisers

Bernice Liu has become the new face of an international cosmetics company in Hong Kong, winning over the influence with her unique mix of confidence, sexiness, healthiness and sweetness, driving the company's 2007 campaign.

Bernice filmed a set of advertising stills recently and in order to cope with the close up pictures, she had taken time to get lots of rest before the shoot so she could be on her best form. In order to capture her alluring eyes, just one close-up of her eyes took four hours to shoot, but Bernice was still full of vitality and was ever as attractive. The image director had also arranged for some designer clothing for her to wear for the shoot, as well as some great hairstyle and make-up looks. Whether it was wearing a low cut shoulderless outfit or a pure white innocent dress, or even a mature cream suit, Bernice showed off her best in four different themed images during the eight hour shoot, each time showing off a new fresh look.

Bernice smiles that in the past when she was a child, she loved dressing up as an adult and putting on make-up. To be able to promote the same make up brand as Hollywood actress Halle Berry as well as numerous supermodels around the world, then this is a great privelege for Bernice and she is very excited by this.


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