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[Ta Kung Pao 20/03/07]

Lai Lok Yi is Very Happy at being Natalie Tong's Husband

Lai Lok Yi and Natalie Tong have been signed as spokesmodels for a wedding studio and yesterday they wore their wedding outfits at a catwalk show. They indicated that they have already shot some studio wedding portraits together, including one look where they both wore denim. During the shoot, Natalie referred to Lok Yi as her husband and he explains that they worked together in "Hearts of Fencing", so they have known each other for a long time and so acting as husband and wife was very easy to get into character.

Natalie has always loved wearing wedding dresses because it makes her feel like a princess. When Lok Yi gets married for real, he says he will definitely have studio photos taken because he feels like a prince. He says: "You only do it once in your lifetime and my concept is that I will be collecting my bride from Nathan Road in a horse and carriage. (Are you afraid of blocking the roads?) Nathan Road is the most famous road in Hong Kong, so maybe the government will allow it." Talking of the recent rumours of a split between his friends Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng, 'matchmaker' Lok Yi says: "Give them more space. (Have they split up?) I don't know. (You were their matchmaker though?) Only you say that, you can help me correct that." Lok Yi has not been to play badminton recently but he did meet up with his friends at the new year. Asked jokingly if he will be giving them discounts for the studio, Lok Yi laughs that maybe he will get married before them.


[Ta Kung Pao 20/03/07]

Maggie Shiu and Kate Tsui join Simon Yam at Hong Kong Film Festival

The 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival had its grand opening yesterday, showing two films - local production "Eye in the Sky" and Korean film "I'm a Cyborg But That's OK". This also marked the Hong Kong premier for "Eye", so the film's producer Johnny To and Tsui Siu Ming, director Yau Nai-hoi and cast members Simon Yam, Maggie Shiu, Kate Tsui and Lam Suet were all present. As the guests all walked up the red carpet, Maggie and Kate both appeared in white dresses, the former showing off her legs and the latter, her shoulders as they stole the show. During the show, Kate was afraid of revealing herself and was forever tugging at the top of her dress, looking a little unrefined. Other guests at the event included Nick Cheung, Sean Lau and Amy Kwok. Yesterday also happened to be Simon's birthday. so when everyone sung happy birthday to him he could not turn it down. He will be celebrating with his wife at a crab restaurant,

Already a tall girl, Maggie wore six inch heels to go with her outfit that made her look even taller. She reveals that she was in a rush to get to the event, so she had to run here and this has left her cramping in both legs. Asked if anyone has massaged her legs for her, she smiles: "Yes, my mother, or my beautician." As for Kate's sexy look, Maggie laughs that she would rather show off her lower body than brave the cold at the top of her body. This is the first time that Kate has taken on a leading movie role, so she dressed up carefully for the event and her outfit costs a five figure sum.


[The Sun 20/03/07]

Tavia's Sexy Summer Slimming Ads

To mark the summer and following in the footsteps of other slimming spokesmodels, Tavia Yeung and Amanda S to become the next generation of sexy slimming models.

Popular model Amanda S made a name for herself sporting beautiful mixed-race looks and handing out kisses on TVB's "Beautiful Cooking", successfully winning the affections of the show's hosts and also Jordan Chan and even guest chef Master Chow. As for Tavia, she has shaken off her earlier image of being a 'Maggie Cheung Ho Yee lookalike' and has forged a name for herself over time recently being voted by netizens as the top female lead at TVB.

Both ladies have been selected to be spokesmodels for slimming companies this season, with Amanda shooting her ad in a swimsuit look and see through top and hot pants, representing Elyze and wearing six inch heels, posing on a six foot high staircase.

Tavia has been signed by slimming company Yankee Spa and has lost 15 inches in total from all over her body. She has undertaken seven different images in her shoot, including a spring look and swimwear in a process that took twelve hours in total. Cleansing her 'girl next door' image, Tavia was even splashed with water for a wet look and showed off her beautiful feminine curves, of which she is very proud. She says she loves her wet look: "Although it was hard work being sprayed, but it was worth it and even Bosco Wong and Moses Chan have complimented me. My confidence has grown now because I used to be criticised more than complimented. (You are not as reserved as before?) The most important thing is that it looks healthy, I don't mind it being healthily sexy." She also invites any potential boyfriends to come forward to date her!


[The Sun 20/03/07]

No Faking as Linda Slaps Ada in the Streets

Working with her idol Ada Choi for the first time, Linda Chung was a little hesitant in a scene where they had to slap each other, holding back her strength, but Ada helped her out, telling her not to worry about positioning or her strength.

Ada, Linda, Wong He and Bosco Wong were filming for new series "Jewels Spendor" yesterday in a scene where they had to slap each other in the streets. Linda had to slap Ada on the cheeks hard until Ah He comes to her rescue and returns the slap to Linda in a very heated scene. However, when Linda was slapping Ada, she kept holding back her strength and in the end even Ada complained about her not having enough power.

Ada says: "She was looking after me and was not really strong enough, but that just causes more problems because we had to NG twice. I told her to put some power into it as the most important thing is that it looks good, without the use of camera angles and it doesn't hurt too much." She also praises Linda and Bosco after working with them for the first time, saying that they put their hearts into their acting, have full artiste professionalism and potential.

Linda admits she is not very good at hitting people: "Hitting people is not easy, I am worried about hitting their ears. Also I really like Ada, because she is so real and down to earth, but I daren't tell her. I never imagined that the first time I worked with her I would have to hit her and she even told me to hit her harder. I hope that I can find success like hers in the future."


[The Sun 20/03/07]

English Words Appear Once Again in TVB Ancient Drama

After the laughs caused by the English words that appeared in "Ten Brothers", viewers have noted another example of English creeping into ancient costume drama in "Devils Disciple". In the scene where Wayne Lai and Bosco Wong have a discussion, Wayne has a line that includes the English word 'round' in it. Netizens have even uploaded the clip in question onto the Youtube website.

"Devil's Disciple" was filmed last year and has not been aired in Hong Kong yet. The show's producer Lau Ka Ho responds saying: "It is very surprising! I never imagined that the overseas distributed VCD's will return to Hong Kong. Netizens uploading clips to the net is illegal and they are infringing our copyright. We heard the line in question and the word 'round' is actually 'waan' (curve) and the two words sound very similar so it is easy to misinterpret it."

Em's note: Sorry Producer Lau, but your explanation doesn't wash with me. Wayne was definitely speaking in English in that scene!!


[The Sun 20/03/07]

Mongolian Look Aimee Avoids Breast Questions

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui all took part in a TVB promotional event yesterday for their 'Tomorrow's Youth Project' and wearing a traditional Mongolian costume, Aimee was well covered up and after being quizzed about the 'exploding yoga breast implants' earlier, she was very evasive with her answers, just saying that her biggest asset was her smile.

Jack Wu has taken over from Alex Fong to join Charles Szeto as the youth project ambassador and will have the chance to sing the theme song for the event. Jack says that it has been many years since he has entered the recording studio and he is very excited about it, but they will not be joining the party on the Mongolia trip and will just be joining in the fundraising activities in Hong Kong, so they are a little disappointed.


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