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[Ta Kung Pao 16/03/07]

No Post-Gossip Awkwardness for Kevin and Niki

Rumoured couple Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow joined Gigi Wong at the "Smokeless Cooking Final" event yesterday. After smoking for ten years, Kevin finally gave up smoking in 2002. Kevin says that at the time, he was sufferng from high blood pressure and had to go to hospital for treatment. As smoking had hardened his arteries, he decided to give up for the sake of his health. He feels that the process of quitting was not too hard, but you cannot rush it and you must have a lot of willpower and determination. For him to succeed, he felt that he had to have good health in order to work hard and after giving up, he was able to breathe a breath of fresh air again and he would not be so out of breath when he was exercising. He became a smoker then because of his family influence and watching his father smoking seemed stylish, so he adopted an incorrect role model. When he chooses a girlfriend now, the first criteria is that she must not smoke.

Kevin's mother is an expert in making Shanghai food, so has Niki ever tried this? He says: "I have been very busy lately and even I have not had a chance to have my mother's cooking." Niki says that her boyfriend must be a non-smoker and like Shanghai food, so does this mean they are very compatible? Kevin says: "In this world there are many people who don't smoke and are from Shanghai. (Why are you distancing yourself from her?) Not distancing, I am not afraid of her! We have worked together in three series now and she is a very good co-star."

Niki does not smoke and she does not want a boyfriend who smokes. "It is bad for your health and he would smell of smoke." Since being caught with Kevin visiting her home, this was the first time they have appeared together and asked if there was any awkwardness, she says: "What do you mean 'caught out'? We will not be embarrassed, it is just wokr. (Have you tasted Kevin's mother's cooking?) I will not answer that."


[Ta Kung Pao 16/03/07]

Gigi Lai Wants to Play Pregnant Woman

TVB's programming has won much international acclaim recently and to celebrate the string of recent awards, a special congratulatory party was held to mark the company's success. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan was arranged to 'present' the awards at the ceremony, but he was half an hour late after a meeting with Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang, who was also at TVB City for an interview.

Awards won recently by TVB include those from the Asia Pacific Television Awards, New York Film and Television Festival, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union, New Magazine, 2006 Chinese Television Programme Charts, Entertainment china 2006 Starlight Awards, China Television Shanghai Chart Awards and the Southern Grand Annual awards. Artistes who have represented the company at these awards ceremonies have included Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Roger Kwok, Justin Lo, Edmond Leung, Anne Heung and Sharon Chan and they were all joined executives Catherine Tsang and Virgina Lok at the event.

Gigi won one of the awards through her series "War and Beauty" and Moses took the male award in the same ceremony. Gigi says that she would like to play a pregnant woman because she says she is suited to this kind of role at her age but laughs that she has not found a suitable partner to have children with just yet.

Roger Kwok won an award for his role in "Life Made Simple" and he says that since playing 'Ah Wong' in 2003, he has won 30 awards. He smiles that this makes up for all the awards he should have won over the years! He is happy that his character is so memorable with the viewres, but he would like to create a new character image, like how Michelle Yim played a villain earlier. He would like the chance to do this too, but few people ask him to be villains now. He also reveals that his wife has been followed a lot by the paparazzi, making her very frustrated, but the hardest thing for them is that she is not pregnant and this makes her feel very awkward.

The music show in Australia that Justin took part in also won an award and he hopes that he will have the chance to go to Egypt to jam on the Pyramids.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/03/07]

Bernice Liu Thanks Mother for Great Figure

Bernice Liu took part in the 2007 Launch Party for well-known underwear manufacturer Triumph earlier and talking about her thoughts on selecting underwear, indicating that the most important thing is comfort and not so much appearance.

Bernice's outfit for the evening was arranged by the organisers and showed off her great figure. She says that as long as it is a healthy kind of sexiness, then she does not mind showing off her curves. "I have to thank my mother for giving me such a great figure and I am a Christian, so I will also thank God. Underwear is very important to women, so selecing the right items will really accentuate a woman's figure. The more mature ladies should select the style of bra carefully to avoid the effects of gravity." She also says that she does not mind the company arranging for her to attend underwear shows. She also adds that she went through puberty very late, because when she was 14, she was only 4 ft 5 ins and maybe it was because she was always dancing. When she suffered an injury and could not dance for a few months, she had a growth spurt. With a great figure, then Bernice is often the focus of many men and she says she does not mind: "Of course men always look at your figure first, only after getting to know you do they appreciate your inner beauty."


[Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao & The Sun 16/03/07]

Janet Chow Steals the Show Amid the Flowers - Matthew Ko is Not Winnie Shum's Type

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui joined Winnie Shum, Cha Cha Chan and Cathy Chow at the Hong Kong Flower Show to pose as models for the annual photography competition held there. Wearing pretty outfits from around the world, they attracted many eager photographers to capture their image.

Among the girls, Janet Chow was the most eyecatching in her European style gown and she was not afraid of being attacked by the fans because there was plenty of security guards around to keep order and they are all very professional about photographing her and the flowers. Aimee seemed a little hoarse as she is suffering from a cold after the recent change in weather. As well as taking vitamin C every day, her mother has also been making her congee, so she is much better now.

Winnie was asked about her rumours with Matthew Ko and she explains that Matthew spent $10,000 on a dog, but it became ill, so he asked her to help. She denies that she has free access to his home. Asked if she is worried about being labelled as easy, she says: "In the past, when I was in Canada, I would invite friends to my home, so for Matthew to come and visit me is not unusual. However, I have never thought about developing a relationship with him because he is not my type. I prefer men who are tall and melancholic, he is a good man, but too happy for me. (Will you develop a romance through your love of pets?) In that case, Louis Koo would be better!"


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