Wednesday, March 14, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 15/03/07]

Dayo Wong Admits his Crying Look is Terrible

Dayo Wong, Cecilia Yip and Vivien Yeo were filming in the Lam Tin Quarry yesterday in a scene for "Evil Kin" where Dayo's character was being sentenced to death and the villagers were allowed to vote as to whether he was to be shot, burned or hanged. Finally Vivien emerges as Dayo's witness and reveals that he did not commit murder, rescuing him from the doors of hell.

Although he does not die in the end, Dayo still has to film some crying scenes and he describes himself as teary eyed and runny nosed and laughs: "When I cry there is trouble, because I have more snot that tears on a ratio of ten drips of snot to one drip of tears. My nose even runs when I eat, but fortunately it is only a little damp and not too thick. So I always carry tissues around with me and it is even worse when I eat spicy food because it makes me look terrible. (What you describe makes you sound like a drug addict?) I don't know what drug addicts are like, but 'Ten Brothers' can add some big nostrils for me."

Cecilia indicates that she will be filming another series in Shanghai in April, so she hopes that "Evil Kin' will finish filming soon. She says: "Although I have planned to film this until mid-April, the producer has agreed to rush through my scenes, but the script has been released behind schedule. Maybe because this is a comedy, they have to change the lines over and over again, but the time is getting shorter and shorter, so I am a little worried." Asked if Dayo keeps changing the script, Cecilia says avoidingly: "Everyone is very absorbed in their characters, so they will portray their role in their own way. It is not about stealing the attention, but giving out for the series, especially the younger generation, I feel that they are very hardworking. (Are you worried about this slowing things down?) I am very experienced and the bones of the story are not being changed. (Have you told Dayo that you are in a rush?) I have told him before we started filming and I don't need to keep mentioning it. He is amazing though and has an excellent memory, so even when the scripts are released at the last minute, he has very few NG's and I really admire him."

Also, Vivien who plays Cecilia's sister in the show had an unusual appearance in the scene, where she wore a covered birdcage. It turns out that the character suffers from autism and is very afraid of seeing other people, so she has to wear the birdcage. After rescuing Dayo, he in turn helps to cure her condition.


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