Monday, March 12, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 13/03/07]

Bernice Liu Ups Fee for Bathing Shoot

Bernice Liu was shooting a set of ads for her skin cleanser sponsors in a Chai Wan studio yesterday and this is the third year that she will be representing the company. This set of ads will be very fresh and simple, wearing springtime clothing to represent the simplicity, ease and convenience of the product. However, there will be a bathing shoot later, which will not be too revealing but will give a fresh feeling.

In her third year as spokesperson, Bernice indicates that her fee has gone up and she is very pleased with it. However, the happiest thing for her is that she can represent a product with such a healthy image. She feels that after taking on this sponsor, she has helped to promote healthy skin and protection to other women and to help them lose their inhibitions about the subject.

Bernice has always been linked with Moses and although they have always denied any relationship, they were spotted earlier sharing a taxi to go home. She admits that they did ride together in a taxi because they were meeting an advertising client in Soho for dinner and afterwards, they took a taxi back to Admiralty first to drop off Moses before she returned to her own home. As for the reports that Fala Chen has been flirting with Moses, Bernice says that this is their business and only they will know. Asked if she has told Moses to be more wary, she smiles that it would be better if the reporters said this to him because she will not interfere with his business.


[Ta Kung Pao 13/03/07]

Fiona Yuen Wants to Enter Food and Drink Industry

Fiona Yuen has taken part in a fair number of food and drink programmes and has also released her own cookbooks, so she has strong links to the gourmet industry already. Recently, she was invited by TVB to be a presentation guest at the "Gourmet Kings Awards 2007". Appearing at the press conference for the event, Fiona was deep in conversation with all the gastronomists at the event and she smiles that she is taking the opportunity to gain more skills and experiences in cooking.

Fiona says that she is happy to appear with a 'gourmet' image and maybe in the future, she would like to enter the catering industry. She reveals that she hopes in two years time to have her own restaurant, so she is busy working hard at her research now.

Although she is a dab hand at making desserts, Fiona hopes that her restaurant will cater for many different types of food. Asked if she is ready with just two years to go, she syas that for now she is looking for investors, but she has found one or two already. Asked if she would like to win an industry award, she smiles of course she does because her cooking has been complimented in the past and this gives her great satisfaction, so she will work hard at testing her dishes in the hope she can gain more experience.


[The Sun 13/03/07]

"Ten Brothers" Finale Peaks at 39 points

TVB announced its ratings for last week, with the finale of "Ten Brothers" reaching an average of 36 points and peaking at 39 points. The mediocre reception of "Best Bet" earlier also took a turn, rising by 2 points on finale night, reaching a 30 point average. The finale of "Welcome to the House" pulled the ratings up by 9 points to an average of 23 points. The Pok Oi Charity show over the weekend gained an average of 21 points.


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