Sunday, March 11, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 12/03/07]

Gigi Receives Gifts and Flowers from Rich Fan worth a six figure sum

Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai, Queenie Chu and Matthew Ko were among the cast members at a promotion in a shopping mall for the new series "Life Art" that will be airing tonight. The cast did some flower arranging, calligraphy and painting before handing out some red roses to the audience. As Kevin approached the crowd to hand out his flowers, some of the people put their hands out to grab the flowers and some even grabbed him as he cried out: "I'm being mugged!"

There will be three series starting to be aired this evening and Kevin was asked whether he is worried about ratings. He says in a relaxed manner: "This is a comedy, so I am quite relaxed and ratings don't matter. The audience's tastes are hard to predict. (But you are the ratings lucky star?) Don't say that, we still don't know. Everyone has given their efforts and hard work." As for his regular promotional events with Gigi for this show, is he worried about developing rumours? He says firmly: "We have already worked together twice, so there shouldn't be any. (If you could choose between Gigi and Niki [Chow] who would you rather have rumours with?) It's not up to me to choose! (Who are you more comfortable with?) I can't say who I am more comfortable with, these things happen all the time and can't be helped. Maybe because I work so much with Niki, so we have more rumours."

As for Niki appearing hesitant whilst responding to recent rumours, making people suspect that there is something going on between them, Kevin says that he is also not someone who is confident in answering questions and he will also stutter sometimes. He says once again: "I don't want to talk about rumours because they are just the same nonsense over and over again and it is very tiresome. (If you admit it, then it will be okay?) I will not destroy what I have achieved in ten years, in the past I have not spoken about my dates and I will not speak about them now. (Are you worried that if you reveal your relationship then things will go wrong?) I just don't want any unnecessary pressure. If I get married in the future, I will reveal it, but I have no plans to marry for now."

Gigi was presented with some gifts earlier from a middle-aged fan, including a lucky packet, a necklace and her family heirloom jade. Yesterday, the fan was there once again to support her and she presented Gigi with a big bunch of purple roses and a lucky packet, with the flowers matching Gigi's outfit exactly.

As this fan is extremely generous, there are guesses that she is very rich and there have been suggestions that this rich lady likes Gigi because she is also a rich lady herself, but Gigi shakes her head and says: "It is not related, I am still working hard. (There were reports of you buying jewellery for yourself as a reward?) That is an investment, usually I will not wear it out as I am waiting for the value to increase." Gigi also says that she has saved up all the gifts from this lady and just in lucky packets, she has received a five figure sum, together with the other gifts, the total is a six figure sum. She plans to donate all her gifts and toys to charity after she retires from the industry and she urges her fans not to spend so much money on her.

Asked about the ratings for the series, what will she do to thank the audience if the ratings are good? Gigi says: "I think wearing a bikini is old hat now, so a draw for a delicacy banquet or cash would be better because people will be happier. (How much cash?) At least $3000 if it goes above 30 points and for each extra point to put it up by $1000. (Will you pay for it yourself?) If Mr Cheng [Kevin] doesn't want to join in, then I don't mind paying myself. The banquet will be paid for by the producer and the company." Asked if she is against wearing bikinis, she laughs: "I am no longer a young girl now, so I don't want to do so much. Being practical is better."


[Ta Kung Pao 12/03/07]

Kate and Fala Fight for the Limelight at Charity Show

Kevin Cheng, Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, Kelly Chen, Harlem Yu, Nancy Sit, Kenny Bee, Jade Kwan, Kenny Kwan and Vincy were all guests on the Pok Oi Charity show this year. Fala and Kate wore sexy dance outfits as they performed in a musical drama with Kevin and dancing teacher Chow Chi Kwan. In this act, Fala wore an outfit that accentuated her breasts as she caught everyone's attention.

Regarding this, Fala indicates that she did not try it on before and she did not realise how sexy the outfit looked. Asked if she has added pads, she syas: "I have not supported my bust, it is just an effect from the dress design."

Whilst Kate was performing with teacher Chow, he slipped up on some of the confetti on the floor and tripped together with Kate, who revealed her bra pad in the process. Kate comforted Chow, saying that she knew it was a mistake and they have done their best. As for revealing her pad, she says: "I have followed the precautions and I am not afraid of revealing myself."

Dancing with Fala and Kate who both have strong dance backgrounds, Kevin does not feel that he will be compared to them and he feels that it is even better with them in the act, because it has raised his own interest in dancing and if he has time, then he will try to upgrade himself even more by learning to dance.


[The Sun 12/03/07]

Raymond and Jessica like brother and sister - No Rows

Raymond Lam, Toby Leung and Sheren Tang set out to film in Ningbo yesterday for new series "The Drive of Life". TVB executive Tommy Leung and his wife were there to see their daughter off in person and when Raymond saw him, he was very tactful and greeted him warmly. As for the rumours that he has fallen out with Jessica Hsuan, Raymond said a little impatiently: "How would we? We are often hugging each other and refer to each other as brother and sister. There was never anything between us and it is just nonsense written by the magazines. (Was there a misunderstanding before?) Not at all! This is the first time I have worked with Jessica, but we know each other very well anyway because we had the same manager."

As for the reports that he was hiding in the men's toilets for 45 minutes, Raymond says: "Even if I was suffering from diarrheoa it would not take 45 minutes, even 4 and a half minutes would be too long. Maybe we get along too well so people just want to write things about us. The most important thing is that the artistes don't mind and just treat it as a laugh." Toby also says that she has never seen Raymond being late and supports him saying he is always chatting with Jessica, so there is no animoscity between them."


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