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[Ta Kung Pao 07/03/07]

Gigi at 'Life Art' Promotion - Kevin Just Smiles Off Rumours

TVB's new series "Life Art" will begin airing on Monday and cast members including Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng, Yvonne Lam, Rabee'a Yeung and 'young Gigi' Cathy Yuen attended a restaurant in Wanchai yesterday for a 'D.I.Y Lifestyle' Promotion. At the event, the men and women split into two teams in a competition to make coffee and afternoon tea. As she leant over, Rabee'a was in danger of revealing herself, but fortunately the girls won, so it was all worthwhile.

As the weather was rather cold yesterday, Gigi seemed rather goosepimply in her denim shorts and was holding onto Yvonne who wore a coat. Gigi smiled: "I am very afraid of the cold and even if I wear a big coat or hug onto her it doesn't help. I am a hot-blooded animal. (Do you have goose pimples?) Fortunately I am getting used to it now and am not feeling too cold."

Gigi also says that her previous few series were quite heavy, so this one was a light relief for her, with a strong Japanese series feel. She smiles: "This time, I play a modern day Siu Lung Nui as she is always wearing white clothes and there are blue skies and white clouds, with a feeling of freshness, so it will give everyone a new sensation. I am very confident of the ratings." Her character has a disability in her right arm and as she could not move her right arm during filming, she found it hard to detach herself from the character and even now, she is always holding onto her arm. She says: "Maybe it is in my brain now, so I am always depending on my left hand and I am losing control of my right arm. As a result, my left arm is more articulate now, so I have become smarter."

After the new year break, Kevin was revealed to have visited rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow's home late at night, so yesterday he was asked if he had spent the lantern festival with her. He smiles: "I am not saying! (Have you both agreed on what you will say?) There is no point in saying too much, we just say the same thing all the time. (This is good news, everyone is happy for you!) Marriage and childbirth is good news, when that happens, I will tell you. (Dating is not good news?) I will not reveal it whether I am dating or not. This is a very personal affair and I thank everyone for your concern."

Asked whether Niki's sister has moved out of their home now to allow him to use her parking space, Kevin still refused to answer. So has he been very happy lately? He smiles: "I have always been around the same." Will he be less cautious in the future and continue to visit Niki's home at night? He smiled and stayed silent. So what is his current relationship with Niki? He asks for mercy as he says: "There is nothing I can say, please don't crowd me!"

Returning to the subject of his series, is he confident of the ratings? He says: "I will be calm about it. Ratings are not controlled by the actors, the most important thing is that I have done my part and I enjoyed the process of filming. In truth, not every artist and every series gets high ratings."


[Ta Kung Pao 07/03/07]

Michael Tse Pledges to Quit Smoking

After many unsuccesful attempts to quit smoking, Michael Tse took part in a "Speed Quitting Competition" event yesterday, where he pledged to quit his habit of over 20 years in just four weeks. During the event, he had a carbon monoxide check that indicated that his addition was average.

Michael has tried to give up in the past and the best he has managed was five days. This time he has the support from his family and even his wife is joining him in the programme, which is very scientific and successful. There is no need to take pills and this makes him confident of successfully quitting this time. Asked if he and his wife are giving up because they would like to have children, Michael says that this is one of the reasons, because if the parents are healthy, then the children will also be healthy, but there are other reasons, such as when he saw people fainting in the Hong Kong Marathon and he says: "TVB has started filming using HD technology and this means that artistes' appearances and skin will appear very clearly. Giving up smoking will improve my skin and I will look better on the screen!"

Asked whether he will be avoiding his smoking friends when he gives up, Michael says that he is worried about the temptation when he is with these friends, but he will not avoid them. He smiles: "I am most worried that when I give up, I will put on a lot of weight!" Talking of the smoker's faces of other artistes, Michael says that Yuen Chau's smoking face in movies is the most revolting.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/03/07]

Stephen Wong Sets Sights on Role Model Aaron

Hawick Lau took part in an opening ceremony for his sponsors, men's slimming company Mence, yesterday and announced that Stephen Wong Cheung Hing will be joining him as a new spokesperson for 2007. During the event, looking slimmer and fitter, Stephen was requested by host Derek Li to remove his shirt and show off his 'pecs and abs'.

Asked if his fee for this contract was quite substantial, Stephen says that he is pleased with his fee for the 18 month contract. However, money is not the issue as the happiest thing for him as he has lost 30 lbs in fat over just two months, keeping his chest at 42 ins, but reducing his waist to just 30 ins. He also has a four-pack and he hopes to continue building this into an eight-pack and getting a similar figure to Aaron Kwok. When it was suggested that he should pose in his swimming trunks to attract more customers, Stephen says directly: "No problem! After getting so fit, then I would like to have more opportunities for work."

Stephen's brother Francois was also at the event and he reveals that he will be heading out to Hainan Island on the 9th to take part in Mr World Contest, so he is working hard to get his figure into top condition for the event. As for current spokesperson Hawick, he says that with Stephen joining the company with his youthful image, then he will be sent to attract the middle aged men instead.


[The Sun 07/03/07]

Plump Melissa Ng Raises Suspicions over Pregnancy

After finishing with her last series "La Femme Desperado", Melissa Ng has scarcely made any appearances, but yesterday she was wearing a loose fitting top as she went shopping in Admiralty. Her waist was looking decidedly rounder than her usual slim figure and this has raised suspicions that she is three or four months pregnant. Is she going to have a golden pig baby this year?

At around 3pm yesterday, Melissa wore a beige cardigan and jeans with a flat cap, Hermes handbag and Chanel sunglasses as she joined two friends out shopping in Admiralty's Pacific Place shopping mall. Melissa looked a lot rounder than usual after her recent disappearance and her belly seemed to be similar to that of a pregnancy of three or four months. When the reporters took photos of her, she became very defensive and kept waving them away and then covering her belly with her bag. Asked if she has bought anything, she replied: "No, I am just shopping with my friends. Please don't photograph me." After saying this, she and her friends retreated to the Chloe store and Lane Crawford to continue shopping, still covering up her abdomen with her handbag, before getting fed up and leaving.

Afterwards, the reporters tried to call her to ask about whether she was pregnant, but when the phone was answered, the call was ended immediately and she could not be contacted at time of going to press.

There has been a continuing rumour over recent years that Melissa has had a secret wedding to a wealthy trust fund company director dubbed as the 'invisible tycoon' Wong Wai Lun and so she is incredibly rich and has been living the life of a lady of leisure. Filming series has been 'just for fun', but whenever she was asked about her marriage, she has always avoided a direct response, keeping a very low profile.

On the other hand, there have also been rumours that despite huge acclaim from her series "La Femme Desperado", not receiving a nomination in last year's TVB 'Best Actress; award has upset Melissa a lot, resulting in her absence from the anniversary and also passing on the female lead role in "The Slicing of the Demon", which was later given to Bernice Liu.

With Melissa's high status in TVB, for her not to have a role in this year's grand productions "Jewels Splendor" and "The Drive of Life" seems rather unusual. Suggestions are that she has aired her displeasure to TVB, or maybe she is wanting to take some time out to nurse her little one?


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