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[Ta Kung Pao 05/03/07]

'Welcome to the House' Cast Celebrate Lantern Festival

On the Chinese Lantern Festival yesterday, the cast from TVB's sitcom "Welcome to the House" including Christine Ng, Sharon Chan, Kingdom Yuen, Shermon Tang and Raymond Cho took part in a promotional event at a Tseung Kwan O shopping mall, where they guessed lantern riddles, designed cakes and played games with members of the audience in a fun and lively atmosphere.

During an interview, Christine spotted her uncle and his family in the audience and was so happy that she shouted out to them and invited them in backstage. HOwever, her uncle was not prepared to be photographed and when the reporters raised their cameras, he put his hand up to cover his face. Christine explained: "In Hong Kong, my closest relative is this uncle, but I have not seen him for a year and did not visit him at the new year, so I will go and make it up to him soon."

Asked if she will be celebrating the lantern festival, Christine admitted that she did not even realise the festival until the reporters mentioned it to her and she said with surprise: "I did not know it was the lantern festival. I have to work tonight and my husband will be going to see a concert and celebrating with an African musician!" As Christine will be taking part in the new series "Destiny Comes from Chance", she has only been able to celebrate her birthday and go visiting on the third day of the new year as she has not had time for anything else. She also reveals that for this new series, she has had a head of thick hair extensions put in and has received good compliments from both men and women, who says she is very attractive. This is her peak since joining TVB. Asked if she is planning to grow her hair long after this, she says she has no plans to because hair extensions are so convenient now. Also, "Welcome to the House" will be ending this Saturday and Christine says that she will be joining the other cast members at Shermon's house to watch the finale.

Sharon joined Lai Lok Yi and Chan Shan Chung for a performance in Toronto earlier, so she was very tired at yesterday's event due to jetlag. When they returned, their plane was delayed due to strong winds and snow by four or five hours, but fortunately it took off smoothly. Sharon was very scared for their safety though, so she was praying constantly.

Although it was only one show, the audience reaction was great and they were singing the retro songs from the series "Glittering Days" wearing their costumes. Most of the audience were ladies, so they were very absorbed and handed out lucky packets. Sharon says happily: "Although the value was not very high, we received a lot and the fee was okay as well, so we immediately opened them up and went shopping."

As for the lantern festival, how will she be celebrating? Sharon says calmly: "I will be having dinner at home. (Taking your boyfriend home to meet your family?) No, just on my own. (Did you not have a boyfriend earlier?) I am not commenting on my relationships, I will be eating along and then I have not arranged anything else because I am very tired. (Did you celebrate for Valentines Day?) I was working with the cast of 'Welcome to the House' in Zhongshan on that day, so I celebrated with my colleagues."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 05/03/07]

Fala Chen and Matthew Ko at Wedding Promotion

Fala Chen and Matthew Ko wore traditional Chinese wedding costumes at a promotional event at Causeway Bay's Times Square yesterday. Wearing golden pig and golden bracelets, Fala entered in a sedan chair and groom Matthew kicked the door in the traditional way causing a few comic moments. Fala and Matthew then witnessed nine pairs of real couples getting married in a very heartwarming ceremony. This touched Fala who said that when she gets married, she will do both the Chinese and Western traditions.

Fala indicates that this is not the first time she has worn a traditional Chinese wedding gown and she has done shows before in this outfit, but it was not as grand as this event and she did not have the gold jewellery last time. She says: "Although the golden pig is very heavy and hard work, it is very sparkly and eyecatching." Asked if she is tempted to get married now, she says she is moved and when she does get married in the future, she will follow all the traditions both Chinese and Western, but as she is a Chinese person, then the Chinese traditions will come first. When does she want to get married? She says that when she was studying, she hoped to get married before she is 30, but she has not found her true love yet, so she believes she will not be ready to marry before she is 30. As she would like to have children, then she will not get married too late in life. When the host joked that Fala looked like she was very eager to get married, she smiled: "Even if I am eager, I will not marry Matthew."

As the weather was quite warm yesterday, Matthew was a little sweaty in his suit. He says that his father got married when he was 21, but he feels that this age is too early and his ideal age for marriage is after he is 35. He feels that marriage is a big event in life and is a great responsibility, so he will settle his career first. Talking of his ideal marriage ceremony, Matthew says that as he works in entertainment, he has to wear a lot of make up, so when he gets married, he would like it to be low profile, but if his other half wants a big ceremony, then he will respect her wishes.


[The Sun 05/04/07]

Niki Silently Admits Romance with Kevin?

Earlier reports indicated that Kevin Cheng was spotted visiting Niki Chow's home late at night and pushed for a response yesterday, Niki seemed to admit their relationship through her silence as she smiled sweetly and said: "I will not respond."

Niki took part in a children's event in Tsuen Wan for the lantern festival, where they held a contest for the 'perfect mini-lovers'. The children made Niki laugh a lot and she seemed to be in high spirits, maybe because of her romance. After the event, Niki was immediately questioned about the reports of Kevin's late night visit, but she indicated that she had just returned from Canada: "I have not seen the reports, but someone mentioned it to me." However, during the questions, she could not help but smile, so maybe the man in the reports really was Kevin!

After some more pressure from the reporters, Niki gave a silent admittal of her romance with Kevin. When it was suggested that Kevin had free access to her home, she immediately responded: "That's not the case! I don't want to respond to this particular piece of gossip and I will not respond to rumours. (You were caught in the act?) No comment! (You are admitting it?) I have not... no comment!" Although she was pressed continually for an answer, Niki kept silent and asked if she was denying their relationship, she just continued with her 'no comment' response, rather than give a direct denial, seemingly wanting to hide something and interpreted by the press as a silent admittal. Asked in a telephone interview about the reports, Kevin replied that he will not respond: "I have not responded all along to all these true or false reports, so I will not say anything this time either."

Asked if she had a date for the lantern festival, Niki said: "No! I do not really celebrate, I heard that the moon will be especially big tonight, so I will go home and watch the moon. I will be having dinner with my parents and grandparents, because I have not seen them for a long time."


[The Sun 05/03/07]

Andrew Cheung Supports TVB Music's 'Children'

Since February this year, renowned musician Andrew Cheung has joined TVB Music as an executive, reporting directly into Ms Mona Fong. He indicates that he will continue to make arrangements for artistes to sing the theme songs to TVB series. Aside from this, they will be sending the songs over to the radio stations for broadcasting, but whether to release albums for them is still under consideration. Andrew has already invited veteran composer Joseph Koo to write the theme songs to the grand production "The Drive of Life" and the two leading males will have a chance to sing these songs.


[The Sun 05/03/07]

Selena Li Still Gets A Grades Despite Travelling during Exams

Travel lover Selena Li will take advantage of the opportunity to travel, even if she only has one spare day and the most classic example of this was when she was still studying, when she found out that her mother and sister were planning a trip to the Caribbean, then even though it was very close to her examination period, she still insisted on joining them. She did not let her trip affect her studies though and she still managed to gain A grades in many subjects. She says: "It proves that I am not someone who becomes too absorbed in having fun. Even faced with sun, sea and sand, I can still study and I am very conscious of safety, so whenever I go somewhere new, I will prepare well beforehand, gathering information from the internet, so at least I know what clothes to take. So even if I am travelling alone, my mother knows that I can look after myself and will never worry about me."


[Ming Pao 05/03/07]

Joyce Tang's Property Plans are Coming into Fruition

Joyce Tang was spotted at the birthday banquet for a Feng Shui Master earlier and as she has been focusing on the Mainland markets for a while, Joyce has made quite a lot of money and she plans to buy into property: "I am afraid of ghosts, so I am a little paranoid about taking elevators, so I would like to buy a house in the countryside, around a thousand square feet and this goal will soon become a reality."

Joyce also reveals that she has been approached by TVB, asking her to return to film a series with them.


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