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[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Bosco, Tavia & Moses at Store Opening

Bosco Wong, Tavie Yeung, Vincci Cheuk and Moses Chan took part in the opening of a fashion store earlier, where they joined some sexy Caucasion models. Bosco seemed quite relaxed, but Moses was a little nervous. Bosco says that during the new year, he was not in good health and on New Year Day, he had to go to hospital, so he did not go visiting much, only visiting Michael Miu and Liza Wang. He says that when he went to Michael's home, he was still feeling unwell, but because he had heard that abalone was being served, he forced himself to go despite his illness.

Sunday will be the New Year Lantern Festival (Chinese Valentines Day), so does he have a date? He smiles: "No! (Do you not have many ladies waiting for you?) No maids and no concubines, I am a loner!" He will probably be filming for "Jewels Splendor" on that day and he also reveals that he has been learning Japanese from a tutor that he met when he was filming for "The Seventh Day". Asked if he is learning so that he can meet a Japanese girl, he smiles this is not the case, but he has wanted to learn Japanese all along, but has only attended one class so far. Is he not afraid of being photographed and raising rumours when he goes to his lessons? He says: "That's why I am mentioning it now."

Asked if he went to visit Myolie Wu's family at the new year, Bosco immediately said: "I don't get any lucky packets from her home! (Her sister is married now!) I don't really know her sister that well and have only seen her once, but if I see her I will ask for a lucky packet." Talking of the reports that he and Myolie are wearing the same accessories brand, he smiles that this is because it is fashionable and he and Kevin Cheng also wear the same brand of watch and now he has the same brand of wallet as Moses.

Moses indicates that as well as receiving a fee for this event, he will also be sponsored with some clothes. He feels that as an artiste, you have to keep changing your image to maintain your attraction to the sponsors. Asked if he has been approached by any weird companies, he says: "Not really. Usually my ads are very ordinary, just clothing and shoes. (What will you not do?) There are no limits really, the most important thing is that the deal goes through."

During the new year, Moses took two days holiday. Has rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu visited him? He laughs: "No she hasn't! (Did you go and visit her?) No! You should spend the new year with your family and visit your relatives." However, he did see Bernice at work earlier and they exchanged greetings, when he wished her beauty and happiness in the new year.

Tavia appeared at the event in a low cut dress and was very sexy. When the press commented that her figure is getting better, Tavia indicated that the dress is quite close fitting, so she daren't eat anything beforehand because she was afraid of showing her belly. Asked if she has attracted the glances from people in the shopping mall, she says: "The passers-by did say hello to me, but I was very safe because there were a lot of fans around me."

Tavia indicates that she will also be receiving sponsorship in addition to her fee. With summer on its way, has she bought herself some bikinis? She says that she will not buy any. When the reporters praised her figure, she smiled: "My figure has always been very good and has never got worse, but I just wanted to make it even more perfect." She admits that she rarely goes sunbathing in Hong Kong wearing a bikini, unless she is at her friend's private pool. As she does not know how to swim, then she will be 'dry baking' on a beach and it will be hard work. Tavia reveals that she will soon be taking on an ad for a slimming company and may appear in a swimsuit. Asked if she has a bottom line of sexiness, she smiles that it just has to be healthy.

Vincci has been rumoured to be getting married this year, but she denied this, saying it will probably be next year. She smiles that she has been with her boyfriend for less than a year and they will be celebrating their first anniversary on 4th March. She says that she would like to receive a handbag as a gift, but she says with so many special days in the year, then they often exchange gifts with each other. She also says that she has not registered to get married yet, so when she does she will tell everyone. She hopes to do more before her wedding and would like a simple Western wedding ceremony.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Nancy Wu Denied Lucky Packet from Carlo Ng

TVB Pearl will be airing the Americal legal show "Shark" from next Monday and a promotional event was held for it yesterday, with Queenie Chu, Nancy Wu, Kanin Ngo and Otto Chan appearing in prosecutor gowns at the event. MC Miguel Choi was dressed as the judge and looked the part!

Nancy says she will watch the show for some tips because she may play a lawyer in the future. She has just finished filming her last series and has not been given a new series yet. As for the new year, she says she received just over a thousand dollars in lucky packets. She says: "Every year I never receive more than $2000. (Have you played cards at home?) My family played cards, but I just watched because I am not interested in playing and losing my lucky money." She adds that when she asked Carlo Ng for a lucky packet, he said that he stopped giving them out after noon on the first day of the new year, so she was left empty-handed and disappointed. Asked when she will be handing out lucky packets, she smiled: "A while yet! I hope I can give them out to the crew next year because it is a symbol of good luck."

Queenie is currently working on two series and she will soon be heading out to Thailand with the cast of "Jewels Splendor" to film on location. She says she is looking forward to it because everyone has their own personal pool at that hotel. Her other series is "Survivor's Law II", where she plays Kwok Fung's girlfriend and is a villain. In order to play her part well, she has been watching films and seeking advice from veterans that she is working with.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Linda Chung Wows the Crowd in Short Skirt

Linda Chung, Bosco Wong and Wong He were filming earlier in Mongkok's Sai Yeung Choi Street for "Jewels Splendor" and as there were a lot of people in the street, they attracted a big crowd as soon as they appeared, all holding up their phones to take photographs of them. Some passers-by even put themselves in danger as they stood in the middle of the road to take photos. As a result, the filming was obstructed and it took two police officers to intervene and gain control before they could continue.

Although the three stars are quite experienced and they only needed to speak a few lines, the extra who they were working with and all the photographing by pedestrians caused a number of outtakes. Linda wore a short dress that revealed her beautiful legs and this also raised comments from the audience. The funniest incident was when the crowd became so big that they could not move people away, so the crew asked the crowd to become more extras in the scene, but instructed them not to take photos with their phones or cameras during the shoot. The public were more than happy to work as unpaid extras and have their faces on the screen!


[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Kenneth Ma Awaiting Yu Mo Lin's Kiss

TVB's Pay Vision held a press event for Scoop yesterday attended by Aimee Chan, Kenny Wong, Kenneth Ma, Yoyo Chen, Yu Mo Lin and Lo Chun Shun. The artistes had to draw a partner out to play games with and to feed each other dumplings. Kenneth was paired with Yu Mo Lin and they gazed deeply into each others eyes in a very comedic scene.

Kenneth smiles that he was captured by Yu Mo Lin's eyes and as she indicates she has never had a kiss scene in a series, Kenneth says he does not mind taking her first kiss and will await this eagerly because it will be a different feeling. Yu Mo Lin's contract with TVB will soon expire and she says that the company has offered her a new contract of 'One show per year'. She has asked for advice from her friends, such as Ha Yu, who has suggested that she should sign because it means that she can still come back once in a while to catch up and see her friends. Even Lee Heung Kam supports her. After signing her new contract, her salary has increased by $100, but she says she is not in it for the money, but just her great interest in acting. The company has also offered to consider a new image for her.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Fala Chen Causes Chaos with her Beauty

Fala Chen and newcomer Tong Chi Nga were guest models at a wedding gown show at a Tsimshatsui bar earlier, attracting several tens of photography fanatics to the event. When Fala took a walk off the stage, ten security guards had to be deployed to protect her as the fanatics lost control, pushing and shoving the barriers to get a photograph of her, leading to some chaos.

Fala was very calm despite the confusion and says that she has been at this venue before to model eveningwear and the walk offstage was arranged by the organisers. She thinks that the securitymen were called in to protect the wedding dress from being trampled on because it is very expensive. With them keeping control, Fala was not worried at all. When it was suggested that a bar is a rowdy place with people from all backgrounds, Fala says that after entering showbiz, in order to avoid malicious reports by the tabloids, then she has rarely gone out late. "I do like to dance and when I was in high school, I would go with my friends to the disco, but after I finished my studies, then I have not been much and even when I do, I never drink."


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