Sunday, March 18, 2007

[The Sun 18/03/07]

Stephen Wong's 'little brother' under Attack

TVB Pearl will be airing the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens shortly and a promotional event was held yesterday. In one of the events, Stephen Wong (Cheung Hing) was tackled by one of the young rugby players and was hit squarely in the groin area, leaving him wincing and immediately dropping the ball. Asked if 'little Stephen' was okay,he laughed: "It was a little painful, so I immediately let go of the ball. Fortunately it was only a child, so he was not all that strong."

Also at the event, Aimee Chan indicates that she liked to play rugby when she was at school, but now she prefers to do yoga. When she was asked about the story of a woman whose breast implants burst whilst she was doing yoga and whether she was worried about this, Aimee immediately changed the subject and said: "I also like horse riding. (Are you not afraid of 'exploding breasts'?) Why would I be afraid, all sports have an element of risk when you don't warm up. I have also done martial arts before and I got injuries if I did not stretch."


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