Sunday, March 18, 2007

[The Sun 17/03/07]

"Life Art" Under Fire from Critics

With a cast led by Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai, TVB's new series "Life Art" began airing this week, but Kevin's character appears in the promotional clips trying to find a date and this has been compared to the plot of Japanese series "Densha Otaku" in which the leading male does the same thing and leading to suggestions of copying the idea.

As far as the costumes are concerned, Kevin's character has similar fashion sense to the protagonist in "Densha" too, wearing thick rimmed glasses and looking like a nerd. Gigi's shoulder length hair and costumes also show an 80% resemblance to the female lead in the Japanese series. As both couples meet on the internet, the plot is almost identical too and even some camera angles are exactly the same. No wonder that some netizens are arguing over whether TVB have blatantly copied the series entirely.

Aside from this, there have also been criticisms about the theme song being very old-fashioned, as if you are being taken down a time tunnel back to the sixties and seventies and with some people even suggesting it has a hypnotising effect. Gigi also comes under fire for acting 'too cutesy', but there are some fans who compliment her for looking so good despite being in her thirties.

Responding to the copycat comments, Kevin says: "It is a coincidence! The character is not a nerd, but an ambitious IT person and the plot was written in this way! I have never watched 'Densha' and usually I do not go on the net very often."

Also, a vote was launched yesterday for the 'Most Questionable Anniversary Male Lead Award Winners Since 1997' and Kevin's award last year for "Under the Canopy of Love" emerged as the early leader, followed by Bowie Lam in "War and Beauty" and Louis Koo in "Detective Investigation Files IV".


[The Sun 17/03/07]

Linda Chung Spotted with Al Wai in Lan Kwai Fong

Linda Chung was spotted with TVB Veteran actor Al Wai in Central's Lan Kwai Fong area. Walking a little apart from each other, Linda, who was on the phone as she walked, seemed rather frightened when she saw the press. She explained that this was her first visit to the area and she was just checking the location: "We will be filming here for 'Jewels Splendor'. I play a rich girl who likes to go out partying and drinking, but I don't usually do these things, so I am finding it hard to act this role. As a result, I asked Al to come with me to see what happens here and I have already notified the company about this." Asked if she is worried about rumours, she smiles: "He played my father in 'Best Bet' and I have adopted him as my godfather, so he is accompanying me this time to help with my courage." After looking around for a while, she left to go home by MTR.


[The Sun 17/03/07]

Nancy Wu has no Fears of Newcomers Stealing her Work

Matthew Ko and Nancy Wu appeared at the press conference for the "TVbeople Talent Search" yesterday and the eight newcomers took turns to introduce themselves to the press. Among them was Joe Yau, famed for winning $1 in the "Deal or No Deal" gameshow and during his intro, he thanked executive Virginia Lok on several occasions. Asked if she is worried about the newcomers stealing all her work, Nancy says: "I have seen them and there is only one girl, so I am not scared. Matthew is more worried than me!"


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