Friday, March 02, 2007

[The Sun 03/03/07]

Kenix Hopes For Greater Success In Husband/Wife Partnership

When they were touring in Canada, Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam are very happy at the good results of their series "Ten Brothers". Kenix says: "When we were doing shows in Canada, we would receive the good news from the producer every day, so we decided to be back in Hong Kong for the celebratory meal. In the past, the real life lovers or husband and wife partnerships have been very mediocre on screen, so we have broken through this and we don't mind working together again on a series." Nancy Wu also indicates that she will be joining some of the cast members to enjoy the airing of the final episode and have a meal together.


[Oriental Daily 03/03/07]

Charmaine Goes For A Drive Before her Driving Ban

Charmaine Sheh has had her driving licence suspended recently for receiving too many penalty points, but before the ban was put in place, she had to rush to film her driving scenes for her series "The Drive of Life". On that night, she and Damien Lau were filming in Central and the director was very attentive to Charmaine and had even provided a stunt double for her to do the more intricate action scenes. Charmaine kept within the law and dare not speed during filming. Meanwhile, in between takes, Damian was busy texting away.


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