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[The Sun 02/03/07]

Sheren Tang Enjoys Being Fought Over

Sheren Tang, Michael Miu and Ng Wai Kwok were filming for TVB series "The Drive of Life" earlier on location. In the scene, the two men are fighting over Sheren, but even off-camera, there is some competition going on. Sheren reveals that although Michael and Ng are both mature on the outside, they are actually like little children and she feels like she is 'babysitting' them. The funniest thing is how Sheren knows that Ng is a vegetarian, so she made some food for him especially, but when Michael found out, he tried to snatch the food from him.

After getting to know them, Sheren has a new insight: "I know that Michael is afraid of boredom, so I have to spend time with him. With Ng, you have to buy him food to makehim happy." In the past, Sheren feels that boyish men are a pain, but now she finds them quite interesting!


[The Sun 02/03/07]

Bowie Lam Throws Money at Eddie Kwan

Filming for TVB's new series "Jewels Splendor", Bowie Lam, Eddie Kwan and Kenny Wong were spotted earlier at around 9pm in Central, where they were filming an argument scene. As the three men shouted at each other, the crowds gathered to watch the commotion.

In the scene, Bowie and Kenny start off in the car, where they are yelled at by Eddie in the street. Then Bowie gets out and throws a pile of $100 notes at Eddie as they start getting aggressive. Eddie is beaten to the ground and as Bowie turns to get back into the car, Eddie picks up a wooden pole to attack him from behind. When Kenny sees this, he sacrifices himself to rescue Bowie and afterwards, Bowie helps good friend Kenny and examines his injuries.


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[The Sun 02/03/07]

Suki Chui Voted as Hong Kong's Biggest Flirt

Since she entered TVB, Suki Chui has been dogged with gossip about her flirtatiousness and recently, together with Fala Chen and Ella Koon, they have been voted by netizens as the most disliked flirt monsters.

Recently, netizens at the Hong Kong Forum voted for the new generation of 'Top Four TVB Flirts', with the nominees including Suki, Fala, Ella and Queenie Chu. After many days of discussion, Suki is emerging as the leader of the pack. Member 'emilyau' says: "Her innocence act is not up to scratch." In second place, Fala was criticised by 'bigee21334': "Fala Chen is known to be slutty and flirty, but she is not that pretty." Conversely, 'shaking car girl' Queenie did not receive any votes.

There is some substance behind Suki's image though because although she claims to have a steady boyfriend, in less than a year, she has been linked in gossip with producer Chin Kwok Wai, Kevin Cheng and Wong Yi Hing. As one of her rumoured beaus, Yi Hing commented at an event yesterday denying the rumours. He says: "My mother and my friends have not even asked! I will be more careful when I invite people to dinner, I don't mind but I don't want it to affect others."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 02/03/07]

Louisa So Floats to the Skies

Beautiful Cooking Goddess Louisa So took part in a cookery event at Ocean Park earlier and spent several hours there enjoying herself. She had a close encounter with celebrity parrot Bon Bon and it made her very happy. She reveals that her family used to own a green and yellow parrot that used to talk all day and it increased the atmosphere in her home. Now she is tempted to keep a pet parrot again.

Then Louisa took a ride in a hot air balloon and when she rose up 120 metres in the air, she said excitedly: "I can finally go as high as a parrot can, hurry and help me take a photo!" She says that she has grown up in the South District, so she has deep impressions of the area and she often went to Ocean Park in the past for special occasions, so she has left a lot of her childhood memories here.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/03/07]

Maria Chen Gains Diving Licence But Injures Eardrum

Maria Chen was in Malaysia earlier and after five days intensive training, she finally received her divers' licence, but unfortunately she sustained an injury to her eardrum. Maria indicates that she has been on the theory course before, but because she dived donw too quickly when she came to do the practical exercise, her ears were not able to adapt to the change in pressure. At first, she felt pain and a little nauseous and the deeper she went, the more it hurt. She immediately sought medical attention and the doctor said she was fine and was just suffering from an infection.

The next day, Maria continued diving and her ear was fine, but after returning to Hong Kong, she visited the doctor who diagnosed a pierced eardrum, which has worsened because of the mis-diagnosis in Malaysia because the medication they gave her would just worsen the condition. In the worst case scenario, she could have been left deaf in that ear and this frightened Maria a lot. However, she has received the correct treatment now and the right medication, so she should be fine within a month. She says: "I am a lot better now, the happiest thing is that I now have my licence. I will not give up diving and this experience has been worth it. I have no regrets at all."


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