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[Ming Pao 04/03/07]

Ron and Tavia Enjoy Lantern Festival

Over the years, the Lantern Festival has brought together many love stories of scholars and beauties. For today's festival, screen lovers Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung join together on a tour of the lantern displays at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and this noisy, playful couple reveal their chemistry among the colourful lanterns, sharing hugs and catching everyone's attention as Tavia even tries to give Ron a piggyback!

Ron has earned himself the title of 'gossip king',so he is keeping a safe distance from female artistes that he is likely to become linked with, but Tavia is an exception. They have worked together as a couple on many occasions and have never had any rumours because they have known each other since they both started in the industry and share a manager, so there are no fears. Ron has many rumoured girlfriends, but he is still looking for his true love, so that he can shake off all the rumours and concentrate on his career. He says: "I will wait patiently for 'her' to appear. I am still young." Before he meets 'the one', Ron will be working hard to make money to buy a big house for his family to live more comfortably.

Tavia is envious of the girls in ancient times who found their love through the lantern riddles because she would like to have a good lover. She says: "People nowadays are not so focussed on marriage and relationships come and go very easily. Of course I wish for a loving and lasting marriage, but society has changed now and women do not simply depend on getting married to survive. To have a man to depend on is a good thing, but you also have to plan for yourself. Acting is a job that I love, because it brings fame and fortune. Love and career are both important and I will not give up my career for love."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/03/07]

Ron Ng and Fiona Sit Reunited at Armani Show

World famous designer label Armani held the preview show for its new season's collections in Central yesterday and Ron Ng, Myolie Wu an Fiona sit attended wearing their Armani outfits. Despite their rumours of animoscity on the set of the earlier series "The Academy", Ron and Fiona were still happy to pose for photographs, but when it came to matching outfits, Ron and Myolie were more suited to each other.

Ron says that he has always liked the Armani cut, especially in leather coats. Asked if he was worried about his good friend Bosco Wong being jealous of him looking like a couple with Myolie, he says that he worked with Myolie in the series "War and Destiny" and he has also been on a promotional trip with her, so he agrees with Roger Kwok's view that artistes should be compatible with anyone.

Myolie reveals that she will be an ambassador for Oxfam again this year and she is the first artiste to have this role for two consecutive years. She will be going out to visit Lanzhou soon with the charity and then filming for "The Drive of Life" in Ningbo after that. Has Myolie sponsored a child? She says she has not, but Ron indicates that he has sponsored two children in the Philippines and one in the Mainland.

Fiona wore a black strap dress to the event and she says that she looks like a young version of Paula Tsui. Talking of meeting with Ron again, she says that they have not seen each other for a while and she did greet him and ask him if it was hard work filming for the sequel to "The Academy", but Ron had replied that the first one was harder. When the reporters asked if this was because working with her was hard work, Fiona immediately explains that it was harder because of the exercises that they had to do at the Police Training School, but it was good fun.

Pushed further, Fiona was asked if it really was fun with the criticisms over her hairstyle and everyone rumoured to be falling out and she says she felt that her haircut was okay, but the extreme change was just hard to accept. She smiles: "I did look pretty bad, but it was not a horrible experience and it was all worth it. When I was suffering from sunstroke, there was some hardship and it was hard work, especially with all the negative press. Although she did not exchange telephone numbers with Ron and fellow co-star Sammul Chan, they still chatted with each other on set and looked after each ohter and Sammul even bought her album to listen to. Fiona has been working on losing weight through yoga recently and has lost 5 lbs in two weeks, so she weighs just over 90 lbs now. She is preparing herself to promote her forthcoming album.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/03/07]

Bosco Wong Surrounded by Fans in Malaysia

Bosco Wong was in Malaysia earlier at a promotional event for the Kim Gary Restaurant chain. He visited Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur on his tight schedule. As many Hong Kong series are aired in Malaysia, he has quite a large fanbase there and the fans were all eager to catch a glimpse of their idol, so wherever Bosco went, there were large crowds and amidst the chaos and crowding, he almost fell over at one point and at one of the venues, he couldn't even get in, but fortunately there were no accidents.

Bosco says that he has tried the local steamer rice dish, where one steamer has the equivalent of ten plates of Yang Chow Fried Rice in it, so he is full of praises of how filling and delicious it is. During the promotion, he also enjoyed the performance of the lion dancing and as he took a few lessons whilst filming for his Wong Fei Hung series, he was itching to try it for himself. Bosco says that the biggest reward from this trip was a lucky packet with $1500 inside that made him very happy. The restaurant is also very happy with their spokesperson, so they will be renewing their contract with him again this year and doubling his fee.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/03/07]

Charmaine Says her Own Cake is Delicious

Charmaine Sheh, Yumiko Cheng, Winnie Leung and Yuen Chau took part in a shopping mall event yesterday and also promoted their film "Lady Iron Chef". Charmaine and Yumiko arrived half an hour late for the event, where they played games with the audience. Asked if she has a date for the Lantern Festival, she smiles: "Yes, a lot of people! I will be meeting the crew to work! (Has Benny Chan not invited you out?) I'm not talking about this." Talking of her cookery skills, Charmaine says that she has made cakes before and they taste quite good. Her best dishes are making Western snacks and cakes.

Yumiko has just returned to Hong Kong from Canada and this was her first time skiing, but she kept falling over. However, she has become very interested in the sport now and will go back again. The reporters asked her if she was helped up by any men when she fell over and she smiles: "No! (Leon Lai and Gaile Lok were very sweet when they went skiing!) I don't have that kind of luck. They are very sweet!" Has she a date for the festival? She says she does not usually celebrate it, so she has not arranged anything.

March 2nd was Winnie's birthday and she has never had a birthday party before, so this was the first year when she had a celebration arranged. She received many presents such as a necklace and a camera. As for the Lantern festival, she does not have a date, but on the Western Valentines day on 14th February, she received a bunch of flowers from a man and she was very touched.


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