Sunday, February 25, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/02/07]

More Gossip in Store for Ron this Year

A Tai Po Shopping Mall held a special new year promotional event with guests from TVB's "The Brink of Law" Ron Ng and Kate Tsui as well as band Rednoon. Ron and Kate happily handed out lucky packets at the event and exchanged packets with each other for good luck. Ron says that this is his third year handing out lucky packets and he hopes for smooth progress in his work. He has prepared a few thousand dollars in lucky packets this year and he says that he had a stage performance in Zhuhai on the third day of the new year and has earned some new year fortunes.

Kate and Ron had their fortunes read for the coming year and Ron was told that his 'romance and relationships' luck is very strong this year, so he asked more about positioning when he heard this. Asked if he believes in these things, he says that he is born in the year of the Goat, so this year his work will be very good and he will focus on this. Ron has had some gossip last year, does he feel that this is a 'plum blossom obstacle'? He smiles it isn't and he says that if you believe in these things then it will be true, if you don't then it wont. Of course he would like to have good relationships because as an artiste, popularity is very important. He also insists that he will not deliberately avoid romance. Does he want to distance himself from rumours this year? He syas he does not want to have untrue reports about him all the time.

Kate says her progress last year was not bad and this year she has decided to hand out lucky packets to thank everyone. However, she has not counted up how much she has spent. So how much has she received? She immediately looked disappointed and said that as her parents are not in Hong Kong, she has not received too much. Yesterday was her first public singing performance and she says she was very nervous. To prepare for this performance, she has been practising for a long time. Recently she has started learning to sing and she will be taking part in a TVB Musical soon, when she will have to sing and dance. She also hopes to sing some TVB theme songs this year.


[The Sun 26/02/07]

Aimee Chan Injures Herself on Chinese New Year Day

The three Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in the Po Leung Kuk Charity Walk at the Hong Kong Stadium yesterday, but Aimee was unwell and she says that things have not been too lucky for her so far this year. Telling of how she dislocated a joint in her leg on the first day of the new year, she said hoarsely: "On that day, I strained my thigh muscles during rehearsals and had to grin and bear it during the performance. As soon as I went backstage, it was so painful that I fell to the ground and I am seeing a chiropractor now. Then I have developed a cold over the last few days."

Koni reveals that she has friends who would like to take part in Miss Hong Kong and she has been encouraging them: "I have asked my friends to enter Mr Hong Kong too, but they are too scared. I think I will tell them every year and maybe they will get the message and we can become colleagues."


[The Sun 26/02/07]

Good Behaviour Matt Yeung Ditches Romance for Career

Tomorrow (27th Feb) is Matt Yeung's 26th birthday and he joined some of his classmates from the Artiste Training Class, including good friend Chan Kwan, earlier for a celebration at a karaoke. Asked if his girlfriend from outside the industry was there to give him a kiss, he explains that the girl he was photographed with earlier was not his girlfriend and at the moment he is not dating. He also says that his birthday wish is for his work to go smoothly and to behave properly, so he does not want to date just yet. "The company have already urged me not to date anyone. Now that my image is returning to the positive, I want to take this chance to cherish my career."


[The Sun 26/02/07]

Cindy Au Makes Heartfelt Meals for Husband

Cindy Au was out promoting her nutritional cookbook yesterday after taking on part-time studies in nutrition since five years ago. She smiles that she has been taking her new knowledge and testing it with her husband Roger Kwok. "Roger's appetite has not reduced, but his weight has not gone up and when we go for body checks, they say that he has a very healthy body." Whenever Roger is free, he will contact Cindy and ask her to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal for him, so no wonder he has such a healthy body.


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