Saturday, February 17, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/02/07]

"The Entire City Dances" In the City

TVB's dancing themed series "The Entire City Dances" filmed a scene earlier in Wanchai's Golden Bauhinia Square that involved the entire cast of the show, including Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Tracy Ip, Claire Yiu, Matthew Ko and Mannor Chan. There have been many dancing scenes in this series and this shoot was the grand finale scene that tells of the cast all dancing in their Latin Dance costumes on the waterfront. As it was quite windy in the evening, all the ladies were shivering a little in their thin costumes.

Steven and Bernice have had many dancing scenes and during filming in this one, there was a lot of intimate contact. Steven even had to lift Bernice to do a spin and this took him rather close to her chest. However, they were too absorbed in the dance to notice too much and Steven danced so hard that he nearly fell over and his shoes were damaged, so they had to pause whilst he changed into his own leather shoes.

Afterwards, Bernice and Steven were asked if they had to reach an understanding with each other before filming and Steven indicated that Bernice was a professional dancer, so she understands that close contact is inevitable. Asked if he nearly fell, he immediately said it was quite spooky and he does not understand why something happens every time he dances. He says the heel of his shoe became stuck in the pavement and the sole came apart, making him trip. Fortunately he has a good balance and could continue to hold onto Bernice.

As for Steven getting so close to her chest while dancing, Bernice says he did not and she feels that getting close during dancing is only normal. Asked if she has danced with her rumoured boyfriend (Moses Chan), she says she has never tried this. As for Valentines Day, she says she spent it working and has not received any gifts.

Fala, who filmed her dancing scene opposite partner Stephen Wong Cheung Hing has had plenty of rumours lately, with suggestions that she and Bernice ignore each other on set and then her 'stealing' Bosco Wong and Moses Chan from their respective rumoured girlfriends. Recently, she has been spotted dating a middle-aged man and been labelled as 'Michelle Ye II'.

Filming for the finale scene, the press did notice that Fala and Bernice did not chat to each other in between takes and she preferred to chat with Tracy Ip instead. Asked about being dubbed "Michelle Ye II", Fala says that she is not successful enough to take over from Michelle. As for her continued rumours about her flirting, has she been called in by the executives? Fala says that her flirting abilities are not strong enough and she is not a very 'sweety' girl. She has not been 'interrogated' by the company because they know what she is really like.

Tracy felt the cold whilst filming and she syas that when she was dancing with Steven, he stepped on her foot and she has a bruise on her toe now. She smiles that she is very unlucky to be injured in this very last scene of the show. She also says that this was actually her first dancing scene in the series. Asked if she would like to have a big dance when she gets married in the future, she smiles that even if she does, she will have it indoors and be joined by her friends and family to share this memorable occasion.

Kate Tsui was also in the scene and she says this is one of her few dancing scenes in the show and it is so grand to have everyone taking part. Asked if she is afraid of revealing herself during filming, she says she will not because she has taken all the safety precautions. When the reporters suggested that her outfit was rather conservative, she says: "It is cold and I don't want to become unwell. It is not totally covered up, it is okay!"


[Ta Kung Pao 17/02/07]

Charmaine Sheh Misses Out on New Year Money Making

With two days until the new year, Charmaine Sheh was still filming yesterday for "The Drive of Life" and she indicates that she has two days off during the new year, but on one of these days, she will be taking part in a group greeting event for the company. She reveals that she had originally been invited to take part in a New Year Show in America, but she had to turn it down because of her filming and so she will take the time to rest in Hong Kong. Asked if she has lost out on a lot of money by turning this down, she says: "I won't say! You can't earn all the money."

Asked if she has been to the Flower Markets, Charmaine says that she may go. She remembers that one year, she went at midnight and there were a lot of people there. She wore a face mask and a hat, but she could not get through anyway. If she goes this year, she will wait until 3am or 4am. Does she buy Plum Blossom? Charmaine says she does not and there is not much New Year atmosphere in her home. She did visit her grandmother earlier for dinner and was presented with a potted kumquat plant. Did she give a big lucky packet to her grandma? Charmaine says: "Of course I did!" She also says that if she has time, she will go and visit her family and friends and collect some lucky money.

Many people like to gamble over the New Year and Charmaine has already invited a few friends to join her for a small gambling party, playing any games that take their fancy. Does she feel she has gambler's luck? She says: "Sometimes! I have tried betting on random numbers and winning a few thousand dollars."


[The Sun 17/02/07]

Miss Hong Kong Winners Wish Prosperity for Golden Pig Year

Chinese New Years Eve is time to have your family reunion dinner, spend the night at the markets and going for a big lucky walkaround. Model Kathy Chow joined this year's Miss Hong Kong winners at this years markets to wish everyone a very prosperous year of the Golden Pig.

Kathy has always been a fan of the New Year markets and last year she did not go because she was too busy and coincidentally, she was 'hounded' by gossip in the year of the dog. This year, no matter how busy she is, she has made a point to go and pick up some good luck at the market and she attracted a lot of attention as the public swarmed around her eager for a photo. She was happy to oblige and she shopped as she went, looking at ornaments and potted plants. When she saw the golden pigs, she went up to select some, but she steered clear of the plum blossom. When she walked past, the stallholder called out to her: "Why not pick up some plum blossom [represents romance]?" However, Kathy, who has been with her French boyfriend for many years, does not need this and replied: "Romance? I don't need it!"

With her relationship so steady, will she be joining him at the new year to go visiting and handing out lucky packets? Kathy smiles: "That is so traditional! I will not hand out lucky packets for him, I will just collect them for myself!" She says frankly that she hopes the year of the pig will go smoothly for her and she will get busier and busier. She will be working until the New Year when she has a rest, but she will be joining her family for the reunion dinner and to receive her lucky packets.

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui were also at the New Year Carnival and the three tried all the different stands and even borrowed an inflatable stall to try their hand at selling. The three pretty girls attracted a lot of interest and a crowd gathered, but no-one bought anything. The girls had a good time though and gained a lot of discounts during their shopping.


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