Sunday, February 11, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/02/07]

Kenix Kwok Still Cries Watching "Ten Brothers"

TVB will be airing "Ten Brothers" as of today for its Chinese New Year presentation. Kenix Kwok joined other cast members including Lai Lok Yi, Matt Yeung, Don Li and Jack Wu at a promotional event yesterday and they appeared wearing their costumes from the show and played games with the audience. Although this series was filmed over two years ago, when the ten brothers meet up again, they are playing around each other and seem to be good friends. Other cast members present included Nancy Wu, Chun Wong and Poon Fong Fong.

The ten brothers' father Frankie Lam was away in Malaysia for an opening, so he could not take part, so mother Kenix took charge of proceedings. She says that when Frankie is back in Hong Kong, then they will join together for another promotional event. She says that as this series was filmed a couple of years ago, her memory was a little blurred, so she watched the series again earlier to jog her memories and when she reached the ending, she could not hold back the tears. Kenix says this series is suitable for young and old alike.

As for many people going away for the new year, then maybe the ratings will not be so high. Kenix says: "The market is good this year, so naturally a lot of people are going away. This series has had a good run, with the overseas release and the pay vision release, so for it to make it to Jade is already very good." Talking of Valentines Day, Kenix says she will go out for a meal with husband Frankie and as for a present, she smiles that there are too many festivals in a year, so she will have to see if she has the inspiration for a suitable present.

This series was the last one that Kenix has made for TVB. Will she be considering a new contract with TVB? She says that the most important thing is down to the script and she would like to film some more comedies, like her role in "Love Bond" because it was good fun. Her earlier mainland series "Red Powder" has been aired in the new year slot, so she will soon be heading out to Shanxi and Wuhan to promote at their new year activities. She smiles that she does not know why she has been invited as the others on the tour are singers. Asked if her fee is good, she smiles that of course it is.


[The Sun 12/02/07]

Shirley Yeung Splits from Gregory Lee Just Before Valentines

Shirley Yeung appeared in an Audrey Hepburn look at a jewellery promotional event yesterday entitled "Your Valentine Sparkles" where some male models presented the ladies with diamonds for Valentines. When Shirley was asked about how she will be spending Valentines with her boyfriend Gregory Lee, her expression changed when she heard his name in a change to the normally open approach that Shirley has in talking about her relationship. She changed the subject on three occasions, saying that she is just concentrating on her career now and does not want to talk about romance.

After the show, Shirley was asked if she has been presented with diamonds by her boyfriend, but she became very embarrassed and muttered: "No, I don't want to talk about it." Then she changed the subject and said: "The first time I received diamonds was when I graduated and my mother bought me something. I have also given a diamond necklace to my mother. I rarely buy them, but later I will buy something as a reward for myself." When the press pushed her further asking how she would spend Valentines with her boyfriend, she says: "I will be working. (Any preparations?) Working." Afterwards, the revealed that she will be going on holiday for the new year: "I will be going away for the new year with some old classmates and will leave it up to my mother to collect my lucky packets for me."

Seeing Shirley's evasion of the topic, the press went straight in directly asking if her relationship has broken up. She seemed a little shocked and said: "Not responding. when you grow up, your work becomes more important and I will concentrate on my work and work hard to give more good performances. (Is the trip to heal the wounds?) No." Then she said something strange: "Although my character in 'The Brink of Law' is a villain and leads me to being scolded, but it gives me the chance to perform..." Her response is obviously hiding something. Afterwards, Gregory was contacted by phone about this and he said politely: "Thank you for your concern, everything is good and I just want to concentrate on my work."


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