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[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 25/02/07]

Nancy Wu Takes Photos for Company Blog at "Ten Brothers" Promotion

The cast of TVB's series "Ten Brothers" took part in a promotional event yesterday on the traditional 'People's Birthday' on the 7th day of the new year. Those present included Kenix Kwok, Frankie Lam, Don Li and Nancy Wu, who played games with members of the audience and then Kenix fed some red dyed eggs to Frankie. Finally they held a lucky draw for a lucky packet from producer Poon Ka Tak and Chan On Ying won this.

Producer Poon indicated that this show reached ratings in the thirties on Thursday and when they heard this, Kenix and Frankie were extremely happy. Frankie says that the ratings will have gone down because of Valentines Day and the New Year fireworks, so now the viewers are coming back. In the year of the pig, Kenix and Frankie have been quizzed endlessly about whether they will have a pig baby and maybe because of this, Kenix has started to dream about this as she reveals she dreamed that she had a baby earlier and although she did not know if it was a boy or a girl, she found the baby very cute. Kenix smiles that her interest in having children is growing stronger and if she has one that was as sweet as the baby in her dream, then she will seriously think about it.

In recent interviews, Frankie has had help convincing Kenix and Nancy Sit has given suggestions about checking body temperature to try and guess the gender of the baby. Frankie says that his friends have pointed out that if he has a girl, then he will have to give up all his leisure activities because girls usually stick to their fathers. Kenix laughs: "I stick to you too!" When the reporters urged them to stop thinking and start making it happen, the couple became a little embarrassed and did not reply.

Nancy Wu had a camera in her hand and was snapping away at the event. She explains that the company is creating blogs for artistes and she has to provide them with 30 photographs, but there are some restrictions on content, such as nude photos, intimate photos with partners and pictures without make-up. As a result, Nancy is avoiding anything sexy or with her male friends.

When the reporters complained that this would make the blog rather boring, Nancy smiles that she can try submitting some pictures of her nostrils perhaps to test the threshold of the company. She says that the reason behind setting up the blogs is to allow the fans to take a look at how the artistes are at work and so these restrictions can be understood. They can write their own articles, but the words and pictures will all be censored by the company. Nancy says that she has had a blog of her own in the past, but she is rather lazy and has not updated it for a long time now. However, when she sees people leaving messages for her, she is very happy to see that people are still looking for her blog, so with her new photographs, she will try to put some on there for everyone to see.

With the recent reports about the characters looking weird and ugly and surprisingly, Don Li seems to agree with them, saying that when he was filming, he had to comfort himself about it! He laughs: "The story is that the brothers are actually aliens, so we should look strange. At first when we were filming I could not get used to our appearance and I had to comfort myself every day. It does look quite ugly and even my friends have told me that." Don adds that the worst thing for him is that when he has been visiting his family, his five year old nephew has started calling him 'Uncle Monster', but he is still happy about this because is proves his series is popular.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/02/07]

Myolie Wu is a Great Puppeteer

Myolie Wu took part in an event held by the Arts Development Council yesterday where she was named as an ambassador for the arts, joining a puppet troupe learning to control some puppets to help promote traditional arts. Although Myolie only started to learn yesterday, she was praised as a natural talent by the crew and the event was attended by Hong Kong's Secretary for Home Affairs Mr Patrick Ho.

Myolie's series "Survivors Law" was very popular when it aired, but she will not be taking part in the sequel to the show that was announced this week. Myolie explains that as she is still filming for the long series "The Drive of Life" and she will soon be heading out to Lanzhou to visit the poor families in the mountainous areas on a four day tour, so she has no time to take on any more work. However, she hopes that the producer will allow her to do a cameo role, because she really did like this series. Also, she reveals that she received a lot of lucky packets over the new year and when she went visiting with her grandmother, she lost some money on the Mah Jong table, but she had a lot of fun. Is her grandmother rushing her to get married? She says that she is still young and her grandmother is very modern-minded and even says that the modern woman should not get married too early because they should make more money first. Asked if she has been to visit her rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong, Myolie says she has not.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/02/07]

Kenneth Ma Saves Up Lucky Money and is a Careful Spender

Kenneth Ma took part in a new year event in Tsuen Wan yesterday and sung three songs to the audience as well as playing games with them. This is Kenneth's first event of the new year and he has taken a few days off beforehand, but he did not go away to avoid the new year. He says that during his days off, he met some friends to play football. Asked if he went out with Margie Tsang, he smiles he did not and he will have to find another opportunity to get her lucky packet.

So how much lucky money has he made this year? Kenneth says that he did go back to the company to do some greeting and his income is not too bad, but the biggest one is from his family. In the past, he would open his lucky packets to check as soon as he receives it, but he will not spend it carelessly and will save it all up. Soon, Kenneth will begin filming for new series "Survivors Law 2" and with the reports that he has been selected especially for this role by TVB executive Tommy Leung, he says he is very thankful to Tommy and also thankful to all those fellow artistes who are tied up in long series or working abroad to allow him to have this opportunity. In the show, he will play a lawyer and this is a new challenge for him. He indicates that as his brother-in-law is a lawyer, then he will ask him for advice, but he will not put pressure on himself because acting and reality is very different. The new series will begin filming on 8th March and as he is afraid of being bored at home, Kenneth will use this time to visit his friends, including Margie.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/02/07]

Lau Mei Kuen and Baby Both Healthy and Well

Em's Note: For the young 'uns who don't remember, Lau Mei Kuen was a popular TVB artiste in the 80's and early 90's. It's always nice to report some good news, so I have done this article.

Lau Mei Kuen gave birth to a baby boy three days before the new year (15th Feb). On that day, her husband musician Peter Cheung accompanied her to hospital, where she had a Caesarian section to give birth to a son weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz. Perhaps the baby has inherited his father's singing genes as he was crying loudly as soon as he was born, however, the doctor informed the couple that there was some fluid inside the baby's lungs and he had to be admitted into intensive care and this left them very upset and worried. This also brought back terrible memories of two years ago when their first son 'Tin Nam' died one day after he was born. Fortunately, the baby pulled through and was finally discharged a couple of days ago. Mei Kuen had left hospital on the second day of the new year to spend the festival with her family.

As the baby was still in intensive care, the new grandparents were not able to hold him, so when he was finally discharged, the grandparents were very relieved. However, the new parents are not getting much sleep after the newcomer has returned home because he is quite a handful and is constantly crying. He also has a healthy appetite, feeding eight times a day and taking 3 oz of milk each time.

The doctors have comforted them, saying that as the baby grows up, he will not need to eat so much and this will make things easier for them. Peter says that the baby has his mouth and hair like Mei Kuen. They have not chosen a name for the baby yet, because he has nothing in mind just yet. They hope to choose a name after they have had a chance to observe him, but they are both very relieved that the baby is now safely at home.


[The Sun 25/02/07]

Suki Chui has Good Income at New Year

This year is Suki Chui's first since entering showbiz and she feels it is particularly special and the rather lovable Suki reveals that in the past, her income from lucky packets has never surpassed $2000 and the largest she received was $100 from her father,but after entering showbiz, things have changed now: "This year I have increased my income from lucky packets and I have had more $100 packets than $20 ones. Up to now, I have received $5-6000, but I have spent a five figure sum on my family for them to give out lucky packets." Chiu Chow girl Suki says that when she was younger, she would go with her family back to Shanmei to visit family and set off firecrackers to welcome in the new year, but as she has to work recently, then she has barely had time to go and have dinner with her family.


[The Sun 25/02/07]

Esther Kwan Sleeps Over New Year to Recouperate

On the seventh day of the new year the People's Birthday, Esther Kwan is still busy at work filming for her new sitcom that will begin airing on 12th March. As there are only 10 completed episodes so far, the filming schedule has been tight and Esther has been working day and night. She says: "I had three days off for the new year and I spend most of my time in bed sleeping. Then I had to go and visit my elders, so I did not really have enough rest." Fortunately husband Nick Cheung also did not have to work over the new year and has been looking after their daughter who is starting to learn to speak now. Esther says: "When my daughter sees me, she is very clingy and she is learning to speak, so you have to be very patient with her."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 25/02/07]

Bosco Out Shopping with Mother who Praises Myolie

Bosco Wong used his days off at the new year to be a filial son and take his mother out to buy some fish to keep at home to avoid gossip. Having been rumoured to be dating Myolie Wu for a while, Bosco has always denied this, but Mama Wong admits that she has met Myolie and is full of praises for her.

Bosco and his mother were spotted at Mongkok's Goldfish Street and wearing a leather jacket, shades and boots, he entered a shop that sells tropical fish. He ran about inside the store and chatted away with the staff as many passers-by recognised him and took photographs with their phones. After about half an hour, Bosco left happily with his bag of fish and when the reporters asked him for a photograph, he agreed graciously and revealed that the fish were to ward off gossip: "I am buying some fish for good luck and to ward off gossip. My mother already has a tank at her company, so I am buying some new stock for it to join in. I have a few days off, so I came out with my mum to buy a few more fish."

Bosco and Myolie's rumours are rife at the moment and when asked if she has met her son's rumoured boyfriend, Mama Wong said: "I have met her when I have visited him (Bosco) on set. (What do you think of her?) Her acting is very good." Bosco then took his mother to a nearby snack bar to buy some 'smelly tofu', ignoring the glances from people around him. The stand owner complimented Mama Wong, saying: "Your son is handsome and so tall, you must be so happy!" Although Mama Wong just smiled and did not respond, Bosco seemed a little embarrassed and immediately rushed into the car to leave.


[The Sun 25/02/07]

Maria Chen Out Shopping with Sister

Maria Chen was spotted with her elder sister out shopping in Central's IFC and when approached, she said: "I get on very well with my sister, so we are always together. I received a lot of lucky packets this year, but it was a little boring." Maria indicates that after the new year,she will be filming for "Jewels Splendor" as well as working on some hosting jobs, so she is very busy.


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