Tuesday, February 27, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 28/02/07]

TVB New Sitcom Blessing Ceremony

TVB's new sitcom that has been renamed (English name yet to be confirmed) held its studio blessing ceremony yesterday, attended by cast members including Esther Kwan, Alvina Kong, Shek Sau, Elaine Jin and Yoyo Chen. Producer and TVB executive Catherine Tsang handed out golden pig lucky packets to everyone and Shek Sau won the lucky draw for the golden pig worth $1,888. Catherine laughs that whoever won has to take everyone out to dinner. When Shek Sau won the pig, everyone took turns to stroke it for good luck.

Shek Sau laughs that he is quite lucky and he hopes that this luck will rub off onto the series and bring up the ratings. When the reporters joked that Catherine wants him to pay for an eight-table banquet, he syas: "Catherine will arrange it. (You will pay?) I don't mind, there will be a lot of meals with this series - as long as everyone is happy."

Esther filmed a promotional clip for the show with a baby and afterwards she was asked whether that baby was her own. She smiles: "I have to clear this up1 The baby and the home were not not mind. I will not allow the baby to be photographed for now." Esther says that there is some pressure on her filming this series because her identity has changed now and in the past I have focussed purely on my career, but now even if I ignore my husband, I can't ignore my daughter. Asked if there is a lot of gossip with so many female cast members, Esther smiles that there isn't much because Elaine is very loud and lively and Alvina is a crazy chick, so everyone is very happy.

In the show, Alvina plays the baddie and asked if she has shared childcare tips with Esther, she says that on Sunday, Nick Cheung had brought their daughter to visit Esther at the studio and her own husband was also there. Both men laughed in agreement: "We have lost our wives!" Asked if she would like to have a pig baby, Alvina says that she will have a lot of work to do and she already has four cats to look after. Does her husband not get envious of Nick and his daughter? She laughs: "I am his daughter!"

Recently, there have been reports that Alvina has been visiting a Thai religious relic shop to pay respects to a demonic god. She says she has seen the reports and does not feel there is anything unusual. She explains that on that day, a friend took her to the shop and she did not buy anything so she just said a prayer. She says: "I am actually a Christian, but I feel that a quick prayer is not a problem and when we have the blessing, I will still offer incense."


[Ta Kung Pao 28/02/07]

TVB Carnival: Sir Run Run Addresses the Masses

TVB held a New Year Group Celebration Carnival yesterday and company boss Sir Run Run Shaw made a personal appearance to enjoy the lion dancing before playing bingo with the several hundred staff present and enjoying the fun. The event was also attended by the Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui as well as executives Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang.

The event is held annually and several lions made an appearance at yesterday's show. Sir Run Run was accompanied by Aimee and Janet as he enjoyed the show in the audience. He was in good spirits and often applauded the performers, then he stroked the lion heads and had a photo taken with the fortune gods. Sir Run Run said strongly: "I wish all our colleagues good health, may your wishes come true, have the vitality of the dragon and horse, everything goes your way and wishing you prosperity."

Sir Run Run then joined the staff in playing bingo, with assistance from Aimee, but he was four numbers away from the grand prize. After the game, Sir Run Run was led out by the ladies and security guards and he turned to Aimee and Janet and said: "It will be next year before long!" The girls replied: "We will see you soon then!"

Afterwards, Aimee and Janet were asked what they spoke to Sir Run Run about and they smiled that he talked about the number card that he has and when the number six was called out, he said: "This is me!" [Sir Run Run's nickname is 'Uncle Six'.] Aimee says that Sir Run Run recognised her and she complimented on how good his English pronuniciation was and how charming he is. Talking of this year's lucky packets, Aimee smiles that she has done quite well and she has kept all her lucky packets under her pillow, so she is yet to open them all.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/02/07]

Charmaine's Spirits not Affected by Driving Suspension

Charmaine She was interviewed yesterday by the E-buzz programme and she was asked about the judgement made against her to suspend her driving licence for six months after reaching 16 penalty points in less than a year.

Asked how she was feeling on her first day of being unable to drive and whether she is adapting to this, she says that yesterday, she was just promoting her film, so they provided transport and there was no problem. Will it be inconvenient for her not being able to drive? She says: "I still ride in a car." Will she ask a friend to be her chauffeur? She says she will be filming on the mainland for a month and a half soon, so she believes she will not be affected too much. Asked if she has to re-take her driving test after the suspension period, she says she does not and she will regain her licence again in six months time. However, she is still longing for this time to pass quickly.

Asked if she has been to have her fortune read in the new year to find out about forthcoming romances, Charmaine says she has not because she is afraid of it being bad and it making her unhappy. Hwoever, she would like to take a summer vacation this year because she feels it will be particularly hot this year. Last year she took a break as well and she was very happy. Will she accept filming an ancient drama in the summer? Charmaine says she will try to avoid it as she would like to take time out to spend with her mother.


[The Sun 28/02/07]

Comical Sheren Tang Joins Toby Leung's Fancy Dress Party

Daughter of TVB executive Tommy Leung, Toby Leung celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday, but as she was working on her birthday, she held a fancy dress 'school uniform' party at good friend Timmy Hung's bar earlier to celebrate. Her friends from the showbiz circles joined in including Angela Tong, Sheren Tang, Michael Miu and wife Jamie Chik, Michael Tse, Vangie Tang, Renee Tai, Annie Man and Al Wai.

Wearing her school uniform, birthday girl Toby arrived at around 10pm escorted by Chan Shan Chung and when asked about her party, her spirits rose as she said: "Yes, it is my birthday, so I wanted to do something a little different." Toby covered her outfit with a big coat to keep the mystery and the message on her pink handbag said 'Happy Birthday to Classmate Toby Leung'. The guests then arrived afterwards and Sheren arrived wearing thick rimmed Arale glasses and an old-fashioned hairclip together with a mushroom haircut wig. Although she covered her costume with a coat, you could see her white shoes and socks underneath. When the reporters complimented her 'beauty', she couldn't help laughing herself.

Michael and Jamie appeared as schoolyard lovers in matching glasses and pumps. Reports suggest that they all joined Toby in cutting the cake at 12 midnight and hostess Toby was mingling with the crowd as well as playing drinking games as they referred to each other as 'classmates'.

On the phone yesterday, Toby indicates that her birthday wish is to buy a new car soon and for her wishes to come true. Chan Shan Chung held a rather cute lolly in his hand as he wore his school shorts and Derek Kok put on a tie and a cap for his uniform look. Michael Tse did not put much thought into his costume as he appeared in his normal clothes, but he did point out that there was a school crest on his shirt. Renee bumped into the car behind when she was parking up and was dubbed as the 'driving school representative' and Angela Tong commented excitedly: "In the past I have never worn a school uniform before, so this is great fun." Annie says: "When I was 23, I swore never to wear a uniform to film any more, but I will break my own rule this time and we have all intentionally shortened our skirts!"


[The Sun 28/02/07]

Roger Kwok Eager to have Children of his Own Soon

Roger Kwok was filming an ad yesterday with a four year old child model and this brought out his inner child as he played happily with the boy acting just like father and son. Afterwards, Roger was asked when he will have a child of his own and he says: "We are working hard! The most important thing is time, but Cindy has been very busy recently. I would like to have a baby as soon as possible, then I can make it up to everyone."


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